The preparation before lathe SKF bearing is installed works

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Often be some friends use shocking method when installing SKF bearing, cause the SKF bearing damage in installing a process. The preparation before I tell lathe SKF bearing to install with everybody today works. The hope is helpful to everybody. Install a method correctly about SKF bearing, ask you to refer to " the installation method legend of SKF bearing introduces " the content of one article. 1.

The choice to installing field and requirement installation field should be mixed with lathe, grinder apart of other and mechanical equipment is apart from one paragraph. Place should be cleaned clean, often maintain dry cleanness, take strict precautions against scrap, sand, dirt, moisture to enter bearing. 2.

Examine tool of fine installation of bearing model, equipment examines whether does bearing model, dimension accord with installation requirement, mix according to the structural characteristic of bearing each component that cooperate to it, had chosen suitable costume to match a method, prepare the tool that uses when installation and measure. Commonly used installation tool has clamping apparatus of midge of club of hand hammer, copper, sleeve, special bolster plate, snail, compressor to wait, measure has vernier calipers, micrometer, dial gauge to wait. 3.

Examine bearing assembles exterior bearing to assemble the surface and the spare parts surface that cooperate to it, if have touch injury, rustily layer, grind bits, arenaceous bead, dirt and clay existence, a bearing install difficulty, cause assemble malposition truly; Second these attachment are formed brush face of caustic bearing job abrasive, easily, the influence assembles quality. Accordingly, journal, bearing is answered before installation end panel of shoulder of the surface of housing aperture, stage, reach join spare parts to be like lid of lining, gasket, end to wait cooperate the surface, undertake examining carefully. If have rustily layer, can use fine file rasp off, fine emery cloth makes light, also want cleared bearing to assemble the attachment on the surface and its join spare parts at the same time. CNC Milling CNC Machining