Pay attention to efficiency and energy-saving heat to shape technology

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Heat shapes the technology has developed quite maturely, however technical progress does not have end forever. Italian heat shapes equipment production company is developed continuously in its dedicated domain pay attention to efficiency and energy-saving new technology, in order to maintain its the lead position in global field. Heat shapes goods has wide application in a lot of industries, like bldg. , electric home appliancesComi-srl.

It, * * *MEICO and collaboration of WM WRAPPING MACHINERY SA already shaped to the online heat with complete consign of Russia client Diapazon ZAO equipment, produce one-time HIPS technically with Wu Sheng board. Model of this product line is INTEC 1000, the biggest produce can 3.

50 thousand / hour, plank diameter 210 millimeter, weigh 7 grams, include raw material to cast makings - mix and send rework of machine of material equipment, extruder, special hot-rolling, forming machine, flotsam and finished product to pack device. The heat making a line that Meico supplies shapes product line, include waste material direct and online reclaim system. Shape tool dimension is 10001000 millimeter, comprise by 16 models antrum (applicable at 210 millimeter diameter) . Above all will board the bottom that approachs a tool and computation, when the quantity that obtains a requirement, will overall product sends through conveyer belt. In conveyer belt exit, will board move packs an operation to after add. Flotsam leaves forming machine, enter the plane that build bead, like that after is blown to return extruder upper part directly cast makings - mixture device. Online craft has the following advantage: By shape at direct to pushing a chip heat, chip feature keeps consistent. This can improve machinery and structural performance, make finished product face more beautiful. In shape in the process, still can use the Yu Wen that pushs a chip, reduce need add quantity of heat. Use online extruder, can eliminate chip and winding appearance, save processing time, and decrease apparently store space. In addition, reclaim instantly use flotsam to be able to prevent to pollute, improve product quality. , Www.


It, * * *TERMOSTAMPI is engaged in heat technically shaping the production of the mould, and it is this domain banner manufacturer. The company can produce a large number of heat to shape mould, can shape at the same time and cut, or shape in the 2nd equipment and product of cut PS, PP, PET, CPET, among them is is demand the biggest ﹕? Cup (horary 190 thousand) ? Does the automat use a mug (horary 220 thousand) ? Vegetable fruit box (horary 3.

60 thousand) ? Beforehand ripe food box (horary 3.

60 thousand) ? Ice-cream cup (horary 1.

20 thousand) ? Egg box (horary 1.

50 thousand) ? Board (horary 3.

50 thousand) ? All sorts of container cap (horary 40 thousand) at present, making what TERMOSTAMPI feels proud is, it has newest technical office, advanced manufacturing workshop, facility is complete, include numerical control machine tool, safeguard equipment of equipment, mould cleanness equipment and quality management to wait. , Www.


It, the technical tricks of the trade that * * * uses 80 time to obtain, t2 discovered PET appropriative heat shapes the field opportunity of equipment, in going a few years, people grows ceaselessly to the need of PET. To satisfy manufacturing high demand of the client, the company puts the emphasis on following product, these products have the property that your person is very interested in. T2 is dedicated heat up V-neck region at PET. Container shapes with heat chip width limits is 600-1150 millimeter. Horary material wastage be decided by is mixed at the size of equipment chip ply, can machine squeeze a PET average ability to be horary 200-900 kilogram. Heat shapes the main characteristic of product line is modular, need uses a few workbench (ordinal shape for heat, punch and clip) . Other and important detail involves government, according to the tradition of T2, use electronic device to have mechanical drive, realize the control that manages to the activity. Another main factor is a mould, the company developed a kind " special " product, it by shape, punch and clip mould composition. The tool is designed according to end item, want special attention to use the punch that special type steeliness builds and clip tool. Come for years, the business of T2 has spread all over the main use field of PET, wait for a domain like vegetable, fowl and cake. Current, the company is seeking farther application to have the PET of modified feature, for example, the product that undertakes with nitrogen PET chemical froth is produced has better mechanical performance and ply is smaller. , Www.


It, Claudio Celata reachs equipment of machinery of Italian plastic balata and mould Manufacturers Association for Macplas magazine publisher (ASSOCOMAPLAST) general manager CNC Milling CNC Machining