Laser beam welding is received bring up more perfect automobile body

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Use what laser has white automobile body to solder, have solder efficiency is tall, solder quality good, shell is beautiful wait for an advantage, the key that already was soldered at automobile body by family expenses of plant of a lot of cars is versed in and the place that has special demand to craft. At present laser solders and solder of laser drill rod matures ceaselessly, long-range laser solders to be in rapid development, its advantage has been highlighted. Laser beam machining is the laser that uses tall radiate strength bundle, through optical system focusing (power density can amount to 104 ~ 1011W/cm2) , to workpiece treatment place brings to bear on the technology that high temperature has hot work. With the tradition solder methodological photograph is compared, the characteristic that laser beam welding receives manufacturing efficiency to show automata high with Yi Shi makes his very comfortable mix at extensive product line flexible change make. Among them, laser solders to make the success application in the domain can improve manufacturing efficiency and product quality greatly in project car, had highlighted the huge advantage that gives laser beam welding to receive. The good point that laser beam welding receives is workpiece be solderinged is out of shape above all dinky, have join space hardly, solder deepness / width comparing is tall, when high power parts of an apparatus solders, deep wide Bikeda 5:1, highest when can amount to 10:1, solder quality solders than the tradition the method is good; It is welding line intensity next tall, solder rate is rapid, welding line is narrow, and exterior position is normally good, after discharging solder, clear wait for the job, the exterior solders than the tradition should beautiful; Additional, laser beam welding accepts the position that can solder to be close to hard, applying blame contact solders remotely, have very big flexibility, especially in last few years, in technology of fiber-optic laser beam machining, as a result of the advantage of fiber-optic transmission technology, laser beam welding received a technology to win more extensive promotion and application. In view of these characteristics, in auto industry, the key that laser is soldered normally by application at automobile body is versed in and the place that has special demand to craft, be like: Use at roof and side wall shell plating to solder can solve solder the problem of intensity, efficiency, exterior and sealing; Use at rear cover to solder can solve right angle to build receive an issue; The laser that uses in door assembly spells solder to be able to rise effectively solder quality and efficiency. Laser solders to make medium application basically solder by common laser in white automobile body, solder of laser drill rod, laser solders remotely etc, solder with respect to these now craft undertakes introductory simply respectively. Laser beam welding receives common laser beam welding to receive craft to basically be used at roof to solder, can fall a confusion of voices and get used to design of new automobile body structure. Europe the laser great majority of each old car plant is used at roof to solder. Current, german masses already was mixed in Audi A6, Audi A4, Golf the roof such as Passat used this technology, in the production of a few models of the Vectra model of the 5 departments of BMW, Ou Bao and Swedish Wo Erwo, soldering to laser is scramble for sth more. Graph 1 roof laser beam welding receives device and automobile body exterior to be in our country, shanghai masses had used laser technology to solder on numerous model roof and side wall shell plating, how to wait like Pasate, road; Shanghai's general Xin Junwei, Jun Yueping also applied laser beam welding to receive technology on the stage. Graph the 1 roof that is Shanghai general Xin Junwei and side wall solder device, used laser of 4kW pump riverside, in the meantime, welding line identifying, dog system and welding line quality monitor a system to wait in real time compositive go up at connect of laser beam welding. Solder Xin Junwei roof needs ten seconds only, compare with photograph of traditional spot welding, solder quality and efficiency rise greatly, solder after ending, need not increase car surbase, rose truckload beautiful degree. Graph joint design of laser beam welding of 2 roof side wall and photograph of connect of traditional resistor spot welding are compared, use laser beam welding to receive means to be able to reduce contact groove width considerably (reduce 10mm to control by 20mm) , can reduce a car to weigh thereby. When devising join way, can use jackknife means (Overlap Joint) and build receive kind (Fillet Joint) two kinds. From the graph 2 can see, the position that both place solders somewhat difference. Jackknife means is inferior to the fixed position requirement of laser focus, need focusing to be inside plank jackknife limits only can, do not need technical welding line to dog system, but defect is to should solder when plating zine plate, cannot be spilled over by the zincic vapour of laser aerification, can bring about welding line to may appear the blemish such as air hole. Build receive means to ask to the fixed position of laser focus taller, need focusing building juncture to go up, the welding line with reason special need dogs system, raised facility cost, but it can avoid to solder the blemish problem such as the welding line stoma when plating zine plate, zincic vapour but from the eduction in taking contact brim crack. Pursue 3 for two kinds the quality that plating zine plate solders below different kind contrasts (4.

4kW, 0.

8mm galvanizing board) . Graph 3 different take the advantage that receives laser beam welding of means plating zine plate to receive quality contrast to use laser beam welding to receive apparently, solder rate is rapid (with 5 ~ 6m/min solder speed, solder 1.

5m roof needs ten seconds only) , welding line quality intensity of good, join is high (1 intensity of laser welding line is groovy resistor spot welding.

5 times) and have taller sealing; Defect is installation cost cost taller, be like two 4kW ND:YRiverside laser adds AG pump to solder accessorily systematic cost is 2.5 million dollar about, the investment of equipment of spot welding of far outclass resistor. Solder of drill rod of laser of solder of Nextpage laser drill rod and solder of traditional MIG drill rod are similar, its distinction is using laser source to fuse at it welding wire, fill welding line, solder in order to form contact. The graph shows the craft that is solder of laser drill rod and applied result 4 times. The material of drill rod of solder of laser drill rod that car production manufacturer uses normally is CuSi3, 950 ℃ influence melting point, far the melting point under steel (about 1500 ℃ ) , the laser power that place of solder of reason laser drill rod needs is inferior (the half that solders for common laser about) , can save the investment cost of costly laser greatly. The intensity after CuSi3 infiltrates can amount to 350MPa left and right sides, prep above is common mild steel, solder of reason laser drill rod can achieve very high intensity. Graph in craft of solder of 4 laser drill rod and process of solder of applied laser drill rod, drill rod makings is filled in contact aperture, need not reach in the gelatinize after solder add adorn, can save a large number of process cost. At present solder of laser drill rod already soldered in roof and side wall shell plating, rear cover on get applied extensively. Solder of laser drill rod is soldering the defect when roof and side wall shell plating is, the demand that it locates to clamping apparatus is higher, every kinds of model all needs special clamping apparatus to undertake placing holding to roof side wall (see a picture 5) , in order to assure the precision of welding line, gain stability solder quality, accordingly, of clamping apparatus of solder of laser drill rod flexible poorer. Graph long-range laser beam welding receives the clamping apparatus of solder of 5 laser drill rod long-range laser beam welding is received (see a picture 6) having makinging a kind of new measure that can replace spot welding of resistor of traditional car white automobile body. According to trade investigation, the long-range laser beam welding that industry already installed receives equipment to exceed 60, main concentration is in Europe and North America area. Graph 6 long-range laser beam welding accept a system long-range laser solders to be not contact, use special camera lens to solder laser focusing far in 1 ~ 2m on workpiece, camera lens by robot drive, adopt the change of robot shift and laser focusing dot, realize each place neatly solder. Laser solders remotely the technology developed laser beam welding of contact of odd side, blame to accept brought technology and economic dominant position, the advantage appearance that brings its and lens of high speed scanning is united in wedlock, shortened greatly weld time, in whole welder art rose to always manufacture efficiency in flow. To traditional laser / the robot solders, the seam welding of 20mm needs 0.

2 ~ 0.

4s is finished, repeat fixed position time to make an appointment with 3s, and say to fetch of long-range laser beam welding, weld time is same, repeat fixed position time to be only 0.

2s. This shows, the crucial dominant position that long-range laser beam welding accepts depends on locating time shortens greatly, because it equiped,this is device of scanning of high-speed beam of light. Early of Comau Pico company ever accepted technical evolution to drive long-range laser beam welding and try hard, they ever cooperated with the company such as Rofin Sinar, those who use to be based on CO2 laser is long-range solder equipment, use scanning lens to reflex beam of light with high speed, solder automobile body many solder the position. On a typical component of Fiat Marea model, long-range CO2 laser solders to also be used to replace resistor spot welding, be in in order to eliminate the cost that the car uses adhesive to bring on hind end door. In this one application, time of total laser seam welding is 5s. Be opposite of this model doorcase solder on, 43 laser welding line needs 30s to be able to be finished only, replaced traditional resistor spot welding. In this application, repeat fixed position time fall panel height is amounted to 94% . Renault company uses an Agilaser to solder the front door component of C85, replaced the needs 12 robots resistance welding system that uses formerly. Primary system needs to cover an area of 1050m2, and the Agilaser that introduces 5 robots workstation covers an area of 808m2 only. Two Agilasers produce a part with the cycle of 66s, solder 93 on the right side of reach left laser welding line, and need resistor spot welding before 130 on the right side of nod with left solder. Be in Renault company, an Agilaser solders in the front door of C65 model 38 laser welding line, use two clamping apparatus only. The advantage that laser solders remotely depends on more economy, take up the space is fewer, photograph comparing should use 6 ~ for the resistor spot welding of 8 clamping apparatus, solder remotely need a clamping apparatus only. On the other hand, the defect that long-range laser beam welding receives depends on his matching a requirement to workpiece very tall, this makes design and the clamping apparatus that make is very complex. At present common laser beam welding receives brief and technology of solder of laser drill rod already matured quite, in be being used generally to be in what roof reachs rear cover to solder; Long-range laser solders to still be in ceaseless development, be a kind efficient, agile solder means. Make in white automobile body in, use laser beam welding to receive a technology to be able to increase the flexibility of products plan, improve manufacturing efficiency, enhance the stiffness of automobile body, enhance product quality and market competition ability. Mature ceaselessly and drop of cost as laser technology stage by stage, all sorts of laser beam welding receive craft to be sure to be made in car white automobile body in receive wider and wider application. CNC Milling CNC Machining