TQC management runs medium application in equipment

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TQC management and manufacturing facilities management produce a business as a machine tool, component treatment facilities is an enterprise most one of fundamental equipment, equipment management job is one integrated technical very strong technology government works, in producing a course actually, the key that the processing that assures the stability that machines equipment and equipment malfunction is equipment management works. My company is right of of all kinds machine tool repaired craft to had formed a rigid standard. In the equipment government process of each workshop, we carry out the core that overall quality manages adequately, disentomb the working enthusiasm of all worker, establish group of QC quality activity, design a structure in the light of primary machine tool unreasonable, wear away ageing spare parts is redesigned make, according to the newest development achievement of the effective demand of the machine tool and machine tool industry, extend the function of the machine tool, increase auxiliary reserve function appropriately. Thereby can better serve for production. 2.

Group of QC of machine tool of Y7163 roll flute " inclined dish " treatment craft tackles key problem machine tool of Y7163 roll flute is one of my company crucial facilities, occurrence fault rate of pump of force plunger of this machine tool is more frequent, often cause a machine tool to stop machine, affect production badly, and the emergency maintenance of the workshop cannot solve basic problem. Be aimed at this kind of circumstance, establish group of QC quality activity to be in charge of the proper maintenance of pair of this machine tools, in repairing a process, the key undertakes tackling key problem to the force plunger pump of this machine tool, discovery inside force plunger pump housing " inclined dish " raceway grinds serious, cause inclined dish cannot turn normally, the force plunger of force plunger pump housing cannot normal reciprocate, cause a machine tool to cannot work normally. Sheet is inclined dish, sell without fittings, must rectify a stage to purchase force plunger pump, every charge is as high as more than 10000 yuan, purchased force plunger pump, inside pump housing " inclined dish " can work normally only 6 months, will inclined dish raceway grinds, pump of a force plunger also discarded as useless, create bigger waste. According to this kind of circumstance, QC group captures main contradiction to begin special tackle key problem. Principle of job of pump of axial force plunger is the change that relies on force plunger to form sealed cubage in the reciprocate inside cylinder body aperture, will realize oil absorption and platoon oil. When cylinder body drives force plunger to rotate, range of inclined Pan Ping occurs relative to cylinder body plane one banking angle, force force plunger to make linear reciprocate inside force plunger antrum. Cylinder body shows direction 1 times to rotate by the graph, inside certain limits, if cylinder body rotates ceaselessly, pump continuously oil absorption and platoon are oily. If change the direction of rotation of transmission shaft or inclined dish tilt direction, the size discharging an amount of pump of; of the suction of changeable pump, direction that discharge oil can adopt a change inclined dish obliquitous bulk will come true. 1.

Drive axis 2.

Inclined dish 3.

Block annulus 4.

Force plunger 5.

Pump housing 6.

Distribute oil dish graph 1 through filling in to former inclined Pan Zaizhu the action in pump and working principle undertook serious analysis, discovery puts in following problems: ① is inclined dish it is an organic whole with the join that block annulus, deserve to have ball among, the function is equivalent to bearing at the same time the bearing of axial force and radial load. ② is inclined dish become one across angle with the runner shaft that blocks annulus and line of heart of force plunger pump shaft. The size of alternate angle will affect force plunger directly the accident of adjustable quantity journey, also affect the size of fuel delivery directly. If inclined dish with block annulus to grind to cannot turn normally, so roll flute machine also cannot work normally. ③ is inclined dish grind with the raceway that block annulus mark is very deep, make hardness detect to this, hardness is between 45~48HRC, and distributing inhomogenous, accord with the requirement of the hardness HRC60 above of bearing raceway far from. The exterior quality that ④ blocks side of the circular arc outside annulus is very low. In view of above reason, right inclined dish undertake cause and effect analyses following schemes 2: Graph 2 from the graph 2 can see, main reason is this inclined dish close nevertheless with the treatment quality that blocks annulus, the use with overall short of asks. Accordingly, tackle key problem settlement focal point is inclined dish with the quality that blocks annulus, will improve the service life of force plunger pump with this. According to force plunger pump working principle and function, to satisfy use requirement, make especially repair improve plan to be as follows: Inclined dish all use steel of bearing of alloy structure GCr15 with the material that blocks annulus, hardness of processing of the temper after the requirement quenchs achieves 60~62HRC; to be opposite inclined processing hardness achieves dish of temper after the key in pressing a plan makes sure face of A, B quenchs design requirement 60~62HRC. The processability that the biggest advantage that chooses this plan is a spare parts is good, need to use self-restrained simple and easy tool to be able to achieve a requirement only. What Nextpage improves a design afresh is inclined dish with block annulus if main structure dimension pursues 3, the graph is shown 4 times. Graph 3 inclined dish of graph 4 block annulus to ask to make according to the design inclined dish treatment craft line is as follows: ① gets the materials ready, heat treatment ball changes anneal. ② thick car, machine appearance allowance 3mm. ③ heat treatment, high temperature effectiveness for a given period of time. ④ fine vehicle, machine appearance allowance 1mm. Grind outside ⑤ , kibble appearance allowance 0.

5mm. ⑥ boring machine, workbench rotates 30 ′ of 22 ° , bore hole allowance 0.

5mm. ⑦ quenchs, temper, 60~62 HRC. Grind outside ⑧ , go to work is installed, essence of life grinds an appearance to ask to the design. Grind inside ⑨ , go to work is installed, grind aperture to ask to the design. ⑩ line cut, go to work is installed, treatment keyway asks to the design. ① eventually check, put in storage. The treatment craft route that blocks annulus is as follows: ① gets the materials ready, heat treatment ball changes anneal. ② thick car, machine appearance allowance 3mm. ③ heat treatment, high temperature effectiveness for a given period of time. ④ fine vehicle, treatment appearance allowance 0.

5mm. ⑤ quenchs, temper, 60~62 HRC. Grind inside ⑥ , grind aperture to ask to the design. Grind outside ⑦ , grind an appearance to ask to the design. ⑧ eventually check, put in storage. 3.

Improve the effect to be aimed at afore-mentioned plan, group of QC quality activity is right in executive process the whole treatment process of the spare parts undertakes the technology dogs to serve and be supervised, solve the problem that appears in treatment at any time, make whole tackle key problem the process is finished smoothly, inclined dish achieved design requirement with the each technology index that blocks annulus, cost cost uses only 200 multivariate. This spare parts is used inside force plunger pump housing, work through actual movement, use cycle achieved a year, lengthened one times than former life, satisfied requirement of function of machine tool of Y7163 roll flute, the treatment quality of the spare parts also has very big rise. Practice proves be a success to this project tackles key problem. Henceforth occurrence breakdown is repaired when, need to change only inclined dish and block annulus can, can be a company every year managing nearly 20 thousand yuan spare parts charge. In the meantime, tackle key problem through this, group of QC quality activity accumulated a lot of work experience, the application that overall quality runs remains to be popularized further, of quality system durative remain to rise further. The problem that when the company that wants us only can have held overall quality management to apply in the enterprise, should note, can be on the road of quality benefit development certainly. CNC Milling CNC Machining