Material of new razor blade of full GC4315 of coke of gram of hill spy dimension can supply longer steel character turning is durable quality

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-- Shanteweikekeleman's GC4315 makes cutting of tall hardness steel becomes faster new material qualitative GC4315 of Shanteweikekeleman, in steel taller hear resistance cutting tool and tool system expert are had in turning working procedure Shanteweikekeleman rolled out a kind of brand-new GC4315 material to pledge. This material needs to be in to help those only character steel in turning working procedure, the machine that makes appliance has cutting tool of taller hear resistance job shops and design. Shanteweikekeleman rolled out afterwards successfully in October 2013 after GC4325 material is qualitative, of this GC4315 roll out, the treatment that is sure to become those to need taller cutting speed and longer cutting time uses the ideal option of the circumstance. Optimize material to pledge as what measure a body to make for domain of ISO P15 application, GC4315 can bear extremely high cutting temperature, below the situation that affecting cutting tool life, can achieve higher metallic purify rate. Like GC4325, qualitative GC4315 of this kind of new material also used Inveio to be the same as to crystallization technology, the breakthrough of this one technology was brought for the user extraordinary can forecast gender and reliable performance. GC4315 suits to be produced with the batch that defends at unmanned value very much, it is material of treatment hard work even. GC4315 applicable at outside circle and inside round turning, rough machining and finish machining, dry wet treatment and mix continuously light-duty interrupted cutting. Be in by low-alloy steel (in the application of an user test that has on the extension bar case that 335 HB) makes, GC4315 showed the treatment result that makes a person impressive. The user uses a razor blade to be able to machine 2 complete spare partses (outside round, axial and) of end panel turning, and mature competitor razor blade can be finished only be equivalent to 1.

The task of 2 spare partses. Its reason is, GC4315 is had better fight crescent moon depression abrasiveness, the cutting time that growing so (every spare parts 19.

24 minutes) inside, whether to have this one advantage crucial. Its cutting deepness is 3mm. Recently, in another user check study, GC4315 achieved the treatment result that makes a person impressive as much. This test application is to be in by low-alloy steel (turning of the outline outside undertaking on the drive rod that 200 HB) makes. Below the tall cutting speed of 350 M/min, GC4315 reveals an abrasiveness of more outstanding face of the knife after fighting and blade line security, and competitor razor blade appears coating wears away and matrix is exposed outer wait for a problem. Shanteweikekeleman can supply the part before losing now (suit T-Max P® cutting tool) and before horn (CoroTurn®The GC4315 material qualitative razor blade of 107) basic form. To specific applying, the groovy look that still has all sorts of differring can offer user alternative. CNC Milling CNC Machining