Deep aperture treatment uses bit

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Company of Mi Kelang cutting tool (Mikron Tools SA Agno(CH)) develops broach of a kind of Crazy Drill Cool recently. This broach gets the center and inside cooling broach knot is an organic whole, can drill the deep hole that cuts a diameter to amount to 15D for 1 ~ 4mm, deepness. The pressure antrum on broach (be less than in the diameter 2.

A on the knife handle of 5mm broach additional aperture) can come true more sufficient lubricant, can improve cutting speed and bit life thereby. The advantage of this kind of broach is, cutting time is short, broach changes frequency is low, can replace a structure the deep Kong Zuan with more complex, more expensive price. Broach of Crazy Drill Cool is comfortable at processing 90MnCrV8 tool steel, broach diameter is 1.

5mm, bore deepness is 22.

5mm. Use Pilot Drill to be able to machine deepness to be the central aperture of 2D before, and the aperture that can machine deepness to be 15D with broach of coating of Crazy Drill Cool. Chooses cutting dosage: Feed is 0.

1mm/r, rotate speed is 10600r/min, feed speed is 1060mm/min, circular time 5(4) of the loop that discharge bits. Treatment can obtain the deepness of 10D. Compare with processing technique photograph of the standard, can save time greatly. The diametical norms limits of this kind of broach is  1 ~ 4mm, with 0.

The class difference of 05mm increases by degrees, broach length of the standard has 6D, 10D and 15D. Like existing broach, this company can offer the bit of intermediate dimension according to special requirement of the client. CNC Milling CNC Machining