For heavy-duty diesel engine treatment offers the cutting tool program that suits most

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-- Waerte carries an advanced technique to walk into Luoyang lug group on April 15, 2013 - 16 days, famous cutting tool produces the whole world Waerte is in business group of Henan Luoyang lug participated in this group analysis of processing technique of project of heavy-duty diesel engine and communication activity. This communication can be organized jointly by lug group and Electromechanical trade newspaper office, hold in group technology center, participator all is the technology of the group and backbone of research and development. The professional, advanced sex that as a result of this communication meets, actual effect sex is extremely strong, administrator of lug group high level gave height to take seriously and deepness is participated in. Luoyang is heavy-duty diesel engine plant is located in Luoyang motivation cereal -- the international that Luoyang city key makes is advanced and energy-saving environmental protection is new-style base of dynamical machinery manufacturing industry. As lug heavy-duty diesel engine creates base, equipment has a series of worlds here sophisticated production equipment, tall, essence, pointed product line will realize diesel engine most high-power enhances 300 horse power from 130 horsepower, discharge capacity achieves European Union Ⅲ kind standard goal of production. This project always invests 4.

800 million yuan, cent period undertakes: First phase invests 2.

900 million yuan, produce per year diesel engine of high-power of K114, S116 each 5000; 2 period expand on the foundation here produce can. After the project builds entirely, can produce per year diesel engine of 40 thousand high-power. Can go up in this second communication, industry expert of Waerte combines heavy-duty diesel engine the machined difficulty to have specific aim with respect to cutting tool solution not only introduction of each crucial parts, still shared numerous success to use experience. Graph 1 technical communication included to introduce not only, more important is the spot interacts actively, specific aim solves a problem. Firebox of thick finish machining when face and face of oily base case, get the knife library, manipulator that change a knife, and the limitation of main shaft power, average user can use Ø125 or the bit body of Ø160, waerte emphasizes the bit body of heptagonal face mill that rolled out F4045, this face milling cutter is 45 degrees of tool cutting edge angle, use razor blade is heptagon, have blade of 14 effective cutting to be able to be brought most cost effect of economy, bit body is Ø160, close tine milling cutter (Z=22) , at the same time this cutting tool also can choose Ø200, the another type of Z=28. This knife has knife of heptagonal Pan Xi of graph 2 F4045 many very outstanding characteristics, among them bit locking part: Use carve a structure of locking of type razor blade; Bolt of use Torx Plus, rose to operate property, locking torque and loose torque are bigger. The direct result that these two characteristics bring can change quickly namely bit, and bit locates locking is more stable. Bit part: Use 7 sides model negative model bit, have the biggest the cutting blade amount that spend; Horn is before model, cutting is more light, can reduce cutting power effectively to use up; Bit has CVD or PVD coating is optional. Graph 3 carve a graph of Nextpage of locking of type razor blade the razor blade of two kinds of 4 coating, waerte (Tiger.

Tec) tiger razor blade and made of baked clay Er are special (Tiger.

Razor blade of Tec Silver) silver-colored tiger and the treatment characteristic that weighs bavin project in the light of Luoyang, waerte thinks the silver-colored tiger razor blade of PVD coating undertakes machining suitable most, function of this razor blade is sharp, and have the capacity of very strong heatproof crackle, the line when treatment fast (Vc) can achieve 100m/min. At the same time the cutter hub surface of this cutting tool passes processing of plating hard nickel, make fight wear away and fight corrode ability stronger, platoon bits is more fluent. In finish machining firebox when the face, the structure of F4045 can change make the form that be not mark, the diameter of basis client demand and bit body can change to build type structure for integral type or cap, how can decorate smooth blade razor blade in end panel, and repair smooth blade razor blade have 4 cutting blade, use penknife clip adjusts, the structure is simple, reliability is high. Finish machining of graph 5 F4045 is not mark cutting tool, the 4 blade that have penknife clip to adjust repair smooth blade razor blade to be when aperture of rough machining cylinder, surplus of the cutting when the basis is machined is big feed of inhomogenous, requirement, time-consuming long and cannot have the characteristic such as vibration, the cutting tool is not mark that Waerte introduced integral arbor to take a penknife to place a design, because use,much tooth is mixed before horny razor blade, differ quadrature is designed in order to reduce vibration, use fight brace up system, this cutting tool helped many users successfully resolve treatment difficulty. Graph cutting tool of mark of blame of aperture of cylinder of 6 rough machining is when aperture of finish machining cylinder, cover with tiles Er spy MODCO takes automatic compensatory boring cutter of aperture of cylinder of boring of essence of life criterion more competency. This cutting tool has clip of penknife of boring of 4 half essence to push boring, a penknife pouring wine cup places treatment orifice to pour wine cup, clip of the penknife when treatment plays a hole of the cylinder that pull boring; Can use the compression inside the workshop air or cooling fluid pass cutting tool of drive of machine tool main shaft, waertedi supplies system of a complete set of, include system of boring cutter, control and measure, make treatment forms a closed circuit. The cylinder aperture cylinder that treatment gives is spent be less than 10um, add man-hour to be able to compensate bit to wear away, the pull rod of the buy outside doing not have or need not special compensator, the smallest size of adjuster adjusts <5um, the compression that lowest needs 4bar only air, suit high speed treatment, can use CBN bit or PCD razor blade. Nextpage pursues the MODCO cutting tool that 7 made of baked clay Er take compensation mechanism especially is machining a crock to cover a part, made of baked clay Er is special rehash solved the series cutting tool of bottom outlet of housing washer of thick finish machining and aperture of tracheal hole bottom. Often need to have part when machining this kind of aperture and amend spirit way, and deepness of the cutting when correction spirit way is meeting change, and amend spirit way be the interrupted cutting that spends again, extremely easy generation is oscillatory. Machine a characteristic in the light of above, waerte designed machine clip form rough machining of in order to of compound boring cutter, age several designs are 2+1+1, use standard or blame mark bit in the light of the different and optional choose that processes work, cutting tool need not be adjusted, the operation is apt, treatment is safe; Can come true thick auger, enlarge and aperture machine an organic whole. The graph builds aperture 8 crocks to machine a graph bottom outlet of housing washer of rough machining of in order to of compound boring cutter mixes type of 9 machine clip Kong Jingjia of tracheal hole bottom is versed in the demand of housing washer bottom outlet and aperture of tracheal hole bottom is relative taller, bore diameter is IT7 commonly, ask sometimes IT6, circularity is less than 10µm, the coaxial to housing washer aperture spends tracheal aperture to be 20µm about, rz =2µm of exterior quality requirement, angle public errand + / - 0.

25 ° , and written guarantee alloy or alloy of the agglomeration that contain copper are treatment material in order to burn commonly. Be aimed at the characteristic that lug private plane machines, waerte designed solve cutting tool newly: This cutting tool uses double lever drive, slide block of drive of big pull rod, inside reamer of drive of buy little draw bar; Housing washer of fine vehicle valve pours wine cup, machine tool main shaft and slide block 2 axes linkage, a razor blade can machine different point of view or circular arc; The design of dynamic balancing and lightsome cutter hub agree with tall cutting speed; The reamer of much blade of hard alloy of much blade whole that front extends is contained inside cold aperture. Graph the material of commonly used workpiece that the cutting tool of the bottom outlet of is used at private plane finish machining housing washer that 10 made of baked clay Er design especially and tracheal aperture bottom outlet is aimed at cylinder body crock to cover treatment is cast-iron with squirm Chinese ink cast-iron aperture is machined, waerte still introduced classical XD broach and X mainly.

Treme series broach. Deepness of the biggest treatment can amount to XD series broach of Waerte 70 times diameter, can calls the world the record, and the knife need not be retreated in treatment, opposite gun is gotten and its treatment efficiency raised talk multiple. XD broach got a needle to undertake coating is handled, and have inside cold aperture, the chamfer that discharge bits undertakes special gyroidal design and polishing, when discharging bits fluent; Have 4 treatment first flank, among them 2 are located in intermediate position, it is better to can be obtained prop up. Graph deepness of the biggest treatment can amount to 11 XD series broach of Waerte 70 times diameter, can says world record Nextpage covers with tiles Er is in especially inside introductory treatment crankshaft when mill cutting tool, the characteristic key that machines in the light of heavy bavin shared mark of a blame to design cutting tool. This cutting tool already received success application in place of many cars manufacturer. Cutting tool design is complex, bit is decorated reasonable, the function is very powerful also, its cutting blade is much at the same time, cutting tool life is long, through the knife clip designs the flexibility that enhanced cutting tool application. Can have the treatment of neck of main shaft neck, buccal face, connecting rod at the same time in the process of treatment. 3 kinds of bit are used when rough machining, finish machining uses 2 kinds of bit. Graph the 12 blame bid that already received success application in place of many cars manufacturer design cutting tool to pursue the milling cutter inside the 13 crankshaft that contain paratactic bit body, use the wide choice an organic whole that amounts to 5 kinds of razor blade to undertake buccal face and main shaft neck, connecting rod neck at the same time to machine a graph 14 after technical communication is met, chief of lug group technology guided industry expert of Waerte to visit the manufacturing site of project of lug big bavin, more interactive communication have in the workshop. Media connection: Waerte (without stannum) sale of intelligent contented market engineers limited company (Beijing) phone of Li Qin of director of agency of Xu Hua of department of limited company market: + phone of 86 510 85372047: + email of 86 138 1033 9784: Hua.


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