Fiber-optic laser and fiber-optic laser technology

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Introduction is fiber-optic laser is to show glass of the rare-earth element that use mix into is fiber-optic the laser that regards gain as medium, fiber-optic laser can develop on the foundation of fiber-optic amplifier: Fiber-optic below the action of pump riverside light inside form high power density extremely easily, the laser energy level that creates laser job material " particle number inverts " , should join return circuit of make a present of of positive and negative appropriately (make syntonic pitch) can form laser oscillation to output. Range of fiber-optic laser application is very wide, include laser fiber-optic communication, laser space is far be apart from shipbuilding of communication, industry, car to make, laser sculpture laser hits mark Laser Cutting, presswork make roller, metal metalloid bore / cut / solder (layer of cupreous solder, hardening, bag and deepness solder) , safety of martial national defence, medical apparatus and instruments. 2.

Fiber-optic laser regards the advantage of fiber-optic laser as the delegate of technology of the 3rd acting laser, have the following advantage: (1) glass is fiber-optic maturity of low, technology reachs production cost its are fiber-optic but the miniaturization that forgive sex place brings, intensive changes a dominant position; (2) glass is fiber-optic to incident pump Pu Guang does not need to resemble crystal in that way strict phasic match, this is the blame that causes as a result of dissension of vitreous matrix Stark even spreading is caused absorb the cause with wider area; (3) vitreous material has extremely low volume area ratio, medicinal powder heat up fast, loss low, efficiency of place above changeover is taller, laser threshold value is low; (4) output laser wavelengh is much: Because energy level of rare earth ion is very substantial,this is reach its rare earth ion is phyletic; (5) adjustable humorous sex: Because energy level of rare earth ion is wide,mix the fluorescent chart with fiber-optic glass is wider. (6) the Zheng as a result of fiber-optic laser brace up optical Zuo is not had inside antrum piece, have avoid adjust, the advantage of maintenance-free, tall stability, traditional laser cannot be likened to this. (7) fiber-optic derive, make laser can be competent easily all sorts of multidimensional and aleatoric spaces process application, make the design of mechanical system becomes very simple. (8) the working environment with harsh competency, have to dirt, concussion, concussion, humidity, temperature very tall patient degree. (9) do not need pyroelectricity refrigeration and water-cooling, need simple wind only cold. (10) efficiency of tall light produced by electricity: Efficiency of integrated light produced by electricity is as high as 20% above, substantially the bad news report when managing job, managing moving cost. (11) high power, at present business uses the fiber-optic laser that change is 6000 tile. 3.

The occurrence with fiber-optic layer of double bag of the fiber-optic laser of high power and technology of riverside of pump of its bag layer is the one big breakthrough of fiber-optic domain undoubtedly, it makes of the smooth amplifier of the fiber-optic laser of high power and high power make consummate be reality. From 1988 ESnitzer describes riverside of the pump that wrap a layer first since fiber-optic laser, technology of riverside of the pump that wrap a layer already was applied to the domain such as fiber-optic laser and fiber-optic amplifier widely, become make high power way of fiber-optic laser first selection. Include technology of layer pump riverside, comprise: by 4 administrative levels? The bag inside ② of? of wait Pi Song wraps covering layer of layer; ④ outside layer; ③ . pump light coupling reachs inside bag layer (inside bag layer uses abnormity structure commonly, form of elliptic, quadrate, quincuncial, D and its hexagon are waited a moment) , light wraps a layer of the bag outside mixing inside (general design is a circle) between reflex back and forth, cross core of single standard fine to be absorbed by its for many times. Of this kind of structure fiber-optic trying pump light is single standard laser, and can be opposite riverside of fiber-optic entire length pump, because this can choose the diode of much model laser of high-power,array makes pump source, the pump riverside energy of about 70% above indirect ground coupling arrives inside fine core, improved pump riverside efficiency greatly. Character of technology of riverside of the pump that wrap a layer decided this kinds of laser has the outstanding property of the following respects. 1) high power group of module of diode of riverside of pump of a many model but the smooth power that radiation gives 100 tile, diode of riverside of pump of many much models is collateral setting, can allow to design the fiber-optic laser that very high power outputs. 2) need not the diode of wide range much pattern of this kind of high-power can be in pyroelectricity condenser the job below very high temperature, the wind with simple simply is cold, cost is low. 3) the active bag layer inside the fiber-optic laser of high power of very broad range of pump riverside wavelengh is fiber-optic and impure erbium / yterbium rare-earth element, have wide and even light-wave draws a district (930-970nm) , accordingly, the wavelengh that pump riverside diode does not want any kinds stabilizes device 4) light of riverside of efficiency tall pump has traversed for many times core of fine of Chan Moguang fine, its utilization rate is accordingly high. 5) Gao Ke relies on diode of riverside of pump of sexual much model to come compared with diode of riverside of single standard pump its stability wants tower above a lot of. The wide range on its geometry makes the smooth power density on the section of laser very low and the current density that adopts active range also very low. Come so, pump riverside diode its run reliably life exceeds 1 million hours. At present implementation wraps layer pump riverside the technology of fiber-optic laser is wraparound rise can divide sheet of antrum of the form that it is a line to carry antrum of form of pump riverside, line layer of double bag of completely fiber-optic and the double riverside that carry pump, annular antrum is fiber-optic laser 3 kinds big, the double bag layer of different characteristic is fiber-optic laser can be extended by these 3 kinds of main types get. OFC - a document of 2002 uses housing construction, came true to output power for 3.

8W, threshold value is 1.

7W, tilt the pump of new-style bag layer that efficiency is as high as 85% laser of Pu Guang fine [1] . In product technology respect, a new force suddenly rises of American IPG company, the layer of double bag of mix into ytterbium that already developed a 700W is fiber-optic laser, allege the fiber-optic laser that will roll out 2000W. 4.

New-style fiber-optic laser technology is inchoate main to the development of laser concentration is outputted in what study short pulse and adjustable the patulous respect of humorous wavelengh limits. Today, concentrated wave is divided answer with (DWDM) and solely the flying development that time answer uses a technology and progress is quickened and stimulating much wavelengh increasingly the fiber-optic laser technology, progress that exceeds successive and fiber-optic laser to wait. In the meantime, much wavelengh is fiber-optic laser and the occurrence that exceed successive and fiber-optic laser, the DWDM that realizes Tb/s for low cost ground or OTDM transmit the solution that offers ideal. In light of the technical way that realizes with respect to its, technology of pulse of the initiative radiate that uses EDFA microscope, flying second, exceed the technology such as glow diode to all appear in the newspaper. 5.

Our country fiber-optic laser studies progress opened an university to report south 2002 at present in mix into Yb3+ double bag layer is fiber-optic implement in got arteries and veins wide 4.

Layer of double bag of the output of self-regulated Q pulse of 8ns and mixture attune Q gets peak value power is more than 8kW in fiber-optic laser, arteries and veins is wide the pulse output that is less than 2ns. The university left to report the tone Q pulse that uses pulse pump riverside to gain power of 100kW peak value south 2003, and gotten 60nm can move Q pulse harmoniously. Reported on November 20, 2003, shanghai scientist obtains new positive result in laser domain, successful development goes output power to be as high as the fiber-optic laser of 107W. The full name of this laser is " layer of double bag of ytterbium of high power mix into is fiber-optic laser " , with at present already some laser photographs safeguard charge and power to use up than it want low much, life is a few times of laser common. The one Lou Qihong's researcher of the controller of this task group tells a reporter, laser is printed having wide applied perspective, the manufacturing date that is like food relevantly directly with citizen life, mark that prevent bogus, if be printed with laser,replace present printing ink to print definition tall, never fade, hard copy is risked, benefit at environmental protection, have the new trend of international popularity. The fiber-optic laser that Shanghai scientist develops makes fiber-optic laser outputted power to rise again a new chance to extricateoneself from an awkward position, power of the biggest output amounts to 107W, already be far ahead travels together at the whole nation. 2004, the university left to report the tone Q pulse of power of peak value of 206kW of successive pump riverside again south. On December 3, 2004, balefire communication reports, after the ytterbium of the double mix into that wrap a layer that afterwards rolls out laser to output power to amount to 100W above is fiber-optic, achieve beautiful performance again through tackling key problem difficultly, this kinds of new-style and fiber-optic output power increases successfully to 440W, achieve international banner level. This is balefire communication what in special type fiber-optic domain strides is important one pace, also be the major breakthrough that our country uses fiber-optic field in high power laser at the same time. Layer of double bag of mix into ytterbium is fiber-optic laser is parts of an apparatus of laser of a kind of when develop recently on international new-style high power, because its have quality of beam of light good, efficiency is tall, come loose to heat up and realize the characteristic such as high power easily easily, development is rapid in recent years, what already became light source of the be concerned with in the domain such as system of high accuracy laser beam machining, lidar, smooth communication and target directive is important await the person that choose. The medium of main laser gain of laser of ytterbium of the double mix into that wrap a layer is ytterbium of the double mix into that wrap a layer fiber-optic, the changeover efficiency that because this pair includes the property with fiber-optic ytterbium of layer mix into,decided this kinds of laser directly and output power. Balefire communication undertakes ytterbium of the double mix into that wrap a layer exclusively as home the unit of fiber-optic research, what roll out output power to amount to 100W above in the success is complete but ytterbium of mix into of layer of commercial double bag is fiber-optic after the product, the strength of research and development that increases again, make its output power to realize 440W above, achieve international banner level. 6.

Fiber-optic laser regards conclusion as the delegate of technology of the 3rd acting laser, have the technical advantage with other incomparable laser. Nevertheless, we think, be in short-term inside, fiber-optic laser is in main focusing what fiber-optic laser follows on high-end utility to gain ground, of cost reduce and produce can rise, final will may replace the whole world laser of CO2 of major high power and majority YAG laser. CNC Milling CNC Machining