Improve welding line to cover rate two

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Welding line is centered because of stress, cause quality inspection difficulty, be out of shape aggravate, increase production time cycle to wait, become solder the structural design, consideration factor that in making, cannot ignore. The article introduces what two aborning enclothe in the light of welding line to avoid the measure that allows a problem to adopt, in order to offer colleague reference. 1. Reduce in heating to be in charge of pair of welding line to enclothe graph 1a partly, the half canal that twines can without lid with helix shape heats canal (1b-1 C) seeing a picture, of its welding line and welding line of state of coal tub annulus enclothe a phenomenon to happen necessarily. And the addition as diameter of can without lid, half canal helix rises horny α to reduce, the annulus of the welding line of half canal and can without lid and can without lid to welding line enclothe length to increase (2) seeing a picture. If press the least space of two welding line to ought to accord with relevant provision, of this kind of welding line enclothe length L ' bigger. Among them: α promotes role to be in charge of helix partly, l enclothes the pure length of welding line for half canal, c is welding line between the smallest allow to be apart from, l ' the length of the smallest welding line that enclothes to be not gotten. Although have some of welding line enclothe each other indispensable. But, if take certain step, can reduce welding line to enclothe a phenomenon each other substantially. (The distributinging means of 1) change coil helix coil (3a) seeing a picture uses whirl coil (3b seeing a picture, 3c) is replaced, can keep away from completely to be in charge of welding line to be opposite partly annulus of can without lid to welding line enclothe, with what make sure welding line asks effectively the smallest allow to be apart from. Although cannot keep away from completely to provide welding line partly perpendicular to can without lid of the fore-and-aft welding line that distributing enclothe, but can reduce what seam to horizontal position welding to enclothe amount and length significantly. Also be escape can without lid all take-overing, the significant step that receives accessory into aperture substandard. Nextpage is in the structure of horizontal coil Ⅱ of graph 3c, blank belt can pass the place that chooses N1 anew to undertake elimination. Contrast and measure see the advantages and disadvantages of different type coil next watches. (2) is on material, coal tub wall chooses big length board till coil board, reduce the vertical welding line of transverse joining together, it is to reduce half canal to span to horizontal welding line enclothed the most efficient way. 2. Eliminate filling power to welding line enclothe some storage tank (graph 6a) is stainless steel of =4mm of mural thick δ board make. The place that enter hole is in storage tank mid, the welding line that introduces graph 6a discharges cloth, accord with the dimension characteristic that material supplies. But, the distributinging existence that fills to be encircled by force is as follows to problem need considers and be solved. (1) fills to encircle the link that covered intermediate position by force to welding line, do not accord with GBl50 standard to ask. If use the platoon cloth of this kinds of welding line forcibly, be filled to encircle the welding line that covers position by force to want to undertake necessary flaw detection, obtain the provision of relative standard. (2) aggravate solders be out of shape of stainless steel solder be out of shape is very apparent, the structure of graph 7a can aggravate solders this kind metabolic degree. Change the form of graph 7b, can of utmost reduce solder metabolic degree. But, have be contrary to at soldering structure ought to first choice solders the least the principle of the quantity, increased to solder cost, the possibility that raised welding line repair solders with what bring subsequently metabolic aggravate. And repair of this kind of welding line is increase can without lid to cave be out of shape inevitable element, to saddle the platoon cloth that waits for other member brings difficulty to cannot discharge cloth even, also not be a kind of best choice. Use the structure of graph 7c, modification design, the place that enters hole commutation reachs of some canister section mid, afore-mentioned problems can realize optimization choice. Two afore-mentioned give typical examples are the implementation below the premise that revises in the design. CNC Milling CNC Machining