Diamond (CBN) arrange in order reach preferred the research and development of orientaton tool and application

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One, arrange in order with preferred orientaton technology current situation is current, cloth has monolayer diamond or the grinding cutting tool of CBN is to use eletroplate, agglomeration or methods of all sorts of drill rod solder make. With eletroplating the monolayer on means cloth grinds the grinding cutting tool of bead, its exceed hard abrasive is secured with mechanical means clamp. The Yu Gao below average size is 40%~50% , its defect depends on grain arranging is random commonly, inaccuracy decides this means the dimensional volume that a bit is used between grain and carries cooling fluid. Consequently, in machining a process these spaces are jammed very easily by metallic bits, the worst is to bring about " burn " workpiece and make waste product. Because grain beyond is tall,the advantage of ideal structure is big and grain gap is big, improve what the metal worries bit to eliminate the transportation with cooling fluid greatly thereby, improved grinding ability and cutting tool life then. The particle size distribution that arranges in order still can assure those who machine security to rise. 1. Be like a Zhou Zhi, in the tradition eletroplate, diamond of bond of colophony, pottery and porcelain, metal (in the manufacturing process of CBN) goods, the majority is bond and diamond (CBN) abrasive mixes together, to prevent diamond slant analyse needs to join size liquid olefin or distilled water to wait, but accompany volatilize the volatilization of the portion and contaminative environment. And slant to what what cause shaking in manufacturing process analyse is helpless. Diamond distributings mediumly in bond carcass is random. Often arise very easily slant analyse and accumulation, in accumulation area diamond is couldn't get be used effectively and bring about waste, especially because diamond of 0 distances much grain is controlled not quite firm, serve as scarcely in grinding process and fall off by oneself. Current, limited company of tool of Henan China brilliant is home carry out exclusively in exceeding hard abrasive tool arrange in order / preferred the enterprise of orientaton. This technology already was used at colophony, pottery and porcelain 2006, eletroplate, in the goods of the bond such as the metal, obtain Henan saved award of achievement of great science and technology 2006. 2. General situation of research and development 2001 Korea " 2 with diamond industry company limited " cost 2 million dollar, discharge cloth system at finishing ARIX diamond in December 2004 (Automatic Array System) research and development, can be in production of diamond knife head arrange diamond automatically equably with best span, in overcoming groovy knife first-born to produce, diamond is arranged without foreword randomly and bring about curium a cut efficiency is low, the technical difficulty with brief life. ARIX arranges a system automatically to make grow life tool and curium quickly cut ability to get optimization, solved the problem that diamond tool efficiency and life contradict each other. ARIX craft can make the span of diamond is optimized and 100% get controlling, make curium cut efficiency to raise the oldest rate. Of the diamond in knife head distributing equably make curium a life raise one times, curium cut speed to rise 30% . Tool life is lengthened 100% . The rope of Shinhan company curiums in Korea project bldg. enjoys outstanding reputation, for example, seoul city built crossroads 2005, in the process that tear open change, its rope curiums show a real value, to the large structure that builds with ferroconcrete compose, with arrange diamond rope to curium in order cut is very convenient, and very big without generation noise and dirt. Shinhan company is made for stone lumber industry curium cut a tool while, stimulate a word finish machining domain, because this domain is chemical mechanical polish (CMO) nap implement the growth that underlines tool application with diamond, promoted nicety to machine industrial development. The company expects to be in the market share of 5 billion dollar, inside 5 years from current 2% rise 10% , the majority in this kind of growth is the knife head that after arranging systematic technology automatically to expand by ARIX, makes and obtain. 2005, shinhan company is 120 billion Han in amount of diamond respect sale yuan (1.

) of 200 million dollar, among them of sales revenue 60% outside coming from Yu Hai. 2, diamond distributings equably / the function of the function diamond tool that arranges in order depends on a variety of elements, among them the granuality of diamond and quality are the most crucial. The life of diamond tool, power is used up with curium cut efficiency the chroma of the span of the diamond of surface of tool of diamond of final be decided by, diamond, diamond is bulgy height, and the granuality of diamond and PPC value. 1.

The span of diamond should distributing equably / when be being arranged in order, diamond span but according to cut object and occupy curium cut a condition different implementation optimization. Via curiuming after cutting, discover, arrange in order curium the span of a diamond of 85% is 2~7mm, and common curium the scale of this span is 60%[2] only. The addition of diamond content is not big to cut load influence, but cut time is lengthened apparently, curium a life and efficiency rise apparently. 2.

Diamond chroma rises when diamond chroma when, arrange diamond to curium in order piece life rises into geometrical progression, keep good at the same time curium cut capacity, but rise further as pH indicator, curium cut ability to tend drop. Should use arrange without foreword curium piece curium when cutting, rise as diamond pH indicator, curium cut negative charge bigger and bigger, down to cannot very good curium cut. Amount to when diamond chroma 1.

2ct/cm3, initial stage curiums cut cannot undertake. And arrange in order curium piece criterion life rises 100% curium cut if speed is common curium piece euqally first-rate. 3.

The bulgy height of the bulgy height diamond of diamond affects the performance of diamond tool, curium especially cut efficiency and curium a life. The greatest bulgy height of diamond depends on the granuality of its itself. And control firm should concern with the character of diamond. When bulgy height increases diamond, force of cut of its place susceptive also will rise. If diamond can bear high cut power, curium cut efficiency to will get rising. Increase diamond bulgy height removes an option outside best character and granuality, increasing hold is important technical step. For example, use technology of diamond plating Fu, choose reasonable carcass recipe and use beforehand alloyed powder end is the important way that increases hold. 4.

The granuality of diamond and granuality of PPC value diamond and PPC are worth the function of pair of diamond tools, if it is cut efficiency, important to curium a life, power uses up the wear process with diamond tool and character to have,affect. 3, arrange in order / even distributinging method 1.

The grain that this kind of method uses method of manual cloth bead asks to be in commonly 0.

5mm above, small not applicable, although can undertake discharging cloth, very time-consuming, cannot use at dimensions to turn production. In recent years, people tries to come with manipulator cloth bead, capture as a result of what wear bead fail with dimensional lattice distributinging difficulty. 2.

Law of drill rod solder uses connection of solder of active drill rod, outside rising except intensity, the gap that wear bead is bigger than what eletroplate, of grain the 80%~95% that more than is as high as average size. Drill rod fuses as a result of the high temperature of solder flow drives the displacement that wear bead in solder process, and even appear " crowded caboodle " phenomenon, this kind of method is insoluble those who wear bead is preferred orientaton problem. And the position that still cannot determine grain and clearance. 3.

Song Jian of company of emery wheel of China of Taiwan of pattern plate law civilian doctor above all diamond distributing equably / arrange technical application to curium at head of knife of drill rod solder, platoon in order curium with the rope on. This kind toothed the diamond inside is arranged in three-dimensional space, the does not go diamond that can solve King Kong manson to have appearance period wave thoroughly distributings problem. Apply its at the platoon to curium again after, cannot curium before cut cut granite, the result shows, this kind new-style and toothed can the speed of minutely 1mm curiums cut, 3 times faster than traditional iron sand. Every carat diamond curiums cut area is as high as 1 square metre, approach fretsaw life. Graph 1 the platoon that has three-dimensional structure curiums knife head " diamond lattice " sketch map 4.

The ETH of Su Li world starts Sweden of the law that nod glue " cutting tool of grinding of monolayer cloth bead is optimized " research and development. G. The device of the cloth that nod glue that Dr. Burkhard waits for is shown 2 times like the graph. This device is formed by a sizy storage tank and a small metric head. Small metric head by the driver that suppress report, thermal resistor, add hot coil and power source composition, have unit of a metric adjusting control additionally. Glue enters small gage through feed pipe by storage tank, bring to bear on pulse of a voltage, the driver that suppress report is contractive, namely eduction a glue drips (its are the biggest eduction frequency is 2000Hz (spray head is the biggest diameter 40 μ M) . Heater is used make sure glue maintains proper temperature and viscosity. Dot glue implement can arrange bit of glue in order equably on workpiece, get on diamond bestrew in glue drop next, form diamond to be arranged equably. Graph motion of unit of cloth of the 2 glue that it is a dot. Graph machine tool of ETH of Switzerland of glue cloth device and treatment research were in development Φ at 2 o'clock 11.

Kong Shicai uses the gear center blind with qualitative material of treatment of cutting tool of mill of boring of 65 × 50mm to rank diamond skill in order. 5.

The ARIX that Korea company development narrates before ARIX forms a system automatically forms a system automatically, can automatic production, every months producible 50000 knives head. 4, diamond is arranged in order / the application that distributings equably 1.

The application on boring mill cutting tool eletroplates the mean life of the boring mill cutting tool that legal system makes is in feed quantity 0.

Grinding can be amounted to 5000 times when 02mm. Level is optimized in a of this kind of cutting tool, chose the span between large size grain and lesser bead, of the span between bead although bring about what cutting tool new position leaves the space between bead to reduce,reduce, but because granuality is increased, because this abrasive can offer used height to increase, recovered the space between bead again thereby. The average surface roughness when this kind of new-style cutting tool is beginning to machine wants than eletroplating the tower above of law cutting tool is made an appointment with 0.

3 μ M. After amounting to 3500 workpiece about, this value is Ra=0 namely.

5 μ M, after exceeding 14000, keep changeless almost. 2.

Curium company of China brilliant tool used an applied Henan that go up device of adsorption of negative pressure of a kind of artificial intelligence and device of barrier grain orientaton, it solved grain to be arranged in order well / preferred orientaton problem. Its device is shown 3 times like the graph. Graph adsorption of 3 negative pressure and preferred orientaton device sketch map the working principle of this device is: (1) .

Undertake by microcomputer grain arranges a design in order, adjust orderly grain span; (2) .

Instruction of microcomputer make known to lower levels gives adsorption dish, size of self-correcting negative pressure, negative pressure sucks aperture amount, adsorptive limits and dimension size to wait for parameter; (3) .

Adjust barrier choosing to reach size to configuration; (4) .

Exceed hard data to be arrived to choose by negative pressure adsorption undertake to the barrier preferred orientaton, adsorptive dish of adsorption hind, by manipulator fixed position is transferred; (5) .

Manipulator and cold press cooperate to fit a pattern; (6) .

Adsorptive to grain rate amounts to this device 100% , right beforehand arris of grain brilliant face, brilliant is preferred orientaton amounts to 85% above. Use this device to develop cut granite, marble, concrete to wait curium a series, reach periphery to cut the product such as grind segment series. For the assessment to new production method, arrange what company of China brilliant tool chooses Φ 400mm in order / preferred orientaton granite curiums piece, amount of every knife head is 28 tine, knife head dimension 40 × 3.

6 × 11.

6mm, working layer height is 9.

6mm, , diamond is produced for our company, granuality is 40/45, intensity is 18Kg, particle shape is 6 - octahedral. Devising plan is: (1) .

Diamond 40/45, chroma 25% , every carat diamond with 1350 bead plan; (2) .

The diamond in cut process gives blade continuously, curium in diamond a radial direction, when 20%~40% of surplus giving blade, assure with its photograph adjacent hind grain of lower part diamond gives blade; (3) .

Commentate head of actor orientaton knife gives blade point to be (111) face and (110) face combines arris; (4) .

Grain of knife head diamond is directional arrange 7 vertical face, every even if the face is on the same plane of cut direction, in order to assure before diamond grain falls off in nature of more than 1/3 when, the front that blade grain just just gave after its pull end to become is protected base; (5) .

Knife head cuts an area with everything every even if the face gives blade at the same time 5.

4 diamond, repeat already 5.

4 lines × 7 vertical face, make sure each knife head is in same blade goes out at the same time on working surface 7 × 5.

4, this is give blade effectively, academic surface shows 2 × 7 × 5.

4; (6) .

Arrange dimensional lattice, a=0 of latticedot matrix constant.

55mm, (Particle is removed 0.

25mm) , b=102mm(particle is removed 0.

77mm) , c=1.

08mm(particle is removed 0.

71mm) , α =79043 ' , γ =900, β =9 pursues 4 arrange in order / preferred experiment of cut of sketch map of orientaton knife head is in letter this world a granite factory undertakes, the object produces black and white granite for Fujian, tangent treatment, shi Caihou spends 2cm, mohs hardness 7.

3 class, ferruginous bigger. Curium via what arrange what optimize in order piece curium with what arrange without foreword piece compare integratedly, diamond density is low, solid cut effect 1150m(to be arranged without foreword curium a fact cut 450m) , cut does not die smoothly edge, do not run curium, cut electric current curiums than having foreword to arrange apparently piece drop 0.

5A, cut machine is integrated specific power consumption drops 30% , perigee noise drops 10db(A) , life is not to have foreword to arrange curium piece 3 times, cut efficiency rose 30% , fact of this be related shows this kind of method is right the integral quality that improves diamond is very potential. 3.

In the uses silicon chip cut in semiconductor industry and treatment, abrade tool of diamond of as even as polishing melt into provided very big usury embellish market, promote the rapid development of diamond tool technology. Polish of machinery of chemistry of diamond of ongoing hair of company of industry of Japanese Asahi diamond fills up nap implement (in process of Diamond CMP Pad Conditioner) , the nap in be being produced to improve lot implement the consistency of function, achieve constant polishing rate, adopt regulation all cloth diamond technology (Regular Diamond Placemant With Constant Pitch) , developed nap of 3 sort CMP implement. Diamond CMP nap implement function: (1) .

CMP casts the diamond of CD to cannot fall off, will make silicon chip surface produces macroscopical nick and spiccato defect to shelter otherwise; (2) .

Keep constant cast grind rate; (3) .

Have long life, in order to reduce finished cost; (4) .

Batch product quality is stable, every CMP must hold same property. The type of diamond CMP is with Japanese the rising sun exemple. CMP-N: ? Does  of clear of cliff of brilliant of  of caries of ǘ of  of account of egret knocking at admire inspect? CMP-M of ぁ of commonplace of M of honest know well: ? Does Р of ゾ of  of account of egret of Ы of travel of A Chinese-style unlined garment of favour badger faint return  of Lu of arrow of  of young of ヅ of slash  of Bi Pi establish to inspect imperial order of smile of honest know well to steal ぁ of commonplace of know well M? CMP-CS: ? Solder of drill rod of material of Man I-Cr carcass, make diamond forms firm chemical bond, the diamond in carcass distributings have repeatability, performance is steady. CMP-NEO-UP: ? I of San of  of account of egret of = of exacting of slash  of establish of Pi of Bi of  of account of egret of wall of κ of the  that scoop up Piao laps alone, eliminate the possibility that diamond falls off. CMP-NEO-U: ? Egret account  complains mark of establish of Pi of Bi of  of account of egret of  of stand upright of fan of flesh of be favored with of  of school of handkerchief of Ran of ㄏ of Suo of ぷ human skeleton matrix of I of San of bake in a pan of  ⒌ ザ laps respectively. Company of emery wheel of our country Taiwan (company of the company below pine of KNIC) , Japan, American Abrasive Technology has respective CMP series product 5, look into 1.

To undertake assessment to the dependability of craft and life, still must combine application to experiment further in manufacturing condition dirty. 2.

The target direction in the future is, should arrange by certain kind not only exceed hard abrasive, make these head that worry bead certain even, shorten thereby of cutting tool adjust time, achieve the goal that improves cutting tool life further. 3.

Diamond on knife head distributing equably / the advantage that arranges in order is people place early to know, but it is more difficult to carry out, method of labour of choose and employ persons is arduous take time, efficiency is very low, hard industrialization, because this craft and equipment are very crucial. The ARIX that Korea Shinhan company develops discharges cloth system automatically, can automatic production, can produce 50000 knives head every months. 4.

Arrange in order / preferred technical application, moved toward high end to offer powerful technology to prop up from low end for diamond tool product. 5.

Arrange in order / preferred orientaton technology will make the mainstream technology that exceeds preparation of hard data tool, the technology that drives tool industry progresses, the product innovates ceaselessly and break through the use bounds of traditional tool. CNC Milling CNC Machining