Application seams soldering new-style automation equipment at horizontal annulus

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In steely construction project, as the amplification of market dimensions, the armor plate of large cylindrical shell solders quality, solder speed has been satisfied hard solder requirement, have new-style welder art the technology that welder brings solved these problems effectively. As rapid development of economy, our country has become big state of world steely output. The scale that steel structure constructs is larger and larger, board is larger and larger, soldering workload is increasing also. Army of conventional metallurgy construction construction all uses handiwork to solder or CO2 is semi-automatic solder construction, physical strength is onerous, labor strength is great, cannot satisfy construction schedule and the requirement that build mass far. We develop the base that develops automation welder in early days, according to cylindrical shell thick board characteristic, rolled out whole set automation to solder equipment, stand seam use " GLH-II of machine of vertical position welding of efficient gas electricity " , horizontal annulus is seamed use " T-joining buries arc to solder automatically machine GHH-II " . Be like,in our country many large iron and steel build a project the blast furnace such as 2800~5800m3, board thick the application in amounting to the construction such as construction of 120mm hot-blast stove, electric power construction and alumina project, obtained consummation. Large cylindrical shell is in construction technique commonly φ 5m above, the biggest when can amount to 25m of φ 10~ φ , cubage amounts to 2000m3 above, plate thickness amounts to 60~120mm, the greatest height amounts to a few meters. Because the production of this kind of large cylindrical shell, installation carries difficulty, want to be made in field assembly mostly so. Its make a method have minute of an upright method of hull section construction, branch piece an upright method of hull section construction on condole is rectified to wait for a few kinds after upside-down method of hull-section construction and spot are articulatory and prefab. An upright method of hull section construction on condole is made after the spot of article introduction is articulatory and prefab, be single red-letter day of body of heater has beside the foundation of construction site (take already) make, use " machine of gas electricity vertical position welding " undertake seam welding is received standing, finish assemble, solder each. Use crane next (or other method) will assemble the trice of a body of heater that solders to install a foundation to go up; After every had installed, use " T-joining buries arc automatic welder " undertake horizontal annulus seam welding receive, reload deserves to issue, an upgrade is installed, undertake horizontal annulus seam welding is received again. Law of recipe of this kind of outfit has construction convenient, plan fast, efficiency is advanced advantage, because this is used by place of broad construction unit. T-joining buries arc to solder automatically equipment is comprised 1.

T-joining buries arc to solder automatically body of machine GHH-II equipment by aluminium alloy car of operation of carrier of board cover face, cart walks mechanical system, control system, solder system sending silk, welding torch adjusting gear, welding flux is carried automatically circularly reclaim implement, solder automation system. 2.

The main characteristic of equipment: T-joining buries arc to solder automatically machine its cart suspension is on the wall of cylindrical shell, walk for oriented edge wall with the brim on the wall, walk annulus use from orgnaization, the curvature proper motion that can follow cylindrical shell wall turns, body of heater of can appropriate small diameter, the much course that completes horizontal annulus to seam is multilayer the automation that bury arc solders. The welding flux that bury arc is carried automatically reclaim, use circularly, reduce disappear consume to break. Because bury,wind energy force is fought when arc solders automatically stronger, solder appearance of operation cart carrier closes and contain aluminium alloy board cover face, the performance that defy wind is better, because this suits field, headroom more,work. Bodywork is light, operator can work in its interior, on the safe side, the operation is simple and master easily. Solder efficiency is tall, it is the 10~20 that common handiwork solders times. Welder uses advanced component and data entirely, production cost is low, maintenance is easy. This kind of welder is special the horizontal annulus seam welding such as blast furnace of the cylinder that applies to construction of upright method of hull section construction can without lid, metallurgy and hot-blast stove body of heater is received, diameter of can without lid should be more than 4m commonly, welder basis board fabric width is spent (cylindrical shell every height) can be in 1.


Adjust inside 0m limits, can solder board large range is in 8~120mm. The main technique parameter of welder expresses place to show as follows. T-joining buries arc to solder automatically T-joining of main technique parameter buries machine GHH-II equipment arc solders automatically the welding line position that craft T-joining solders and bury traditionally automatic solder flat position welding has arc to differ apparently, basically distinguish the condition that at soldering the molten iron when bath is formed flows, because weigh strength effect molten iron to want to drip toward indelicacy, because this is transverse,bury arc to solder automatically must solve the problem that hold arc in the palm. Because the main body wainscot of large cylindrical shell is very thick, can be according to the brim on canister wall oriented, bury arc to solder automatically confidential suspension is on Gao Bi, edge wall walks, the design has pulling of balata of heat-resisting of coat of support roller of welding flux roll, should solder when operation car walks automatically, rotational support roller tightens synchronism of wall relying on furnace to turn, press press of heat-resisting balata pulling tightens a rotate to use, rely on furnace wall closely also to hold welding flux in the palm, make sure welding flux and solder contact place are relatively quiet, implementation buries arc reliably. In the ahead of contact of the solder on tray the design installed welding flux to carry chew automatically, rear design installed welding flux to reclaim automatically chew, by reclaim automatically electric machinery system reclaims welding flux box, welding flux is used circularly. Because T-joining buries arc solder to use much talk multilayer welding to receive technology, its solder the normative parameter such as administrative levels of groove, welding line, should do by its specific requirement change accordingly, solder in order to suit the need of the process. 1.

Groove form: Horizontal seam welding receives groove form and tradition bury arc automatic solder flat position welding is different, solder to also differ with manual T-joining. When soldering, groove form, welding torch is like a graph in the position of groove and corresponding parameter 1 is shown. Transverse weld buries arc to solder automatically, the groove of upside of cylindrical shell of coal tub wainscot wants basis board thick circumstance to be able to machine equilateral or groove of form of not equilateral K, the groove of 40~45 of unilateral V form. Root face 1~2mm, clearance 1~2mm. Graph 1 solder the circumstance after groove form solders 2.

Of groove make: To assure the consistency that groove machines, the groove on cylindrical shell of coal tub wainscot had better use rigid standard dig to cut. If spot treatment has difficulty, also can use treatment of blaze patterning method, but the requirement is used semi-automatic cut machine will undertake, of the appearance with assuring groove and dimension accurate. Receive groove form according to T-joining solder quite, automatic solder groove compares small 1/3 of manual solder groove, the metallic stuff quantity when automation solders should solder than handiwork the quantity is little, be helpful for reducing construction cost, and solder be out of shape small, be helpful for rising solder quality. 3.

Welding line administrative levels: T-joining buries arc automatic solder appropriate is used multilayer multi-pass welding law applies solder. Solder board thick different, number of plies is different, board thicker, solder number of plies is more. When soldering, general first the wall outside solder, hind solder wall. Measure is: Render layer - fill - cover a range. Solder if the graph is shown 2 times,control fashion. Graph 2 thick board sketch map of administrative levels of welding line of T-joining groove form (1) solder render layer: If groove group is right good, clearance is consistent, do not need to use back cover of manual arc welding first commonly, can undertake layer of automatic solder render solders burying arc directly. Render solder path is a the most crucial welding line, render solder way is easy occurrence solder is worn, the blemish such as slag inclusion, incomplete fusion, the stand or fall that render solder affected what the following solder to solder directly what quality and handlers apply solder is difficult spend easily. Accordingly, the solder flesh that render solder wants fusion of even and consistent, fluctuation good. Solder of solder good render, it is to assure to solder the premise of quality. (2) fill solders: Before a welding line after soldering, before answering one welding line undertakes nap clears, undertake fill solders, assure the fusion sex of welding line. The fill quantity of welding line wants to solder according to groove is big small adjustment speed will control. (3) path of solder of welding line exterior covers a range namely: Solder path should be arranged orderly, width adds wide 2~4mm than groove face, yu Gao 0~2mm. Yu Gao differs ≤ 2mm, without more apparent raised or groove. Sidewall solders outside end, to groove of inside of can without lid the arc that use carbon enrages dig or horn grinds emery wheel clear root, next reoccupy buries arc automatic solder soldering and sealing. Can rotate through adjusting gear before solder, define welding torch point of view, answer to be spent for the banking angle of 20~30 commonly, be helpful for the figuration of welding line. Technical characteristic 1.

New-style welder is planted through a few years the application in the construction project such as minute of chamfer and desulphurization tower, the result proves its solder the technology is advanced, equipment is stable and reliable, solder quality is good, reduced labor intensity of the worker greatly, solder speed is hand arc solder 10 multiple, reduced integrated cost. 2.

Use T-joining to bury arc to solder automatically craft, increased the capacity defying wind of field construction, reasonable to making welder art, avoid weld defects, obtain good welding line quality to have important sense. 3.

What new-style welder is 40~90mm to cylindrical shell is thick board solder to have advantage especially, what had applied at 120mm now is thick board solder. Solder efficiency is taller, integrated cost is lower. For this kind efficient automation solders the promotion application of technology and equipment offerred capacious prospect. CNC Milling CNC Machining