Solid example project 11  The knife library form of machining center is debugged with what change knife course automatically

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Does class learn result of number full name period of time of Zhou Cishi model / machine tool model is the same as group person one, solid example purpose and requirement 2, solid train equipment 3, is solid example content summarized 4, content of solid example report (1) what does the knife library form of machining center have? Library of which kinds of knife is what machining center of LV800 of V-60 of Nantong XH713A, Li Wei, Li Chi, small giant uses respectively? (2) does manipulator change knife cent automatically to move of a few actions be? (3) the main distinction that says machining center process designing and CNC Milling process designing. (4) how does the operation load cutting tool knife library by date in? (5) the program that writes part of treatment graphic representation. Rame;mso-element-frame-width:243.





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