Machining center of tall trends of HERMLE C 50 U MT

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The whirl that increases complete conformity technology, can realize the completely safe treatment of nice spare parts. Haing silent afterwards rolls out C 50 U 5 linkage of 5 axes are tall since dynamic machining center, had further progress again, rolled out MT (Mill/Turn) version, the whirl that it contains a complete conformity workbench, the milling that can come true to install card to finish tall difficulty and rotate treatment. It is not just upgrade simply. Ha Mo is mature still in process of research and development the technology of large lathe and safe requirement, to crust (here EN 12417 applies to a machine tool / machining center, and EN 12478 applies to a machine tool / large lathe) , and for crawl layout, this is applicable. Because C 50 U MT is tall dynamic machining center can finish all whirl to process an operation, so safe limits is not just in the level of 90 ° locally (brought brand-new treatment selection, also increased flexible use ability) , still include upside crawl area and cover of machine tool top. The design of improved dragon door that we are familiar with tall trends of brand-new C 50 U MT machining center is swing axis (A axis) with axis of face of revolving stage coming back (C axis) the fundamental condition that perfect union offerred ideal. Machine tool lathe bed is offerred to A axis prop up, assured extremely tall tigidity thereby, because motor is located in gear drive belt directly,be in especially. The numerical control that there is a full scale operation on A axis rotates swing workbench, is not to use simple numerical control revolving stage to realize work location. The rotate speed coming back of high dynamic machining center spends C 50 U MT highest can amount to 500r/min. The pitching moment motor that carries tall efficiency provides the best driving force that suits high rotate speed, make implementation tall difficulty rotates treatment becomes a possibility, and adopt kibble and the form that polishing handles will be united in wedlock milling and rotate treatment. The clamp surface of face of revolving stage of machining center of tall trends of C 50 U MT coming back is diametical 1000mm, nominal mesa carring capacity is 1000kg. Breath out the window of concept of silent company MT to depend on, not only show in mesa 0 ° and 90 ° when can come true rotate treatment, and in 0 ° ~ the aleatoric angle position between 90 ° , can complete afore-mentioned operations. Come so, can use very short car mill cutting tool, rotating in unit process of cargo bandling, main shaft is stayed in surely by the lock, it contains HSK-T model knife handle, dimension is 63 with 100. What at the same time need points out is, the whole category of milling function got withholding. Main shaft is stayed in surely by the lock, transmit bigger torque so unchallenged also, car mill cutting tool can obtain accurate and stable fixed position. C series sufferred admissive 5 axes concept to show its economic advantage again in MT version fully, compare with machine tool photograph of the person of the same trade, the range of main shaft journey of machining center of tall trends of C 50 U MT is the biggest prevent bump into an area to want to be gotten greatly much, accordingly, they can come true to assemble the band that calorie of mill that finish, car machines to greater work. To ensure mill / the accretion of inertial torque in car process won't produce a problem, ha Mo rolled out a brand-new function: Conformity is rotating the balance system in workbench. This system still can realize large and heavy work (include workpiece fixture) essence of life allows a balance, accordingly, even if also can realize absolutely safety in operation below ultimate rate. Ha Mo still brought brand-new cutting tool to measure with supervisory system of cutting tool damaged. Pass 3D probe, be opposite from both sides of the cutting tool that uses Yu Chexi undertake laser and mechanical scanning, in order to ensure safe. Rotate to make sure milling is mixed compound treatment can come true with the form of whole production, haing silent research and development modular add knife library, use complex design, can be opposite easily with all machining center that breath out silent receive, it has powerful clip to support force and simpler operation concept. Because used machine posture to design, it was in by installation at the back of machining center, those who accord with human body labour to learn is best lade and move except height, make foundation layer class absoluteness to operating personnel fine long hair, they can be being machined even undertake changing a knife in the process. The aleatoric angle position between 90 ° of 0 ° ~ , can come true rotate treatment. CNC Milling CNC Machining