Electrochemistry of pulse of spin machinery spare parts goes burr craft

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The summary put forward to make pulse electrochemistry machine treatment craft apply spare parts of tiny spin machinery to go solely burr craft, prove mechanical to spin spare parts goes to this craft burr is completely feasible. Keyword pulse electrochemistry goes TG580 of   of TG662 of date of burr   classification.

6921 foreword are in loom, the small part such as knitting needle, card clothing shapes by punch for the most part. In the export a side of cutting tool, the meeting of different level leaves hairiness to prick, when weaving, these burr can blow a string, make cloth cottony, serious when can break a string. Such cloth can be caught when printing and dyeing inhomogenous, consequently, the quality of cloth is not high. Current, because this reason is caused,the difference of domestic dry goods and foreign product basically is. Because spin is mechanical the part is smaller, and dosage is big, home still does not have a kind of better technology to solve this kinds of spare parts to go the problem of burr. Now, some manufacturer use mechanical method to go burr, but efficiency is inferior. Additional, the metal has certain plasticity commonly, burr is met as grind provided campaign and make a round trip lodging, after some break off, keep sharp edge, and some meetings are embedded in tiny groove. When weaving, in silk thread care below, embed the burr in tiny groove to be able to appear afresh. Pulse electrochemistry goes burr can make burr is in completely root ministry take out, and make the whole job section of the spare parts makes complete round part. The article is with zigzag card clothing exemple, pass a test, discussed electrochemistry of pulse of spin machinery spare parts to go the feasibility of burr craft, laid a foundation to actual production to promote this technology. 2 pulse electrochemistry goes the fundamental pulse electrochemistry of burr craft goes the fundamental of burr craft is shown 1 times like the graph. Graph workpiece of graph of 1 treatment principle receives anode of pulse power source, tool electrode receives the negative pole of power source, the one side that pricks tool electrode and workpiece hairiness is opposite should, hold certain treatment clearance. When treatment, preexistence connects electrolyte inside treatment clearance, receive promote blood circulation by invigorating vital energy to develop power source next. When there is electric current to pass between two electrode, because power line is centered at burr place (if pursue 2) , the current density that burr pointed horn is in always is prep above it is in, accordingly, burr is deliquescent faster, place of burr of and rather than is deliquescent slower. Because spin is mechanical the burr of spare parts itself is lesser, go with pulse electrochemistry burr is faster, measure to be not burr part purify consequently lesser. Graph line of power of 2 burr place distributings 3 experiments content and experimental result analyse this test basically is discuss spin machine electrochemistry of spare parts pulse goes the feasibility of burr craft. Emphasize the geometrical form appearance of surface of the spare parts after considering to machine parameter to reach treatment to the influence of burr purify effect, the effect that analysed treatment clearance to be led to machining effect. 3.

1 experiment content this experiment combs with cent roller is appearance with metallic card clothing undertook the experiment studies. Workpiece material is high-carbon steel, before treatment, what its appearance shows 3 times like the graph is zigzag banding, every toothed form appearance is shown 4 times like the graph, the spare parts A that the photograph in the graph is two kinds of model, B magnifies below the stereomicroscope the tooth form photograph of 64 times. Apparent, existing in toothed edge predestined relationship burr, and brim place is sharp edge. Graph outline drawing of 3 metals card clothing pursues tooth form of card clothing of the metal before 4 treatment is stereo metallograph (enlarge 64 times)   passes a test for many times, optimize chose following parameter: Machine workpiece length 20cm; Electrolyte is the sodium nitrate solution of 10% ; Treatment clearance is 0.

1ms of cycle of pulse of   of 2mm;     , pulse is removed 0.

  of   of   of 5A; of electric current of treatment of   of 5ms;     machines handling time 5s of   of   of voltage 10V;   . The photograph after the spare parts is toothed part machines laboratory is shown 5 times like the graph. By the photograph knowable, the burr of spare parts brim is gone to completely besides, arris edge is round horn, and change of work size shape is not big. 3.

2 tests result analyses the discovery in the experiment, in burr size certain premise falls, pulse electrochemistry goes the element such as the clearance between the time of burr and cathode and workpiece, chroma that machines voltage, electrolyte is concerned, and basically depend on treatment clearance. Graph tooth form of card clothing of the metal after 5 treatment is stereo metallograph (× 64)   sets treatment area S, the electrical conductivity of electrolyte is K, the clearance between cathode and workpiece is △ , extra voltage is U, electrode potential is cathode of E positive pole, E respectively, ohm of extra voltage and electrode potential, electrolyte presses falling relation to be: R= △ / if KS   makes δ E=E zincous - E cathode, criterion ohm pressing falls the relationship that   of UR=U- δ E=IR can seek a treatment electric current and treatment clearance from this:   of △ of current density I=I/S=kUR/ of I=UR/R=kSUR/ △   can be seen by the derivation formula of above treatment electric current and treatment clearance become inverse ratio, machine clearance to machine electric current greatly more namely smaller, machine efficiency namely lower, use lesser treatment space commonly consequently, in order to improve productivity. Reduce treatment clearance to be able to raise voltage gradient additionally, improve the exterior quality of workpiece thereby. When undertaking machining with dc, little space can bring the following issue, electroanalysis namely child and quantity of heat are unfavorable from treatment eliminate inside area. Because this our pulse electric current replaces dc electric current, move action through the intermittent faze of pulse electric current, will machine area in time inside electroanalysis child and quantity of heat are taken away, will improve treatment inside area shed field and electric field condition, can get good workpiece surface quality consequently. 4 application should notice the following   when this craft (1) corrode to reduce stray, the chroma of electrolyte shoulds not be too big, if NaNO3 solution uses the chroma of 10% commonly, and treatment voltage is unfavorable exceed 15V; (2) the flow direction of electrolyte should develop the burr of take out from treatment clearance, lest cause short circuit; (3) should choose appropriate treatment parameter according to the real volume of burr. 5 epilogue can be seen by above experiment, electrochemistry of pulse of spin machinery spare parts goes burr craft has its advantage, namely: (1) manufacturing efficiency is tall; (2) treatment effect is good, the round horn that can make outline of spare parts appearance gets ideal and good exterior quality. (3) process is simple, facilitate actual production. Accordingly, using pulse electrochemistry to rectify the burr that machines spare parts of purify spin machinery solely is completely feasible, and it is effective. CNC Milling CNC Machining