The application of software of car of CAXA numerical control in programmer appraisal (go up)

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One, spare parts modelling is reasonable build plot origin, with the spare parts midpoint of right end panel is plot origin, plot on half part, the spare parts is symmetrical, process designing when need an in part only, notice when method of work out cutting tool craft is arranged. Graph 11.

The authorized strength is fundamental line segment. 2.

Clip is redundant line segment, have part. 3.

Work out ellipse, circular arc and jumper. 4.

Clip is redundant line. 5.

Mirror graph. 2, the preparation before treatment works 1.

Scale semifinished product. 2.

Obscure partial line. 3.

If library of setting cutting tool pursues 2, graph 3, graph 4, graph 5. Graph 2 graphs 3 graphs 4 graphs 5 CNC Milling CNC Machining