Numerical control machine tool is main the choice of diagnostic norms

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Numerical control machine tool already developed to taste kind of various, goods that can offer extensive alternative, the premise that should satisfying treatment craft to ask in type choice falls to had been jumped over simplier. For example, turning center and numerical control lathe can process a rod kind spare parts, but the turning center value of norms of a contented and equal treatment should compare numerical control lathe expensive severalfold, if do not have farther craft requirement, choosing numerical control lathe should be reasonable. In spare parts of treatment antrum mould, the CNC Milling that is the same as norms and machining center can satisfy primary treatment requirement, but price of two kinds of machine tools differs 20% ~ 50% , should use in mould treatment so often change the craft of cutting tool can be arranged choose machining center, and fixed a cutting tool is long of milling can choose CNC Milling. The mainest norms of numerical control machine tool is power of the journey limits of axis of a few numerical control and main shaft electric machinery. 3 of the machine tool basic and linear coordinate (X, Y, Z) the treatment space that the journey mirrors this machine tool to allow, in two coordinate in lathe (X, Z) the bulk that report permits swing tower. The outline dimension that processes work usually should be in the treatment space limits of the machine tool, for example, typical workpiece is the casing of 450mm of × of 450mm × 450mm, should choose workbench area size to be the machining center of 500mm × 500mm so. Choose workbench side a few more largish than typical workpiece stem from clamping device consideration. Dimension of mesa of machine tool job and journey of 3 linear coordinate have certain proportion to concern, as above narrates workbench (500mm × 500mm) machine tool, x axis journey is commonly (700 ~ 800) axis of Mm, Y is (500 ~ 700) axis of Mm, Z is (500 ~ 600) Mm left and right sides. Accordingly, the size of workbench face basically determined the size that machines a space. Individual situation falls to also allow work measure to be more than coordinate journey, must ask the treatment area on the spare parts lies in journey limits at this moment, and want those who consider machine tool workbench to allow carrying capacity, and the dimensional interference that whether workpiece exchanges knife cutting tool with the machine tool, produce the series problem such as interference with the accessory such as machine tool shield. Of numerical control machine tool advocate the configuration that electric machinery power also can have all sorts of differring on congener norms machine tool, reflected the cutting tigidity of this machine tool and performance of main shaft high speed usually. For example, light-duty machine tool is more likely than power of electric machinery of main shaft of standard type machine tool small 2 class of 1 ~ . At present rotate speed of main shaft of general machining center is in (4000 ~ 8000)r/min, machine tool of vertical of high speed machine tool can be amounted to (20000 ~ 70000)r/min, horizontal machine tool (10000 ~ 20000)r/min, power of electric machinery of its main shaft also is become doubly big. Power of main shaft electric machinery reflected the cutting efficiency of the machine tool, also mirrorred cutting tigidity and stiffness of machine tool whole from another flank. Be in contemporary medium or small in numerical control machine tool, the mechanical gearshift of main shaft box is used lesser already, often use power bigger communication is adjustable main shaft of straight couplet of fast electric machinery, use structure of electric main shaft even. Such structure is restricted in the torque in low speed, namely timing electric machinery drops in power of the output when low rotate speed, to ensure low speed outputs torque, have to use high-power electric machinery, compare general accuracy machine tool with electric machinery of main shaft of machine tool of numerical control of norms machine tool so auspicious and severalfold. When a few models that should use an unit have many low speed to machine on workpiece, also must undertake school nucleus to choosing the low speed of the machine tool to output torque. Light-duty machine tool affirms petty gain on the price, requirement user ability of the size of surplus of typical work semifinished product according to oneself, cutting (unit time metal excises a quantity) , the treatment that the requirement obtains can configure the element such as what kind of cutting tool precision, actually to choose a machine tool integratedly. In recent years the high speed on numerical control machine tool turns a tide development is very rapid, main shaft from minutely thousands of turn tens of thousands of turn, linear coordinate moves quickly speed from (10 ~ 20) M/min rises to 80m/min above, of course machine tool price also rises accordingly, user unit needs fibrous root occupies his technical capability and ability of form a complete set to make logical choice. For example, top rotate speed can amount to the main shaft on vertical machining center (50000 ~ 80000) R/min, besides special case of a few treatment, the cutting tool of general phase form a complete set is very costly. Lathe of a few high speed can be achieved (6000 ~ 8000) R/min above, at this moment the configuration demand of lathe tool is very high also. Rely on treatment of 3 linear coordinate to cannot satisfy a requirement only to a few special workpiece, should increase circumgyrate coordinate additionally (A, B, C) or additional work coordinate (U, V, W) etc, at present these ask to be able to be satisfied on machine tool market, but machine tool price can rise a lot of, machine a requirement to linkage of much axis of a few requirements especially, if linkage of four-axle, 5 axes is machined, must be opposite the process designing software of corresponding form a complete set, measure a method to wait have comprehensive consideration and arrangement. 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