The postposition of compound treatment handles Che Xi technology

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Answer relatively with technology of numerical control process designing, che Xi is compound treatment because technique component of complex, motion is much wait for a reason, handled software and technology to raise taller requirement to current postposition thereby. Compare with photograph of equipment of groovy numerical control, the difficulty that its postposition handles basically is reflected in the following respects. (Between 1) different process join athletic requirement is strict and accurate. The treatment craft sort that because be in,car mill has on complex equipment is various, because this is in,the automatic switch that machines component of means, cutting tool, motion must be completed well and truly after current process treatment is finished, mix with making sure those who machine a process is correct safe. To achieve this goal, the means of knife of advance and retreat that asks the setting is reasonable on one hand and change the opportune moment that knife, cooling fluid leaves and pauses automatically, additionally more important is set of the need when undertaking current process is machined the position with located component of other blame motion. Such ability avoid a machine tool the collision between component of the motion in changing knife and treatment course and blame motion component, ensure treatment process safety is stable. (2) needs pair of craft order and numerical control program to undertake deciding automatically. Because compound treatment is medium craft course is relatively longer, the NC code after support is finished to postposition artificially undertakes constituent mixing compositive not only efficiency brings about wrong happening low and easily also. Ideal means of settlement is can be opposite in postposition processing process treatment order and Dao Weiwen in accumulate contained technique undertakes deciding automatically, can be in the NC code after postposition processing is finished maintain automatically. For this, the Dao Weiwen after numerical control process designing is finished need to include corresponding technique, sword not only in information information, the cutting tool sort that still needs to include corresponding treatment order, place to use and number, what craft order, technique and cutting tool achieve in the process that such ability handle in postposition is automatic decide. (The postposition of means of 3) different treatment handles a technology. The postposition of compound treatment handles Che Xi the program asks to be able to realize milling of much axis numerical control, turning not only, get the postposition that cuts treatment to handle, can come true even curium, enter control of makings, tailstock and program loop automatically to call wait for a function, the postposition of compound treatment handles Che Xi algorithmic basically include existing CNC machining is all the postposition processing technique of craft sort, and can realize different treatment even between means without seam compositive join with motion. (4) control system is advanced of the function make full use of. Use Yu Chexi at present the numerical control system of compound machining center is very advanced control system, the FANUC 31i system that if treasure is beautiful,S192FT uses, SINUMERIK840D system that WFL 150 uses. These advanced control systems have feed to be optimized automatically mostly, Dao Shiping is slippery, super- strong before the advanced function such as interpolation of look up and high speed, high accuracy. Accordingly, the in processing code equal seat that must want to mirror the function of systems of these advanced numerical control in postposition to handle level to finish, mill of ability implementation car is compound machine equipment efficiency make full use of. (The processing of function of 5) blame cutting and call. Compound treatment machine tool besides have car, mill, auger, outside the cutting function such as boring, still have cutting function is not in what place transfers to need between each working procedure, if send butt joint of makings, discharge, main shaft, tailstock automatically control,wait. In postposition processing need regards a public module as to be called for the program these functions, called order and opportunity need decide according to craft course. The postposition with these current functions handles software to still cannot be offerred. CNC Milling CNC Machining