The composition of compositive production system

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Cent is the automation substantially of manufacturing industry of production automation system rigid automation, flexible automation and compositive automation 3 phase. Before 70 time, basically use mechanical device, realize large quantities of quantities to produce, solve the automation of the physical labor that replaces a person, the target is to improve labor productivity, this one period is rigid automation phase. Before 80 time metaphase, basically use flexible production of much breed of production system implementation, small lot, solve Gao Sheng yield and unite flexibly, the target is to continueing to improve labor productivity while, implementation product itself and of production process flexible, this one period is flexible automation phase. After 90 time, basically use a CIMS, realize the compositive production that overall situation optimizes, the automation Gu island that the target is will different sort and function is compositive rise, implementation overall situation is optimized, this one period is compositive automation phase. Production automation system is located in an enterprise to create environmental ground floor, it is the basic link that finishs production activity directly. It enclothed an enterprise to come from workshop layer all function of equipment layer and activity. Normally, production automation system sheds the system, system that monitor and robot composition by production system, control system, content. Production system is used at having the operation of physical treatment to workpiece or product, it completes a part directly or all sorts of treatment of the product are mixed assemble, basically include all sorts of numerical control machine tool, machining center, flexible the treatment facilities such as production unit, measure equipment and assemble equipment. Control system in order to realizes the control of unit process of cargo bandling of pair of production systems, it is production automation system compositive iformation flow, decision-making drifting base. It controls whole system to coordinate carry to go, include workshop layer management and control. Unit layer control, workstation control and content shed the function such as control. Content shedding system is to make automation system thing spread compositive base, the memory that it finishs pair of workpiece and tool, carry, assemble and unassemble wait for function of 3 big operations. The system that monitor is the foundation that quality of work of production automation system assures, it is finished what reach treatment tool to machining facilities of object, treatment is online and automatic in production process monitor. The robot is divided carrying traditionally, assemble and unassemble outside a large number of application in the process, soldering, assemble, spray, test, clean the directional development that type construction, distributed processing is opening forward at present in waiting for manufacturing process. Open build platform of common hardware, software namely, face different applied environment, get used to the demand of a variety of systems. The network that distributed processing includes all sorts of facility interrelates, much task of distributed data management, distributed database and real time is intercurrent processing. As the automation osmosis to management and technical domain and development, production automation system should be the same as management information system and technical information system necessarily compositive rise, form compositive production system finally. Production automation system is company iformation flow, stock shedding is mixed decision-making stream reach the key position that assemble. According to the main feature of functional activity, the architecture top-down of production automation is respectively 1) layer of company managemant decision; 2) factory production manages a layer; 3) workshop management controls a layer; 4) unit control layer; 5) workstation controls a layer; 6) layer of device control character. Afore-mentioned layer shape models included all function of manufacturing industry and activity, described its hierarchy and relationship, reflected what concentration and dispersive photograph are united in wedlock to give rank control structure principle. Give rank regulation of control structure principle: The process that an order that issue decomposes each layer general to be carried out for this layer and continue to be down to convey child command, receive the relevant data that comes from on one. Command executive result, namely of the change of condition or data generate, need on one to feedback in time, so that serve as decision-making basis, or make corresponding report. Each receive his to leave the message of a feedback only, feedback to on its one only information. Decision-making with information deliver all not secondary floor, between the different substance of same layer, be controlled by a substance and coordinate. This kind of course that pursues a layer to decompose can resolve the bottommest facility and the basiccest manufacturing action series all the time. It from function, activity. Each respects such as control, data and interface, built a kind of general, uniform analysis method and structural model. Production automation system is formed by all sorts of mechanical equipment normally. Among them the numerical control machine tool that the the most important, basiccest treatment facilities is all sorts of types. Since machine tool of the first numerical control was born 1957, as the rapid development of microelectronics technology, the computerized numerical control that 70 time metaphase appeared to be based on microprocessor (Computer Numeric Control -- CNC) machine tool, control in the direct figure of 60 time evening (Direct Numeric Control -- DNC) on the foundation, further progress becomes today's distributed number to control (Distributed Numeric Control -- DNC) . To raise the utilization rate of the machine tool and automation level further, on the foundation of CNC machine tool, increased cutting tool to exchange unit automatically again, formed the machining center of all sorts of types, if basically be used at the horizontal of cutting of boring, mill and vertical machining center, basically use at the turning machining center of turning, basically use at rushing to what cut treatment to cut machining center to wait. On the foundation of of all kinds machining center, increase tray to exchange device and the matter that carry tray to shed unit again, become flexible production unit and flexible production system. Graph 1 be a kind of model is flexible the configuration of production unit. Production automation is the inevitable trend that produces progress. But if be not mixed from actual condition,demand sets out, go after automation one-sidedly, cannot achieve a goal not only sometimes, can be just the opposite to what one wished even, cause company difficult position, because it often is,spend the part with the largest investment. Production automation system is to show the production of the enterprise ground floor that reflects advanced technique application and content shed an activity, the discretion of automation degree, depend on completely real need, must treat cautiously. The production of these enterprise ground floor and content shed an activity, in compositive in making, often be differentiated to be " unit " undertake manage and attempering. Every unit has an unit controller, unit controller is main in a planned way, attemper and adjust the function of tripartite face. Plan function is in charge of arranging the manufacturing plan inside unit limits, finish each job of ranking make known to lower levels, produce accident situation in its subordinate when, revise existing production to plan. Attemper the production that the function basically includes to give out to planning a function plans to undertake evaluate and choosing; For each workstation or device control character implement make the sort that exercise begins and achieves time, and the contradiction that resolves the sort watch that carrying out currently and problem. Adjust the function is unit controller and controller of its subordinate workstation or device control character implement the interface between, its content is to belong to task of make known to lower levels downward; The feedback when executing the mission to subordinate undertakes monitoring; The contradiction that in executing the mission, appears and problem announcement give attemper the function undertakes attempering. 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