The resource that faces network to make shares service platform research

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Summary: Issue allied enterprise to the resource between is shared and work in coordination to support network to create an environment, put forward compose to build the resource that faces network to make to share the technical plan that serves platform. Gave out the functional architecture of this platform, labor the resource below network production mode is gotten and the compositive technology, network that shares resource and compositive turn the administrative technique, different land that is based on resource to share the company works in coordination the technology, network that is based on application to serve provider mode makes service technology, and the system of dummy company application that is based on Web service is compositive the key such as the technology makes can technology, the development that adopts archetypal system and initial application test and verify the feasibility of this technology program and practical. Keyword: Network is made; Resource shares service platform; Dummy company; Work in coordination in bringing character China manufacturing industry to make a progress in network, urgent need builds public information and warehouse of intellectual natural resources, wait like library of library of products plan resource, technology natural resources, standard component library, share these resource to innovate to improving the technology of the enterprise ability, accelerate new product development, begin be designed in coordination and produce the effect with will rise very main. Accordingly, the production resource in be shared through the network and optimizing configuration to be in each enterprises dispersedly, it is one of main features of network production mode. Can a kind of when the resource of compositive many sided, resource that has a variety of functions shares service platform to will become network to make main technique makes can tool, effectively supportive industry carries out network to make [1~3] . The faces network to make resource with a comprehensive function shares the functional architecture that 1 resource shares service platform service platform, should be shared through the resource between allied enterprise and optimize configuration, undertake efforts of technical collaboration, production process and company business course recombine between supportive industry wait for an activity, establish strategic partner relationship, enhance company competition ability, with occupational more the current efforts of market share supports platform. It distinguishs the main characteristic at other and numerous website, it is the support to the process working in coordination between the enterprise, and with cooperation support is those who guide, perforative at the network construction and information and technology serve from beginning to end concept and method. According to afore-mentioned design thoughts, the faces network to make resource that article compose builds shares the functional architecture that serves platform, basically be in getting each alliance business through Internet/Intranet can share resource and try to return whole, on this foundation, make resource of each allied enterprise implementation is shared, provide support for the mutual cooperation between allied enterprise, the Web service that still is allied enterprise at the same time registers the platform environment that provides a standard with discovery, use a system in order to realize dummy company compositive. For this, the resource that faces network to make shares service platform to need to build mix with library of resource of library of resource of standard resource library, manpower resource library, software, equipment the library of resource of achievement of science and technology public data that is core center, on this foundation, provide resource for allied enterprise compositive with management, support works in coordination between the enterprise, network production service and unified description, discovery and compositive (Universal Description, discovery And Integration, UDDI) makes normatively can register a center, and share resource to safeguard wait for service function with safe control. Its function architecture is shown 1 times like the graph. 1.

Center of 1 public data is public data center is to use IT, the manufacturing industry that builds through Internet/Intranet especially makes resource information warehouse on the net, make information and knowledge are as far as possible much demand person service, join through effective ground and share the production resource of each dispersive enterprises, accelerate the design of company product and development rate, make company natural resources is able to optimize use [4] . In network production mode falls, can share production resource to be each first requirement that cooperation provides support between allied enterprise to undertake an analysis to its namely, put in whole, organization, systematization and digitlization 's charge, achieve centralized administration. Accordingly, building public data center is the key that resource shares service platform to build, its are principal the task is program, collect, get and arrange what can share to make resource. 1.

System of function of 2 functions system faces the resource that network makes to share service function directly, it is in what institute of public data center manages to be able to share resource to prop up below, use applied tool part, offer all sorts of resource conveniently to share service function for each alliance enterprise. Functional system basically offers 5 following specific resource to share a service: (1) resource is compositive with management it is undertake administrative to sharing resource, with benefit the organization at resource, program, harmonious with adjusting control; 2 it is according to network production system is opposite the dynamic demand of resource, will all sorts of sharing resource undertakes reframing quickly, in order to get used to the market competition environment of constant change. (2) the company works in coordination support is inside dummy company limits, for the cooperation between allied enterprise (basically include a partner ground of choice, different is designed in coordination and different ground is made in coordination) provide technology and information support, provide the platform environment that cooperates each other between a kind of enterprise namely, so that pass a network to will distributing to be contacted together in the allied enterprise of each district,undertake cooperating with working, shorten product development cycle, enhance market competition ability. (3) network makes a service offer a kind to have hi-tech, specialization, the new-style service mode of sociality and public service function, offer the new-style service intermediary that uses a service for each alliance enterprise through Internet namely. It is simple technical support not just, still include the application software service such as design, treatment, management and market sale, also include to be the business that lacks ability of design, treatment, government to provide corresponding engineering capability service, answer ability in order to improve the nimble sex of each medium and small businesses inside dummy company and market, and enterprise group integral competition ability. (4) UDDI makes can registering central UDDI standard is one faces the enterprise below Internet environment to use a system between compositive with the standard that share, it provided the mechanism that will register and discover Web service through the program. Accordingly, UDDI makes can the main function that registers a center is to regard the enrollment of Web service as the center, also can be used by the service request enterprise inside dummy company the Web that discovers a need serves, and the company that chooses first-rate to offer Web to serve. (5) share resource to safeguard what share resource to come true with safe control to release, delete, revise wait for automation, network and safety to change an operation to provide support. 1.

Many kinds the resource amount that resource of market of 3 application tool shares service platform place to offer is large, share a service the function is all ready. Accordingly, the person that must set corresponding tool to be shared for resource offers advantage, these tool a general designation are applied tool market. (1) the user logins with register a tool the functional area that the enrollment that its function is implementation new user and the user after registering log onto relevant attributive, all sorts of functions that share service platform in order to use the resource below corresponding attributive control to offer. (2) resource is browsed and inquiry tool resource is browsed and inquiring is the mainest application tool that resource shares service platform to offer, its are main the function is the sort that resource shares in letting an user understand service platform conveniently and specific details, help an user search the resource of a need quickly. (3) sharing resource to enclose a tool to share resource to enclose is to realize the Plug and Play of resource on one hand, it is to raise the intelligent sex of individual production resource on the other hand, make information is possessed between the production resource of different compose alternant with harmonious, and production job program and get used to ability oneself, apace is compositive in network production system. (4) work in coordination supportive tool works in coordination supportive tool basically is a basis network is made work to cooperating with environmental requirement, offer network communication, multimedia to cooperate with of model of alternant, 3 dimension and 2 dimension graph browse in coordination, process monitoring and conflict clear up and harmonious wait for a function. 2 keys make can technology 2.

Production resource gets the network that the resource below 1 network production mode is gotten and compositive technology graph shows the resource that puts forward for the article 2 times to share service platform support to fall and compositive model, this model is based on semantic Web technology and much Agent technology respectively. Nextpage from the graph 2 in can see, resource gets a layer to be system of two or so functions according to functional cent. Of right run a system for metadata, have intelligence to search a function, can search a network automatically to go up can share resource; Movable state ground is draw-out metadata, memory arrives in special metadata library; Share service platform to offer metadata for resource definition, browse, inquiry, safeguard and the function such as output. This system is used can expand sign language (EXtended Markup Language, XML) regards standard description as the language of metadata, commutative pattern is restricted by mode DTD. On XML foundation, use resource to describe frame (Resource Description Framework, RDF) the resource with powerful language depicts faculty, pertinent resource information is searched on the network. Left is the share that data and information exchange with specific resource in the model, it uses the resource information that metadata library provides, issue the request that resource shares service platform to get resource to specific resource, return resource information to resource to share service platform via assorted hind. Distribute and combine metadata of process hang on to manage the information that the system provides. This system shares service platform screen for resource the daedal dispersive resources environment on Internet, offerred an overall situation fictitious resources environment. The module of resource management function that shares service platform by resource through the new natural resources that Internet gets is in charge of managing. Resource is compositive the process shares service platform resource by resource each inside allied enterprise resource Agent in production system of Agent of compositive process control and network is finished interactively through trends. The function of process control Agent basically includes to optimize compositive plan, provide dynamic resource compositive tool, and to network production system undertakes dynamic monitoring and management wait. Appear when a certain resource breakdown or get a few abrupt, unpredictable change, or when the condition that a few inaccuracy decide the effect of the element and causes resource produces change, will control Agent to report from tendercy process, initiate the news report between each relevant Agent at the same time, the process controls Agent to have the resource state with new ground dynamicly attempering again, at this moment each Agent develop autonomic ability adequately, make sure whole network makes a process optimize the ground, undertake continuously going down. 2.

The 2 network that share resource and compositive the network that changes administrative technique to share resource and compositive turning management basically is to get used to allied company inquiry and the requirement that retrieve all sorts of production resource information. Share production resource in great quantities for effectively management, can take the idea of administrative levels management, establish an uniform classified standard, and in any applied condition, all should make clear advocate classified standard, the operation with real existing effect is how-to. When establishing classified standard, the classified standard that first consideration establishs the country makes the classified standard of resource as the enterprise. In hierarchy, the enterprise regards Xie Jie as the dot, substance be regardinged as is treated, at the same time all sorts of production resource all the analytic method with object-oriented applicable regards his entity, through kind the operation such as successive, polymerization and derive undertakes deduction, form thereby share production resource thoroughly to run a model, the company natural resources of compose of will distributed, different is compositive rise, form what the unified concentration on logic manages to share resource, each are allied in realizing dummy company the between different branch to sharing resource transparent visit inside enterprise and allied enterprise, and the attributive control in visitting a process. 2.

The 3 different land companies that are based on resource to share work in coordination the technology is an enterprise between work in coordination provide support, it is the primary purpose that compose builds the resource that faces network to make to share service platform. The different land company that resource shares service platform support to fall works in coordination the system is put in two kinds of sites, offer namely exceed text to transmit an agreement (Hyper Text Transport Protocol, the application of HTTP) and relevant service serves square (resource shares service platform) and begin in coordination the application, application that accepts a service requests square (enterprise) . Enterprise user is initiated as client end apply in coordination, resource shared the server that serves platform to provide the resource of the need in working in coordination and corresponding environment, can download when need for the enterprise. In the meantime, the server that other and allied enterprise can share service platform to resource at the same time is initiated work in coordination request, resource shares service platform to reply with same model the request of many enterprises. If the graph is shown 3 times,its run technological process, include to build cooperation ground of relation, different is designed in coordination and different ground produces 3 level in coordination. (1) build cooperation to concern to draft design, development and production product certainly according to market opportunity or order, share service platform to seek possible synergic resource information through resource, release at the same time seek synergic associate / information of invite public bidding; Mix according to oneself resource advantage by other company next core competition ability contest mark, establish dummy company finally, establish synergic relationship. (2) different ground designs the condition that completing overall design in coordination, decompose design task, work in coordination between the enterprise the cooperative control that supports center and network to make a service center, and public data center offers share resource support to fall, ground of allied enterprise different completes a design in coordination. (3) different ground makes the foundation that designs in coordination in ground of the different that finish go up in coordination, make according to order or market time requirement be based on product stock detailed account (Bill Of Material, the production plan of BOM) plans, next each allied company foundation asks, resource support is shared to fall in what public data center offers, undertake with the means of collateral project different ground is made in coordination, the plan of whole production process is harmonious by supportive center and network work to make a service center be in charge of finishing in coordination between the enterprise. 2.

The 4 network that are based on ASP mode make service technology apply service provider (Application Service Provider, ASP) mode is the new advanced production pattern that is intermediary with serving trader, it is an enterprise / service business hires application software and relevant hardware remotely allied company through Internet / client, the installation that uses centralized government is allied enterprise / the client offers computation of applied configuration, mandatory, products plan and plot, information and resource management to wait for a visit to serve, an application solution that offers with small operation cost [5] . It is character actually it is a center in order to apply, with " sell " applied visit and centralized management are a tenet, achieve a pair of many services and the goal that press contract consign. Be based on the network of ASP mode to make the goal of the service is to be network to make offer unified intermediary to serve platform to prop up a model, below the centralized control that operates platform in this, it is ligament with Internet, it is carrier with the service center, feel long-range user, service center, make an enterprise offer platform of convenient and quick technical information platform, electronic business affairs and production service platform to wait in coordination for the tenet, make together in chime of long-range user, service center a bridge is built between the enterprise, trends optimizes resource, provide professional technology service, achieve implementation different ground to cooperate with design and make, shorten the cycle of new product development, goal that reduces production cost, the dynamic configuration that realizes network finally to make a system, move to attemper and wait for service mechanism in coordination, the design that completes a product then and make whole process. 2.

Compositive technology Web serves the systems of 5 dummy company application that are based on Web service is one can use the interface that XML message visits below Internet environment, the operation that this interface described a group to be able to be visited / service. In network production environment falls, some is allied inside dummy company the applied system that enterprise general can share external serves to be shared in resource through Web serve platform or undertake enclosing on company site, describe a language with Web service (Web Service Description Language, WSDL) undertake unity a description, WSDL provided a standard that serves specific implementation details with XML description Web, make the process can distinguish Web service automatically; Next the UDDI that the enterprise shares his service platform in resource makes can register a center to undertake registered, so other and allied enterprise is OK repass registers a center to search and discover this Web service, visit an agreement through sending simple object (Simple Object Access Protocol, SOAP) the word will call this Web to serve [6] . Be based on the agreement of text as a kind, the information exchanges in be being used at distributed environment mechanism that SOAP is a lightweight that offers with the form of XML, the purpose is to pass the each other between stage of peace of process of much surprise form to operate, the applied system that implementation crosses an enterprise is compositive share with resource. The graph shows the fictitious industry that serves to be based on Web 4 times to use a system compositive frame. The development of Nextpage3 archetypal system is based on the resource that makes to facing network to share architecture of service platform function and key to make can technical analysis, author development developed to be based on a browser / server / the resource of architecture of database three-layer network shares system of service platform prototype, it appears with the form of the website. In process of archetypal system development, be based on the need that be run actually at present and popularizes application, had systematic function reset is mixed differentiate, the frame of main body function of the program includes public data to create the 5 functions module such as service center, client service center and site navigation design center, remotely center, remotely in coordination, homepage face of the system is shown 5 times like the graph. (1) this center basically provides public data center information natural resources serves, include resource of resource of achievement of material of commonly used data, specialized standard, project, production enterprise, technology, talent, equipment and product to wait for all sorts of information natural resources release, inquiry, retrieve, match to wait for a function with management. The graph shows the production information natural resources to be based on Web 6 times compositive change face of administrative system homepage. This system basically includes a project 7 independent subsystem such as project management, craft file management, technology resource management, graph documentation management, tool management, task management and man-hour management, came true to make information natural resources compositive with share, it is the computer network system that the product with a more perfect function makes process information natural resources manage [7] . (2) design a center remotely in coordination one of characteristic of this center depend on it can be allied enterprise to provide synergic platform and tool in network production process. Enter from homepage face design a center remotely in coordination, the client can be entered work in coordination environment. In this one environment, synergic business can undertake in real time communicating with respect to synergic matters concerned, among them the design program that a serious communication content is a product. The graph shows the different ground that is a system 7 times to design blueprint to browse with annotate on page. In the meantime, designed a center to still offer the technical natural resources such as the orgnaization design that is based on Internet, mechanical drive design, standard component design and mechanical intensity computation to serve in coordination. (3) make a service center remotely this center basically is designed for network and make a process offer finite craft of yuan of analysis, product is designed and shape quickly make wait for a technology to support, the graph is shown 8 times be those who be based on ASP mode is long-range and finite yuan of homepage area that analyses service system. The user of legal authorization enterprise that the course registers can visit this to serve a system through Internet, the course signs electronic contract and online after paying fixed fee, can refer finite yuan of analytic service request, enjoy quick, advantage and service of reliable high level technology, the fast innovation development that is product of small and medium sized business thereby provides technical safeguard, the nimble sex that strengthens a business [8] . (4) this center basically offers client service center to share service platform to use service of concerned a few users with resource, be like the client's enrollment or delete, entry password is changed, charge of attributive management, online collection and opinion proposal and feedback. (5) the function that site navigation basically helps an user understand a system as soon as possible coachs the user uses this system correct and quickly. Current, this platform already studied in informatization of many manufacturing industry and preliminary applying get in development project, obtained favorable result. Carry out a proof, this technology program is feasible, archetypal system has a function rich, moving stability reliable, operation is safeguarded go to the lavatory and user interface is friendly wait for a characteristic, what making resource is long-range share, optimize configuration, and the respect such as support worked to produce positive stimulative effect in coordination between the enterprise, the research that undertakes for more thorough ground network creates pattern and promotion provided valuable reference. Of resource of 4 last words share and optimizing configuration is the base that executive network creates and premise. Be aimed at the characteristic of manufacturing industry and combine IT and network technology, the article put forward compose to build the resource that faces network to make to share the technical plan that serves platform, bat around the functional architecture of platform and key make can technology, the resource that in network for our country manufacturing industry production mode leaves is shared with the service the technology undertook beneficial exploration. Of archetypal system be perfected ceaselessly and popularize application further, will be next research and the stress that develop the work. CNC Milling CNC Machining