What fruit laser sticks label is new change

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Graph 1, the laser mark paster that is used at umbilical orange last year in October, company of Sinclair Systems international (Www.


Com) -- the leader that label of product of fresh fruit vegetables makes, rolled out the VPS laser that is based on technology of laser diode array to stick sign system. The function sticking label with VPS system and existing Sinclair is united in wedlock together well, print according to distinct fruit category piece all sorts of form code, PLU (product identifying) code and graph (see a picture 1) . The core of this system is one exceeds array of wide laser diode, manufacture by Intense company, the laser that can give out hundreds bundles of independence to find site bundle, make of label presswork to need to one pace is finished and do not need technology of Zhen Jingsao draw only. Sinclair company completes field test already successfully in American California, preparing to extend this product to their client. Since period of time, fruit vegetables industry has realised by need to presswork technical importance, can need according to what label applies namely, real time establishs the information on label. So far, most label is remained had been printed ahead of schedule, brand information was contained already on label, also indicated all sorts of different product data. By need to presswork the technology of a variety of label brought very big advantage to the fruit vegetables business that pack and retail trade. The advantage that packs business to the fruit to make more information adds on fruit label, indicate for instance PLU, former produce a country, form code, to the client of Sinclair company, hold is many inventory tag is very be necessary. By need to printed a technology to save inventory to carry cost already, also improved operation efficiency greatly. Sinclair decides to roll out by need to presswork technology when also be faced with a distinctive product to develop a challenge. If reach the new transfer of technology that replace present plant, the equipment that this company installs formerly can appear product antiquated problem. Accordingly, new technology must design what have the machine that stick label in couples to upgrade, need to undertake only namely a few improve the work. Stick sign chance amount by the label that wants label to pressworked to also reduce a fruit to pack business place to need at the same time. So far, every fruit sorting machine applied different label to stick sign chance, and every deserve to have tailor-made ticket. For example, every fruit sorting machine may deserve to have 3 opportunity that stick label, provided the fruit ticket of big, medium, small distinct size. The fruit is carried before the machine that stick label, distinguish through choosing a system automatically size. The information of this dimension uses how-to label to stick sign chance to choose likely tag to be stuck to the fruit in 3 kinds of dimension. Graph 2, has improved VPS laser sticks mark application system to be in this example, 3 original machine that stick label can be deployed the odd stand that VPS improves a system sticks sign chance to replace (see a picture 2) . The new machine that stick label deserves to have hank ticket, the bag on label contains brand information and a blank place, with the product data that differs at indicating. The data of concerned dimension is used tell VPS system, code in order to print an appropriate PLU and / or form code. Besides the inventory that reduces label and the amount of the machine that stick label, by need to printed a technology to also be brought a series of managing measure. Inventory management simplifies greatly, the SKU amount of need is fewer reduced discard as useless rate. The label of shorter or special product also is a problem no longer. The cost loss that causes because of excessive inventory or be in short supply also was reduced. Change the operation error when label and working hours also are able to improve. The gain provision safety to shopkeeper and it is more and more important to track function to becoming. In recent years, news media reported problem of safety of a few food and incident in great quantities. VPS system can be mixed in the PLU that print a form code besides, indicate product data and producing area information, make record and tracked individual fruit to become a possibility. Available after technical Sinclair company was considering a lot of different techniques extensively, the technology of DLAM diode array that decides use Intense company develops new system. Watch 1 included ever by advised a few available technology. The competitor of a lot of Sinclair companies ever tried installation to deploy ink jet printer and heat quick printer, but required product quality and reliability cannot be offerred below feasible commercial cost. Laser stuck mark to offer the solution that prevents other technology defect. Laser sticks label do not have a contact, laser hits mark dispute to contact, because this wears away to drop with the quality that print,not be a problem (this is using direct heat quick below printed circumstance, happen from time to tome) ; Without any running stores (and in ink jet technology, must control printing ink viscosity carefully) ; And without the direct contact with fruit skin, won't arise to be destroyed to fruity (this hits the meeting in mark fruit to appear in direct laser) . Directly heat quick or hot move basis are defined, when print heat quick prints the head of the system that print to want to be contacted with label. This brings about the wear away and prints quality fall of the head that print. It is especially in relatively harsh environment this issue is more outstanding, it is for instance in the packing yard with a contaminant and common dirt. When moment of tatty of the head that print, presswork of content losing is the phenomenon that often appears. And printing a form to pile up below this kind of circumstance cannot be accepted absolutely. Express 1, the label base material that the company of usable technology Sinclair that the fruit sticks label uses is very important to its technology and product. If the hope can stick label reliably to the fruit, the flexibility of label and compatibility are very important. Because heat quick prints had contact,sexual characteristic can produce quantity of heat, and this brought about need to use thicker, firmer label. However, this also produced side effect -- because label is harder, reduced stickup performance thereby. Pass heat quick when label printer and when sticking sign system, need retains the accurate control to label. Before this means label to must convey to stick sign chance in the fruit, print ahead of schedule come out. On average, label is printed before 10 fruits beforehand come out. If fruit transmission belt stopped, perhaps a fruit declines from transmission belt come down, can cause a trouble. Perhaps the biggest question of the heat quick label that print is the management of cost and running stores. Because of the head that print every print 50-75 10 thousand pieces change with respect to need, such word, every week needs to change. Ink jet printer prints be contact of a kind of blame to print a technology as a result of ink jet, the space between printing ink and medium is very little (be less than 5 millimeter) . This specific heat is transferred or directly the means of heat quick is close friends some, but the effect is negligible. Ink jet printer is packed very easily the bilge in workshop and dirt bits jam. Jam the consequence that cause prints those who resemble element to be short of namely break, the code does not have a form that such coming out the law is read to pile up. Be the same as heat quick to print is unified appearance, ink jet is printed before also needing to arrive in the fruit, had made label. Ink jet system can achieve higher rate. However, in the speed of Sinclair company the requirement falls, dry time also is a problem, printing ink is in applied process often by erase. The place before be like is narrated, the polyethylene label that Sinclair company place uses is the crucial part of whole technology, it is the more advantageous paper quality label on function. Can feed grade printing ink drily to be found very hard quickly on polyethylene label. And printing ink also is easy bad news is tasted, need is safeguarded by the client, ink box must get changing often. Solid laser fiber-optic or solid of diode pump riverside (DPSS) laser system, often use at the product to make bid. But, considering the integrated requirement that high speed and big width print, in the application that they do not suit Sinclair company. Because scanning technology cannot be in whole presswork beam of light moves inside limits, also cannot accomplish need to presswork in place assure to presswork below speed quality. Diode laser hits system of sign system VPS to build at an array of giant glow diode laser, circuit of its power supply ensures can alone drive every laser. Component uses custom-built optics to transmit stimulate beam of light to be finished to label print (graph 3) . Graph 3, VPS laser sticks icon of sign system principle to sign itself come out by Sinclair company development, included laser to be able to label layer. To utmost the ground absorbs the effect of laser energy since the design of chemical recipe, ensure high-speed pressworks thereby. This label already passed food safety attestation. This system is used those who have at improving Sinclair company to stick sign chance RM6 by the design. The course is used for years, it is worth while that RM6 machine is proved to be to be mixed quickly reliant equipment. This system used what Sinclair company develops to have a technology only. It can take out a piece from inside hank label, be transmitted very gently next, stickup go up to the fruit, without the danger of attaint. This passes annulus move but adjustable balata canal can realize an operation. After VPS prints a system to install the machine that stick label to go up, coil from label when label shift arrives when fruit surface, OK and direct will stimulate array of beam of light to be hit on label. This is meant, when need, can print a label instantly. Intense company (Www.


Com) it is the banner supplier that offers semiconductor laser to print, presswork to serve with the domain such as direct mark in CTP, number at many well-known company. In hundreds the high power, transmitting tube that finds site independently transmits laser array respect, the DALM technology of Intense company is unique inside laser industry. Height of diode array technology is reliable, this has been in the proof got inside a lot of years in the past. Advanced chip attune allows a technology to allow Intense company a variety of laser array chip adjacent of each other photograph is installed, can keep constant distance in whole array so. This technology is already modular, can create an a few inches big array, the laser that can offer more than 500 fine long hair to cover with tiles projects power. An orange that the spot checks Sinclair company to ever was in American California packs a factory to undertake the spot checks. Began to install a system in August 2009 and move. In those days during orange the crown of the year will come in October, label test begins to undertake. The experiment undertakes very smoothly, the manufacturing quality of this system also got packing a factory approbate, and in January 2010 the portion begins formal production. This factory that pack uses new system to produce 3 kinds to differ the label of a form code, use at respectively small, medium, big the umbilical orange of 3 kinds of dimension. To evaluate this system, sinclair company measures from two respects: The scanning per cent of form code and the per cent that stick label. Move in the production in the past in, the company realized a form of 100% to pile up scanning rate, the fruit of more than 95% stuck label (this is the typical success that sticks mark operation normally rate) . Array of conclusion laser diode sticks sign system to be introduced successfully in the application with extremely high demand. Diode array sticks mark technology presswork range is wider, dependability is much better, have the higher linear rate that print (be more than 1.

5 meters / second) , the better quality that print, all these all will make diode array labels the system is won in future directly more large-scale new product sticks mark good luck. Article author Mr Steve Gorton (electric mail: Steve_gorton@intenseco.

Com) the product line chief inspector that is Intense company, m.

Dr. Scott Howarth is the chief inspector of research and development of Sinclair Systems company. CNC Milling CNC Machining