Two bolt Kong Ping spends connecting rod of 160F diesel engine all right assure

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The connecting rod of diesel engine of 1 overview 160F builds two parts composition by gonnecting rod body and connecting rod. Gonnecting rod body and connecting rod lid are to pass bolt and nut connective. Because connecting rod is moved the action of load in working process by sharp change, and this carries two bolt that carry on this shoulder or back to pass gonnecting rod body and connecting rod top again and nut to go up easily, accordingly besides asking somewhat to bolt and nut, have higher demand to installing the Kong Ye of these two bolt. Connecting rod of 160F diesel engine assembles a technology to ask to set, the parallelism of two two bolt Kong Zaihu's perpendicular direction is in the public errand on 100mm length 0.

15mm. Machining two bolt aperture use much axle box and jig to come true on Z535 vertical drilling machine, its structure diagram is shown 1 times like the graph. Graph 1 treatment when two bolt aperture, connecting rod carries face and side fixed position with aperture of small head aperture, big head, twist first move bolt 2, connecting rod the lid is pressed to gonnecting rod body, rotate next wintersweet handle, pressure piece 3 drive connecting rod, make its flank relies on closely to block iron 4, press handle downward 5, screw drives spacer of nut impaction mouth 6, press connecting rod in fixed position spacer closely 7 on, realized the fixed position of connecting rod and clamp so. Open power source, the drilling machine that start, drilling machine main shaft hands whirligig much axle box, drive much axle box to go up auger cut main shaft, have two bolt opening auger cut treatment. When be machined actually, the parallelism on two two bolt Kong Zaihu's perpendicular direction cannot achieve a technology to ask, be in especially perpendicular the parallelism within the plane of end panel of big head aperture more come true hard. Of the structural anatomize that passes many pairs of axle box and jig and treatment process try check research repeatedly, found out the factor that affects parallelism alignment error of two bolt aperture, determined the production method of much axle box and jig and installation method, the parallelism on two direction that made sure two bolt Kong Zaihu is perpendicular asks. Graph the influence that machining error of parallelism of aperture of 22 two bolt analyses casing of much axle box to machine precision is much the clamping apparatus system that axle box adopts oriented lever and jig is linked together. So much axle box is gotten cut covered mutual position precision was gotten to decide connecting rod on main shaft and body of jig clamping apparatus the treatment precision of two bolt aperture. Through be being measured for many times, discovery getting cuts the distance between line of main shaft axes and oriented lever to be more than from beginning to end get the distance between a central line and oriented lever accordingly 0.

12mm left and right sides. In the meantime, the bearing of casing of much axle box that through be opposite the graph shows 2 times is gotten cut a figure the bearing aperture coaxial of main shaft of sketch map of 2 casing spare parts spends an error bigger (bring about the bearing that prop up different axis, make get cut main shaft happening to bend to be out of shape or tilt) , because the datum plane when treatment of aperture of two sides bearing is abhorrent,this basically is, the parallelism alignment error of two datum plane after milling is 0.

10 millimeter. The diameter that gets the influence that covers production error to get covered coaxial to spend error bolt aperture is φ 8, the diameter that chooses T10A to drill a hole is φ 7.

8, get covered aperture lesser, got covered treatment to adopt auger, craft of bore with a reamer, have heat treatment next, heat treatment is out of shape bigger, and outside the circle is course grinding treatment, bring about so get an aperture and outside round coaxial spends an error. The precision effect that gets the measure that covers hole because broach and can change auger set between have space, brought about broach to happen when machining bolt deep aperture deflective, size of its deflection quantity basically depends on place of cutting tool guiding and auger those who cover is the biggest the deepness that cooperates clearance and bolt aperture. The affects cutting tool stiffness influence of cutting tool machines what bolt aperture place uses is the lengthen broach with lesser diameter, its stiffness is poorer. Broach is getting the axial when cutting bolt deep hole to walk along Dao Kang power is greater, easy happening bend, make broach is brought slant, the central string that causes bolt aperture thereby produces more serious misrepresentation. Two when the blade of cutting tool worries influence bit advocate cutting blade blade is ground when asymmetry, action is in two advocate the cutting force on cutting blade is different, the broach when bringing about treatment thereby is brought slant, affect the positional precision of the central line of bolt aperture then. The influence that machines craft manufactures efficiency to rise, take an examination of bolt aperture at the same time lesser, the treatment technology that the factory uses when the treatment of aperture of connecting rod bolt is mixed to get bore with a reamer. Getting the central line that place of the keyhole that cut snail forms cannot be corrected by working procedure of opening of bore with a reamer askew, it is this to must make the treatment technology of bolt aperture afresh. The influence much axle box that installs a method is to pass sleeve and establish those who get main shaft to be linked together, jig is to be put in establish those who get workbench to go up, much axle box and jig are by oriented lever connective, will much axle box and jig are installed alone or in much axle box and oriented lever go up below the condition that carries a contact, install jig, although from apparently seeing them is to had been installed, the relative position of much axle box and jig also decided, but when actually will much axle box moves downward along oriented lever special difficulty, can get stuck even. Direct when debus set when looking, meeting discovery is oriented set inside Kong Yan pulls hair again, this basically produces the position when jig installs workbench change to cause. To make sure bolt Kong Zaihu is perpendicular the parallelism of two direction, must adopt significant step to remove the effect of afore-mentioned of all kinds errors. After milling of casing of much axle box machines the 3 measure that raise parallelism of two bolt aperture to machine precision, must be opposite in front and from the back undertake scrape is machined (because casing is of aluminium alloy, cannot use grinding to machine) , assure in front ask with the parallelism from the back. Additional, according to casing of much axle box the condition when be installed actually chooses department of standard treatment aperture, according to the ordinal treatment of left oriented aperture, main shaft aperture and right oriented aperture, make the oriented aperture on jig, getting a Kong Ye is to press same order to undertake machining, ensure the position of the aperture on casing of much axle box and the aperture on jig affects thereby. Get covered production precision to rise, choice 40Cr serves as get a data, reduce heat treatment to be out of shape thereby, get at the same time set use auger, enlarge and the treatment craft that grind. The central line when correcting bore through reaming is wry. After quenching, first grinding getting is covered inside aperture, the aperture inside reoccupy decides a circle outside grinding, assure thereby inside the round coaxial outside Kong He is spent. According to the broach of special production, the choice is gotten accordingly set inside Kong Pei combines size, make get set with the clearance between broach as far as possible small, raise oriented precision. Decrease get cut axial force, reduce broach bend, also bring with respect to what reduced broach slant. The blade of broach is ground must correct, two advocate cutting blade must be ground symmetrically. Use lesser feed. Take special lubricant unit, use cooling fluid correctly (on face of OK still and cleared fixed position cut bits to be opposite the influence) of fixed position precision. Instead getting, enlarge mixes the treatment technology of bolt aperture bore with a reamer. Reaming can be amended be machined of aperture center line askew, such technology measure facilitates the treatment precision that assures bolt aperture asks. Use cutting tool to decide much axle box is right the relative position of jig. Pack cutting tool what go up to much axle box to get first cut main shaft inside, move next much axle box, get what cutting tool inserts jig set inside, secure jig on machine tool workbench again after that, assured the relative position of much axle box and jig so. Through adopting afore-mentioned a series of measure, ensured finally two bolt. CNC Milling CNC Machining