SYNOVA announces new strategy opens accredit of technology of laser of small water knife

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Introducer of science and technology of laser of small water knife and patent course of study person SYNOVA, publish a new politic management pattern, announce to open severe choose partner accredit technology of laser of knife of its patent small water (Laser MicroJet Technology) . In future, will last except Synova development, sale and offer its besides service of product of laser of small water knife, the equipment manufacturer of each domain also can reach the conformity of module of laser of small water knife of Synova in the tool equipment of itself, the person that at the same time terminal is used can these module direct conformity arrives its product line. SYNOVA expresses, mode of this innovation accredit will initiate a brand-new politic access associate network, assist a manufacturer to extend new camp to harvest source, consolidate at the same time Synova technology the position at global new market and application. This pioneering work also aux will be able to increases product output, service and sales volume immediately quite, make a company can more dedicated the client that waits for core industry at equipment of semiconductor, planar monitor, solar energy, medicine and auto industry serves. Below new pattern, synova is not those who offer module of laser of small water knife exclusive technology accredit, include a Lei She head, thunder to shoot illuminant and water pump, can in the system of the person that at the same time conformity is used to terminal and equipment manufacturer. Below the standard of agreement of accredit of the person that terminal is used, need not pay additional right gold to use module again. Agreement of accredit of the buy before equipment manufacturer also can sign what with the right Jin Weiji allows, will use module with this kind of mode. To encourage long-term cooperation, accredit agreement also covers the move of technology and knowledge to serve. Synova delegate general and accredit client clasp, those who ensure laser of small water knife is effective is integrated, assist terminal client to preserve the flexibility making Cheng of maximize. The union of technology of laser of small water knife of Synova stimulates beam of light and water knife technology, so-called have tall flexibility and easy adjust make Cheng, can cooperate the demand of all sorts of application. The target application with this main technique includes semiconductor brilliant circular cut and margin in abrade, planar monitor organic glow diode (OLED) light overspreads ink jet of printer of cut, ink jet cut of material of head stiletto, tall hardness (like much brilliant diamond, cubic nitrogen changes boron) wait for numerous applying. Besides developing these core markets continuously, synova also joins the advanced field such as photoelectricity, solar battery and medical treatment instrument actively. In addition this company is opening its technology to be used to orgnaizations of each research and development and university, thereby promotes the development of each application. Synova shows to leading a manufacturer to negotiate with several property group, the domain that place of the person that pass through these course of study builds, and the knowledge that accumulates to place of staple market of laser of small water knife, the person that hand terminal is used realizes the more service that increase a cost. Synova plan publishs these accredit to form an alliance in succession this year message. New management pattern is Synova grabs the newest strategy that enters new market, this company will be enabled at the near future repose at city of American California Fremont, hemp the small machining center of Kyoto of Bostonian, Japan and and other places of South Korea Seoul (MMCs) , with will reveal, test and development all sorts of new application. What Synova already installed more than 60 above in global client end at present is complete on the line runs a system. Origin: Net of beautiful labour Electromechanical CNC Milling CNC Machining