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Accurate Injection Molding is to point to a very tall kind to the precision of goods and exterior quality all ask plastic shape craft. This technology all has extremely high demand to noting model machine, Injection Mold Tooling, craft, stock to wait. Come nearly 10 years, the rapid growth of mobile phone, computer, DV and microelectronics product consumption, promoted the flying development of accurate inject technology, accurate Injection Molding begins the Xiang Chao high speed, direction that exceeds nicety and miniature to change to develop, accurate Injection Molding of future will develop ceaselessly and perfect. Computer simulation and the development of emulation technology promoted the ceaseless progress of mould technology, the treatment performance of stock also was improved while the new material of ceaseless emerge in large numbers is improving oneself physics performance, the progress of digital technology also provided reliable safeguard for the accurate control of injection equipment. Accurate inject shapes what course to follow, development direction of future will how, this is the problem that each plastic practitioner pays close attention to. Accurate inject forming machine 1, complete hydraulic pressure and completely dynamoelectric comparison are completely dynamoelectric the machine that note model is the develop and moves toward people stage by stage eye shot as accurate inject goods. Alleged completely dynamoelectric the machine that note model, it is to point to use servo electric machinery to replace former hydraulic pressure unit, the whirl with finishing screw, inject, open those who combine the behavioral course such as the model to record model machine. Completely dynamoelectric it is basic and identical that the mechanical principle of the machine that note model and traditional hydraulic pressure record model machine, just use servo electric machinery to replace former hydraulic pressure unit partly in control, its inject device also includes model to change with transmission two parts. Model spends a part is by screw, machine canister, nozzle is comprised, transmission part is wait for composition by gear of electric machinery of ball silk lever, servo, drive and clutch. Completely dynamoelectric the device combining a model of the machine that note model also has lever type mixes ancon to press type continuously two kinds, this opportunity noting model that also is the same as a tradition is basic and same. Through be opposite dynamoelectric the understanding on construction of the chance that note model, we can be compared dynamoelectric those who note model machine and machine of hydraulic pressure inject to go up in function is different. As a result of dynamoelectric the drive system of the machine that note model need not hydraulic pressure is oily, because because hydraulic pressure is oily,this eliminated,parameter of possible leak and hydraulic pressure oily feature follows the craft parameter that temperature change causes to fluctuate. The precision of ball silk lever is taller, repeatability is better, be helpful for the stability of treatment. The model that introduces servo electric machinery to control screw is changed, its are metric precision is taller, stabler also, and more be helpful for timing. Electric power straight drive also is helpful for managing the sources of energy. However, this kind of machine that note model is to use servo electric machinery to drive screw of drive of ball silk lever to have injection, because ball silk lever is laden big, when high speed rotates, wear away serious, because this is general completely dynamoelectric the rate noting model of the machine that note model is less than 500mm/s, this is completely dynamoelectric a weakness of the machine that note model. Full-hydraulic notes model machine to be in shape sophisticated products side has a lot of distinct advantages, if combine modular precision tall, muscularity flying a model. Its device combining a model has a variety of structures, if one-cylinder fills many crocks of fluid type, form full fluid, two board press type continuously, a lot of more phyletic, difference is bigger also. One-cylinder fills fluid form inject machine volume is huge, hydraulic pressure oil is easy leak, step up rate is slow, waste time can be much also. Machine of inject of many crocks of type full fluid alleviates on certain level and improved these problems, its airframe is shorter, volume is a few minorrer also. Two board press type to noted model machine to resolve afore-mentioned weakness continuously, its open journey combining a model to grow, efficiency is tall, air standard and open precision combining a model tall, lock model is out of shape small, the mould changes convenient, but the difficulty that its control a technology is great, hydraulic pressure technology also is hard to master. Complete hydraulic pressure and completely dynamoelectric and OK say each provide a characteristic. Complete electric notes model machine to be in on precision combining a model and service life record model machine as full-hydraulic, and complete hydraulic pressure notes model confidential to make sure precision must employ servo a powerful person, this brings cost necessarily rise. Nowadays, people develops report actively to move - nicety of fluid pressure type records model machine, metric model changes a process to introduce electric power drive in order to achieve energy-saving result; Hydraulic pressure is dynamoelectric perhaps - the precision that hydraulic pressure compound locks up modular orgnaization to also retain treatment effectively and stability. Accordingly, integrated dynamoelectric those who record model machine is energy-saving and hydraulic pressure records model machine high-powered dynamoelectric - the new trend that nicety of fluid pressure type notes model machine to had made the current and accurate progress that note model. 2, the development that demand of market of miniature inject forming machine promoted opportunity of miniature nicety Injection Molding. Current, can shape make heft 0.

0003g, the wall is large for 0.

01mm, dimension public errand achieves ± 0.

005mm. Accordingly, shape the demand with these higher to noting model machine to put forward products. Want to make fuse-element passes tiny spray head and flow path, ask the machine that note model provides higher inject pressure; Before cooling to ensure material is in, be full of whole model antrum, ask extremely high inject rate. In addition, accurate shot is metric and quick response ability is the requirement that to miniature place of the machine that note model raises, accordingly, accurate screw and makings canister design and rigid inject control are indispensible. Miniature inject forming machine is a when Injection Molding equipment develops new way, initiated imperceptible construction part and system to make the new approach of research, its highlight an advantage to be able to realize the big batch of high accuracy, tall delicate spare parts, low cost to produce namely. To forming machine of screw type small injection, its model is changed, metric all finish by a group of screw with inject, the structure is so simple, control easily. As a result of,its insufficient place depends on of screw front stop the structure that go against annulus, make equipment poorer to the control precision of shot, and increased material expect in inject the canister is medium the odds of degradation, influence spare parts shapes the stability of quality. To forming machine of small injection of force plunger type, although its are right the control precision of shot relatively screw type is expensive, but its model spends an amount small, batch mixing performance is poor, the model of material changes character relatively screw type is wrong, go against shape the spare parts with exterior quality and optical and characteristic higher demand. And forming machine of small injection of Composite of screw force plunger is integrated the advantage of force plunger type and screw type, turn unit as model with screw, force plunger serves as metric with inject unit, of the control precision that makes small injection shapes and spare parts shape character all has rise apparently, but its structure is relatively normally complex, control and safeguard relatively force plunger type and screw type are trival. The miniature inject forming machine of different principle is having different function index, fit the requirement of part of different and imperceptible construction. Because this wants the cost according to specific imperceptible structure spare parts, dimension and quality,wait for each respect element to consider integratedly to choose to configure proper miniature inject forming machine. Wait for the ceaseless development of relevant technology as Electromechanical unifinication technology, computer network technology, for miniature the development of inject forming machine offerred a lot of new thinking and new way. From at present miniature inject forming machine studies state looks, the research development trend that future shapes about miniature inject for some time may reflect in the following respect: The drive device that develops high accuracy, tall sensitivity and tall thrust, low cost and means; Explore new material model to change way, solve existing model to turn a lot of issue that means brings, achieve neat, efficient model to change the end of inject material; Perfect the research of technology of miniature Injection Molding of new material further, development applies to a variety of small injection forming machine that expect into profile; Miniature is the high accuracy of inject forming machine, efficient the exploration of product detecting element, for miniature inject forming machine provides reliable function test and evaluation standard; Intelligence is changed and the development application of forming machine of network small injection studies, make the implementation below the help of miniature inject forming machine in the computer and network multivariate control and production of long-range and online control. The development of miniature inject forming machine develops the history not to grow, but it is a technical field that has development latent capacity extremely, the research that begins this one domain can drive the development of technology of traditional Injection Molding not only, also can promote product of elaborate small structure at the same time make and apply. As each country to system of personal computer cable (MEMS) and the strength that careful CAD/CAE/CAM goods develops are strengthened ceaselessly, the market of products of elaborate small construction will rise continuously, to accurate miniature the demand of inject forming machine also is met corresponding year after year increases, small injection forming machine is sure to produce increasingly main effect in advanced production domain. The design of accurate Injection Mold Tooling is in accurate Injection Molding, the mould is one of keys that make sure the quality of goods accords with a requirement. Accurate Injection Mold Tooling must accord with the dimension precision requirement of goods, in the meantime, the mould is designed must reasonable, will affect the shrinkage of plastic products directly otherwise. Because mould antrum dimension is,add place by plastic products measure estimated shrinkage gets, accordingly, the sort of temperature of pressure of antrum of the position of figure of the content sex of plastic raw material, product and dimension, runner and distance, pressure that note model, model, fuse-element, mould temperature, additive and dosage are etc in the mould the issue that the consideration wants when the design. Accordingly, besides the issue that the design of accurate Injection Mold Tooling needs to consider besides general pattern, consider the following even: Use proper mould common difference; Prevent to shape shrinkage error; Prevent to happen note model to be out of shape; Prevent to produce drawing of patterns to be out of shape; Make the mould makes an error decrease to the smallest. In Injection Molding, often conclude hard a completely accurate shrinkage, so at this moment experience appears very serious. Generally speaking, when correction mould, its are sunken department measure can be repaired to large part, protruding department measure can be repaired to small part. In be being designed so, the shrinkage of sunken department measure should be chosen a few smallier, protruding department measure should be chosen a few more greatly, bearing core shrinkage should be chosen some smallier before, cut cut type core to want to be chosen some more greatly. Noting the mould precision below the model pressure, force that lock up a model to maintain, when designing mould structure, must consider to be opposite model antrum spare parts undertakes grinding, abrade the feasibility that waits for treatment with polishing. Although model antrum, model the requirement that the treatment of core has achieved high accuracy, and what shrinkage also predicts together is same, but, as a result of the deflection of the center when shaping, dimension is very inaccessible related the side of goods inside and outside that its shape design a requirement. Move to maintain fixed die the dimension precision on cent face, the mould must add outfit taper fixed position is sold or wedge piece etc, in order to ensure precision. The person such as American Leopold Kiernicki invented a kind of nicety to note model the method of fiber-optic ferrule. This method passes pair of moulds to undertake improvement, in shape one kind is used in the process adjustable model core and autodyne, club of accurately fixed position core and mould reach place of traditional thread binding mediumly. Core club decided in-house passageway in moulding ferrule, and the fore-and-aft aperture that extended a line to form small diameter in ferrule, the extreme of alveolus and in-house passageway joins, such moulding ferrule located accurately in-house passageway and alveolus. This invention already won the multinomial patent that includes the United States inside 2001. German LindnerE.

In the light of CD CD each respect should satisfy the requirement of tall precision, for example planar, ply, weaveform and exterior quality, the structure that has to injection mould and operating mode raised certain requirement. CD is in of antrum of a monotype, and the Injection Molding in the mould that contains a cone-shaped sprue and annular runner. The tolerancepublic errand unit of mould antrum must be in m of a few μ , the surface burnishs the degree of lens face finish machining. Of the mould shape to be steel partly 1.

2083, rockwell hardness is 50. The mould works below 60 ℃ , periodic time is less than 4 s . Japanese HigashiY.

Palpability of hair waiting for a person uses laser one kind additional agglomeration of high speed metal and shape technology. Use this technology to make Injection Mold Tooling can reduce cost, shorten production is periodic, and production pattern can produce the plastic product that exceeds nicety with a future life 10 thousand above. The technical level of the mould is the important sign of level of development of industry of a nation. Current, market of accurate Injection Mold Tooling still is the company place forestall of the United States, Japan, this its are Sino-Japanese occupying the 40 % left and right sides of global market, the United States occupies 20 % left and right sides. It is rare that home can produce precision to achieve the exact pattern of less than of 5 μ M can say, is precision of production of prep let alone in 1? The mould between 2 μ M. Accordingly, the mould manufacturing industry of our country still is in from the design, government that makes a plant start level, should achieve the United States, Japan even the production level of Korea mould still has very a paragraph long the route should go, the it may be said of mould industry system that builds oneself allows to weigh and the path is far. Technology of accurate Injection Molding 1, shape 2 times the technology develops at present after be being noted first, press 2 times shaping is to will compress a model to be used on inject machine to shape model, introduce semifinished product of material of inject machine inject, recycle compresses a model to undertake compression shaping. Should shape the method can be in shape card of process middleman and guarantor antrum and plastic make between better contact, make resinous temperature and pressure distributing even, eliminate internal stress, reduce resinous to contract. The technical key of this craft is the control of mould structure design and temperature, pressure. The optics with this kind of simple to certain appearance method can have apparent effect, get in-house pressure distributings even goods, and to more complex optics helpless. 2, inject is compressed shape alleged inject is compressed shape the law is the colophony when infuse model antrum when as a result of refrigeration systole from exterior the power that increases to enforce makes the dimension decrescent of modular antrum, thereby the part of astringe must shape to compensatory method. General inject shapes the law is to use the movement that controls accurate screw to control modular antrum to send the speed of makings and pressure secondhand, in order to ensure the quality of finished product; And inject is compressed shaping is through modular antrum to colophony direct pressurization improves quality. To lenticular spare parts be fill up colophony the part is in smooth axis direction is compressed and generate pressure, make the surface gets even pressure, shape the bulk of goods is decided by resinous pressure and temperature, with the method that adjusts treatment requirement, retentive pressure is released below microtherm, reduce the contractive amount of bulk likely thereby. Because use the method that machinery compresses, can inject below inferior pressure so plastic, the melt position that keeps longer inside the mould with the profit return at molecular orientaton, and do not need the dwell pressure after inject will compensate systole, can decrease so or eliminate by protect press the colophony element orientaton that cause and the internal stress when shaping, rose to shape tasted material qualitative uniformity, reduced leftover stress, improved the optical performance such as refractive index and birefraction greatly. Use this kind of method to be able to have made an optics that comparatives with vitreous precision make, and the 1/10 that the price has glass only however. 3, mould pressing exceeding essence of life shapes use Injection Molding method, normally mould temperature wants set to use resinous heat to be out of shape in place temperature is the following. Consequently, the molten resin that to mould lumen inject fills up forms solid, fluid to mix shape, temperature and pressure are put in gradient. And use Injection Molding method, arise to prevent " stomatic " , after colophony is filled up by inject, need to undertake keeping pressure " protect pressure " operation, the reason of colophony orientaton results from namely this. Use inject to compress shape law, after the colophony solidify that buccal model is in, do one's best makes lumen bulk is compressed, the high accuracy that finish is duplicate, but as a result of resinous solidify, the transmission with impracticability even pressure. Accordingly, injection Molding and note model to compress shape the plastic lens of the large requirements that the ply that the technology makes differs, its density and refractive index are not quite even, put in very great leftover stress and birefraction, face form precision is not quite ideal shape in the light of afore-mentioned nicety the blemish that the method exists, according to the relation of resinous temperature and pressure, can use mould pressing exceeding essence of life to shape technology, plastic optics makes implementation high accuracy preparation. Before the introduction exceeds mould pressing of essence of life, be necessary to study plastic heating the condition in the process. Colophony is heating the bulk in the process increases ceaselessly, when exceeding temperature of resinous vitrification transition, bulk increment rate is older, when refrigeration bulk decreases again. Assume colophony is in heat T1 of a certain temperature in the process, use fill up with the pattern that colophony bulk has identical bulk space at that time colophony, continue to heat next be close to temperature of colophony vitrification transition, right now, resinous bulk increases no longer, pressure increases however, once exceed vitrification transition temperature, pressure increases quickly. If from now on temperature cools gradually, plastic pressure decreases, when temperature T1, plastic pressure and atmosphere are equal, its bulk is equal to modular antrum cubage. If reach thermal drop further when room temperature, resinous bulk and the bulk before heating are equal, but be less than mould cubage. This plants resinous reversible phenomenon is when resinous temperature agrees equably ability holds water. The place before be like is narrated, shrink to prevent plastic optics to make a generation hole, need to undertake " protect pressure " or reduce modular antrum volume, but may not of colophony specific volume is constant. To make specific volume constant, need high-pressured inject to fill up melt colophony, seal its instantly block up inside modular antrum. Additional, to eliminate resinous of the melt inside modular antrum as soon as possible temperature is mixed pressure is inhomogenous and orientaton, mould temperature must be controlled shape in place above of temperature of resinous vitrification transition. After inject fills up, in maintain while temperature and pressure distributing equably, with constant refrigeration of mould of specific volume general is heated up to resinous be out of shape temperature. Mould pressing exceeding essence of life shapes to use what these plastic characteristic research come out to shape just about method. Heat the mould to transform to resinous vitrification the some temperature of temperature above, melt colophony inject joins a model seal instantly inside antrum. The pressure that inject fills up and colophony quantity are equal to atmosphere to come by initiative colophony pressure set. Seal after blocking up, maintain mould temperature in above of vitrification transition temperature, make resinous pressure and temperature distributing even. Next, maintaining colophony while pressure and temperature are even, with constant refrigeration of mould of specific volume general is heated up to resinous be out of shape temperature. Next, open a model to be taken out shape plastic optical educational system. This shapes the law shapes to exceed mould pressing of essence of life namely. In exceed nicety to shape in the process, mould temperature is compared shape normally the standard is high, inject fills up pressure is great also, because this uses general slip orgnaization very hard. Should shape the law uses special small metal ball to seal a colophony. Put small metal ball into the mould before combining a model inside inject mouth. Forming machine inject fills up when melt colophony, the colophony that metallic ball is injected chooses a side to modular antrum, put apart passageway lets colophony inject enter modular antrum. After melt colophony high pressure fills modular cavity, forming machine stops inject, because press,differ right now, colophony flows backwards and turn metallic ball to inject mouth, seal a colophony thereby. Use this kind of orgnaization the 95% above of the pressure before retentive pressure is blocked up to seal. Shape to this law, refrigeration is finished gradually and below the condition with resinous pressure and equal atmosphere, inject fills up molten resin and control mould temperature are its key place. Accordingly, even if is to shape plastic optics is made appearance measurement is different, if maintain the alleviation of colophony pressure and temperature uniformity,time is mixed gradually if cooling time is enough, change only fill up condition, the plastic optics that can obtain high accuracy is made. Its shape the surface of goods has very tall precision, shrink hole, bleb decreases apparently, birefraction rate falls, face form deviation decreases, can produce a better plastic optical educational system. Add those who try to reach pair of its requirements to rise gradually ceaselessly to the demand of plastic products as all trades and professions, the bright prospect that nicety notes model is self-evident. However, when our check nicety notes model, the current situation of the accurate to home industry that note model truly not without worry, no matter be nicety,the machine that note model, accurate Injection Mold Tooling still is the design of goods, our country still lies fall of a kind of high end, low end the condition of battle royal. As a plastic practitioner, the rise that hopes those who see is domestic relevant company more and expand. Of course, the development of the enterprise has its objective law, as actual strength of our country economy rise, the progress of productivity, the rigid business of home that note model also is sure to initiate his sky. CNC Milling CNC Machining