Brief introduction of protractor of deepness vernier and high vernier, cursor

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Normal >1.

Deepness vernier Normal > deepness vernier is shown like graph 1a) place, the deepness that is used at measuring aperture, deepness of the height of step, chamfer. Close workpiece plane sticks feet wearing when using, again advocate feet inserts bottom, can numerate measure size. Or the clench that use spiral shell originallies, measure sees again after be being taken out. Graph 1 deepness vernier and high vernier Normal >normal >2.

High vernier Normal > height vernier is shown like graph 1b) place. High vernier is divided outside measuring height, still can make nicety underline with. Normal >3.

Cursor protractor Normal > cursor protractor basically is used at measuring angle numerical value. Graph 2 cursor protractor CNC Milling CNC Machining