The application of mechanical and electrical products on grinder of outer lane raceway is amounted to in

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Summary: The system of grinder numerical control that the article basically introduces screen of fine craft of detailed of grinder of outer lane raceway and the Plc control that Electromechanical automation platform amounts to in be based on, communication servo control, transducer, feeling is compositive. The project has developed a success to throw commercialization application. Keyword: Servo raceway grinder the important machine tools that 1 foreword grinder is industry of metallic cold working. As industrial development, the machines precision and exterior surface roughness demand to mechanical spare parts rises increasingly, grinding treatment appears more important. The industry waits in car, electric power, shipping, metallurgy, war industry, aerospace, grinder of homebred numerical control is producing bigger and bigger effect. Cylindrical grinder is those who use is the most extensive, can machine all sorts of cylindrical the grinder with end panel of round cone-shaped and outside face and axial shoulder. All-purpose cylindrical grinder still is contained inside round grinding accessory, but the aperture inside grinding and taper are bigger inside, outside cone. The automation degree discretion of cylindrical grinder limitted the treatment efficiency of grinder to decide the treatment dimensions of grinder thereby. Grinder of 2 grinding craft belongs to nicety of metallic workpiece surface to machine a machine tool. Grinder fundamental is to use emery wheel or oilstone (cutting tool) good to spare parts temper by dipping in water appearance makes treatment of cutting of shallow deepness minim. The cutting deepness when grinding is very small, the metallic layer that can excise in journey is very thin. Grind rotate give priority to motion, workpiece or grind provided shift to be feed motion. Grinder machines precision surface roughness of tall, surface Ra value is little. Grinding treatment is the cutting treatment method with wide application, as a result of the grinding structure principle that has alone, make grinder and photograph of machine tool of other metal cold working compare the biggest characteristic is cutting speed be as high as every second to be able to amount to 30m ~ 50m, grinding temperature can be amounted to 1000 " C ~ 1500oC, grinding process experience is brief arrive to have only extremely one of second left and right sideses. Because this grinding treatment can win taller treatment,precision and very small surface surface roughness are worth. Grinding not only can process weak data, if did not quench steel, cast-iron wait with nonferrous metal, and still can machine the horniness material that quenchs steel etc cutting tool cannot be machined to wait like pottery and porcelain and hard alloy. The motion of two axes basically is when the spare parts is machined. One is work station axis, another wears an axis to grind; Work station advances rely on servo motion, workpiece wearing is inside work station, so the dimension of feed is the dimension of grinding, there is fluctuation makings air cylinder above work station, magnetic chuck, nap implement. Magnetic chuck uses strong magnetism when the spare parts is machined retaining element, into expect and give magnetism of discharge of the need before makings. Nap implement move together with work station, nap implement use measure of nap emery wheel, its are flat raise control by hydraulic pressure. Grind a jacket to wear emery wheel, grind a motion to also be controlled by hydraulic pressure, control the athletic rate of different process moment by decelerate a powerful person. Besides two axes motion returns a little auxiliary orgnaization to be like grinding fluid about the component, lubricating fluid, measure frame etc. 3 amount to grinder of outer lane raceway electronic-controlled the system is designed 3.

1 overall design is efficient the tenet that is an enterprise, efficient mean high rate. Speed is grinder of raceway of assess outer lane electronic-controlled main index of the system. Grinder is electronic-controlled the project is chosen in amount to PLC of EH2 series high speed and ASD series to communicate servo, did on program structure below the premise that grants in safe essence of life optimize, greatly the manufacturing rate that raised every workpiece, basic the treatment speed control of every spare parts is in 6 - 7 seconds less than. Electronic-controlled install merely on face plate a few necessary pushbutton, much operates other to come true on feeling screen, make full use of the interactive dialog advantage with feeling screen huge information content, add recipe and call the police intelligence changes administrative function, have intuitionistic sex more, feel screen to still go up so that the state that showed every move and time are adjusted as reference, make spare parts treatment does not move the operation below control in the hand as far as possible, major treatment measure has firm order, when the emergency that occurrence blame calls the police, can use urgent restoration button, the system can turn into rapid safety to exit flow. Electronic-controlled face plate design is shown 1 times like the graph. Graph 1 electronic-controlled face plate 3.

2 amount to electronic-controlled systematic configuration design is based on a stage to amount to a system to match model for: (1) PLC:DVP40EH00T2(40 orders main engine, 24DI/16DO(relay) , 4 200K are inputted / ) of source of output AC Zuo ; (2)PLC is patulous and unit: DVP32HP00R(32 Zuo is filled machine, 16 Zuo are entered, 16 Zuo go out ( Kui Zuo implement) , ) of AC Zuo source; (3) transducer: VFD022M43A (confuse you model Jing Yin 7 paragraphs of fast control and simple and easy PLC run from traverse foreword, interface of high speed communication, add decelerate maximize automatically to control a function) ; (4) true color touchs screen: AE10THTD (10.

512K Bytes SRAM of 4 tall brightness takes 3 communication mouth oneself online function, can join at the same time the controller of format of 3 kinds of different communication, framework much chance is online network; Back offers functional card to insert groove, support printer, sequel develops card of other augment function; Of innovation online / function of imitate leaving a line, convenient architect develops level to undertake program editor and debug in the program; Card of supportive SMC   accesses man-machine data; Accord with norms of IP65 & NEMA4; 7MB FM) ; (5) communicates servo driver: ASD - B1521 (control of PID of the buy inside communication servo driver, labour frequency switch is ordinal, power cut decelerate stops the function such as control) . 3.

3Blueprint of CNC machining flow 2 for block diagram of voluntary technological process, if satisfy,run a condition automatically, the loop in moving automatically by stage of the machine that start runs, until by stop to enter stop flow, it is important to perhaps appear call the police or when urgent restoration move automatically stop. Graph flow of 2 automatic treatment 3.

4PLC I/O interface is defined 3.

Servo of 5 work station controls pilot of athletic curve servo to move to affect finished product norms and quality directly. Graph 3 it is communication servo driver: ASD - the athletic curve that B1521 servo place pulls the work station that use. The speed of every measure and quantity differ according to real data or dimension can change somewhat, achieve fast and efficient want essence of life to allow again. Graph servo of 3 work station controls athletic curve 3.

4 emery wheel wear away to compensate grinder emery wheel automatically (cutting tool) automation nap is important and it is necessary numerical control function. Emery wheel is in successive grinding spare parts when, emery wheel itself also can be worn away, dimension can produce change, what grinding a spare parts automatically to get moment to need to join emery wheel so is technical nap (had ground automatically a certain number of the nap after the spare parts emery wheel) , the dimension of emery wheel changes, the grinding start of the spare parts also must change accordingly, below normal circumstance, meeting nap reachs emery wheel wear away emery wheel diameter when voluntary movement stops, clew changes new emery wheel. Besides voluntary process medium technical nap, successive nap also is necessary, successive nap can make emery wheel direct nap comes specify size. Emery wheel wears away to if the graph is shown 4 times,compensate flow automatically. Graph 4 emery wheel wear away project of grinder of raceway of outer lane of 4 last words has been in compensation flow to develop a success without factory of Xi Mou grinder. The project is used in the grinder that amounted to product and automation program to produce a variety of model, and in order to sell each district, moving in order. Integrated product enough is amounted to to contented system controls a demand and can develop equipment property adequately in carrying out a proof. CNC Milling CNC Machining