Vitreous laser makes mark application brief introduction

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The mark that a kind of new technology makes use a laser of CO2 leaving type to call clean-cut high quality on glass directly becomes a possibility, this is one kind can replace costly solid laser and traditional glass to make the technology of mark method (the requirement) that 25WCO2 laser can satisfy great majority to make bid on glass. CO2 laser makes bid on glass through destroying vitreous surface, appear on glass consequently a certain quantity of crackle allows, but the crackle of excessive can cause number strength of unsharpness, data is potential slacken, more serious is to make base piece become loose. The crackle amount that controls material accurately in the process that make bid can avoid these problems. 3 kinds of methods can use at controlling glass apparently the crackle type of generation and amount: The first kind of method is to use laser radiate for many times; The 2nd kind of method is to use disperse dot to form cricoid crackle; The 3rd kind of method is crackle of face of generation chap shape. Use laser radiate to be able to produce a kind of clean-cut visible number on glass, but the direction of crackle and stress design will to perpendicular the direction that moves at laser is patulous. After mark is printed inside short time even after a few days, these are perpendicular at laser the crackle of mobile direction will form new crackle, expand around area forms a fragment outside original sign, affect the definition of mark thereby. Use laser radiate for many times, make the area with adjacent of mark area photograph passes heat to conduct be heated, make these area form stress gradient thereby, reduce cracked possibility 2 times. Use this kind of method to make bid on soda-lime glass and boracic silicate glass very effective. Laser radiate becomes oxidation silicon glass and vycor to go up in frit dozen of mark is more effective, because coefficient of expansion of these two kinds of material is very small. The 2nd kind of method is to use a series of cricoid crackle to form a character, diamonds or form code, rectangular code and design of other form code. Glass produces low density with cooling loop through heating cricoid crackle. The generation when glass heats expands all round extruding material, lift when temperature when temperature of vitreous softening point, glass expands quickly the dome of the bulgy glass surface that forms material of a low density. The glass after heating contracts initiative surface position, but time of this relax comfort is the time that whole low density forms, make its cannot restore the position of rest before bate temperature. Use 3 kinds of different mark methods to use CO2 laser to make bid on glass, namely for many times laser is passed; Disperse dot forms cricoid crackle and the exterior crackle that produce chap record. Because facula energy shows gauss to distributing, the temperature that is in because of this facula center is higher. Return when area of this high temperature when be close to position of rest, the center of cricoid crackle is formed in this area. The joint between area and standard density area is formed to be in the cricoid crackle that forms stability in low density. This kind of method agrees with to enhance glass in common and optical material and temper glass, chemistry calcium of common perhaps natrium makes bid on float law glass. The 3rd kind of method also is to use heat likewise and cooling process, it is to make some specific the vitreous surface of bulk produces change. But the size of spot of consumed of place of the 3rd kind of method is larger, the boundary line that manages in joint of area of two kinds of density does not have cricoid crackle method trenchant in that way. The sign that this kind of method produces can not see so that see instantly, the requirement just begins to label along laser area produces division account crackle after pressurization a little. Do not have design of fill of streak of fractional chap record to form with what what produce character, graph and all sorts of codes. Because requirement of this kind of method is pure qualitative surface, the automobile glass that uses high quality so can print the number that gives clarity. CNC Milling CNC Machining