New generation data is accurate figuration technology -- technology of laser beam machining

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Summary: Introduced the craft of technology of laser beam machining and device, laser finishing and laser beam welding introduced to receive a technology mainly again in craft of laser beam machining among them, pointed out the key of these domains to study way.

Finishing technology basically introduced fast and caky condition to issue new alloy of special rule part and metal / the synthesis of composite material of pottery and porcelain and token; laser beam welding received a technology to basically introduce to solder process and solder of quality detect with control and special type material solder accurately.

In content of equipment of laser beam machining, basically introduced material to accurate treatment asks to the function of laser and develop a tendency, offerred the research way of laser of homebred high quality.

Keyword: ; of finishing of; of laser beam machining solders the graph in; equipment classifies date: TG146.

2 document label piles up: Technology of A laser beam machining is to point to use high-power to stimulate beam of light to have stiletto, cut, solder to shape to wait for a series of engineering technology with modified with the material such as finishing.

In nearly 30 years of time in the past, technology of laser beam machining got unusually rapid development, formed the much door course such as collect light, machine, report, computer, material, physics, chemistry not only the omnibus across course at an organic whole, and got extensive industry is applied, already formed industry of a new and high technology.

Craft of laser beam machining (software) with equipment of laser beam machining (hardware) the development level that the research progress of two respects decided to this learns division and industry of new and high technology anew directly [1 ~ 4] .

Craft of 1 laser beam machining 1.

1 finishing finishing is close come 20 years the most active research direction in domain of laser beam machining, developed to become sclerosis, fast frit coagulates, alloy is changed, a series of processing technology such as frit Fu.

Become sclerotic to coagulate with frit among them the engineering technology of processing incline to matures and already realized industrialization.

Alloy is changed and no matter frit Fu craft still is the range that function improves to the accommodation of base material, before be being compared 2 kinds of craft want broad much, development perspective is more consequently wide.

Direction of a few research will become the research heat henceforth and technical evolutional key under.



What the relation between the synthesis of surface layer of new alloy of part of 1 special rule and its organization, structure and function and composition and craft uses laser action to fall is fast heat and subsequently fast caky character, use alloy to change or the method of frit Fu, the new alloy that the photograph rule that can win the solubility that does not suffer groovy condition to fall and balance phasor place to decide restricts, and even surface layer of the condition that be not brilliant.

This kind of alloy may have very tall wear-resisting, heat-resisting, be able to bear or endure corrode function and unusual report, magnetism, hot property.

Accordingly, use laser processing, in metallic stuff surface synthesis is not the craft of groovy composition alloy, the progress that may give metallic stuff finishing the technology and improvement of exterior layer performance offer a kind of distinctive and efficient way.

The composition of the alloy that forms below this kind of condition, organization and function and forming the concern between craft will be main research task [5 ~ 12] .



2 metal / the surface of composite material of pottery and porcelain former the metal that a synthesis and its structure and function design regard metallic radical as composite material main body / the main obstacle that composite material of pottery and porcelain encounters in preparation process is metallic matrix and pottery and porcelain escalate problem of the consistence between the photograph and wet sex.

Concern metallic radical up to now the research of method of composite material preparation basically develops around these 2 problems.

The instantaneous high temperature that laser action place produces is expected to solve these two difficult problem at the same time [10] .

Shoot the job that with pulverous metallurgy two kinds of craft form grain to enhance composite material in laser action area to had gained certain headway with grain, this kind of method was the constituent structure of material surface and function design to offer efficient way.

Choice of synthetic craft, structure and function design will be the key of research.



Field of the heat in process of 3 processing and stress field imitate and after be out of shape treatment of spare parts of machinery of control slightness form reachs finishing be out of shape is the main problem that affects accurate figuration.

In handling a process, laser can use the characteristic that alternative local order handles, undertake controlling implementing school form even to handling a process to be out of shape mediumly likely.

Accordingly, imitate of field of the heat in handling a process, stress field is out of shape with what arise from this forecast, will be implementation is out of shape the key of control and school form.


The deep frit on the keyhole effect foundation that 2 laser beam welding receives the laser beam welding that gets applied increasingly extensively in machinist job is high-power place generation solders, its since a kind of frit is deep big, speed area of fusion of time of fast, unit is large efficient solder method, it is a kind of welding line deep wide than big, smaller than area of can small, hot influence, be out of shape small solder accurately method.

But, it asks to be had by weldment tall assembly precision, and the requirement is become by focusing very fine stimulate beam of light to scan strictly along the aperture that wait for solder, this kind of strict requirement restricted the farther promotion that laser beam welding receives to apply.

The technical level that the research progress of the following respects will decide to laser beam welding is received and applied limits.



1 solders process and solder of quality detect what the element that receives quality with control influence laser beam welding includes beam of light of condition of laser power, focusing, plasma condition, focusing and welding line is right in and welding line contrail dogs etc.

Have some of parameter among them, the in be opposite degree that is like beam of light of plasma condition, focusing and welding line it is more difficult to detect.

Accordingly, the control that receives a process to laser beam welding still be confined to solders of orbit but program control.

The research of closed-loop control just is in initiative phase, of short duration does not talk to go up the control of higher administrative levels, if optimize control, wait from adaptive control and intelligent control.

Accordingly, solder of a few crucial factors in the process detect and of higher administrative levels detecting will be henceforth longer the main attack target of period of time.



Of material of 2 special type solder accurately use laser to be able to solder the metal of high melting point that common method solders hard and metalloid material.

Accordingly, special type material, the welder that waits like alloy of zirconium alloy, tungsten alloy, molybdenum and composite material art, the important research content that becomes below one stage.

Equipment of 2 laser beam machining 2.

The performance demand that 1 machines pair of laser accurately and development trend 2.


1 exports the treatment technology with different power, different to the requirement of laser power, a large number of research and application carry out a proof, use at the laser of cut, its power does not need to exceed 2 KW, use at soldering the laser with finishing, its most high-power also does not need to exceed 10 KW, exorbitant power asks both neither economy also was not necessary, important is the stability that outputs power, it is the base that has be machininged accurately.

The advanced high-power CO2 laser on international, the output power wave motion when working for long already was amounted to 0.

5 % is the following, developing to taller output stability.

The instability of laser of homebred high-power CO2 is 10 % of 5 % ~ about.

Need to undertake consider and be developinged from a few respects such as parts of an apparatus, structure, incentive means, increase stability in order to try hard.

If be in already can preparation on the foundation of laser of 10 thousand made of baked clay class, the laser that spends a large number of jobs to expand higher power again is improper.



Mode of 2 beam of light is machined accurately, no matter be stiletto, cut,still solder, ask laser output is adjacent base ideal mode of the model.

Power demand is not high, it is commonly under 115 KW, but often ask with pulse and successive and adjustable output the method closes suitably.

Power is in the laser of 5 KW above, its are main utility is medium thick board solder and finishing, pattern of suitable beam of light is much model or low rank model.

The advanced laser on international, already can output under 5 KW base model, and homebred laser, short of is returned under 1 KW base modular output.

Accordingly, homebred laser solders in accurate stiletto, cut and thin plate the application in the domain is restricted badly.

The urgent affairs that the laser that studies development radical model is outputted is accurate laser beam machining of development our country [13 ~ 14] .


The research way that 2 develops laser of homebred high quality 2.


1 fast axis sheds heat exchange to carry out a proof, fast axis sheds heat exchange is beam of light of high-power of implementation CO2 laser, high quality and tall report, the efficient way that changes efficiency solely.

It is the laser of 1 ~ 10 KW to power, fast axis sheds heat exchange to look at present is means of first-rate heat exchange, the laser of our country should be developed as soon as possible and use this kind of means.



2 is high frequency (radio frequency) means of drive of incentive radio frequency is stabilized because of its discharge, infuse power density is high, to create a structure compact laser offerred a condition.

The prototype of radio frequency drive that appears on international at present, already can be output power the laser of 1 KW accomplishs insufficient 30 Kg to weigh, can be placed by the robot hold have all sorts of treatment, created very advantageous condition to the accurate treatment that uses laser to have complex body, this is a very conspicuous development direction.

Integrated above is analysed, no matter technology of laser beam machining can have very great progress in the period of time henceforth.

According to the true state of affairs of the tendency that abroad develops and our country, what should develop research mainly is finishing, accurate solder and the laser of high quality.

Their development level is restricting range of the craft level of technology of whole laser beam machining and application directly.

The main application domain of laser beam machining should be a car / mechanical production industry, and in the car / the application in mechanical production industry asks to have very high craft level and equipment level.

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