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Casting is decide metallic fusion the liquid of the requirement into accord with syncretic and irrigate into casting mould, book the process of the cast of appearance, dimension and function via getting having after cooling and caky, clear whole processing. Cast one of fundamental craft that are contemporary machinery production industry. Casting is the craft of hot-working of a kind of metal with human earlier control, already had make an appointment with the history 6000. China is in about BC the bronze cast already entered between 1000 florescence before 1700 ~ , quite high level already was reached on craft. The Fang Ding of weighs 875 kilograms department mother the fifth of the ten Heavenly Stem of Chinese business day, the Ceng Hou of period of the Warring States second honour dish, of the Western Han Dynasty pervious to light lens, it is the delegate product that ancient time casts. Inchoate cast is the tool of the respect such as agricultural production, religion, life or appliance mostly, artistic color is rich. The foundry technology in those days is as collateral as the craft that make a surname development, suffer ceramic the impact is very big. China is in BC 513 years, what casting gave the world to go up to see record of Yu Wen word the earliest is cast-iron, Jin Guozhu vessel, make an appointment with 270 kilograms again. Europe in the Christian era 8 centuries around also begins production cast-iron. Cast-iron appear, enlarged the applied limits of cast. Be in for example 17 centuries of 15 ~ , the country such as heart, law laid early or late many cast-iron conduit that offer drinking water to the dweller. After the Industrial Revolution of 18 centuries, the industry such as machine of steamer, spin and railroad is arisen, cast enters the new period that serves for big industry, cast a technology to began to have great progress. Enter 20 centuries, cast development rate is very rapid, its are important the progress that one of elements are product technology, requirement cast all sorts of mechanical physics performance are better, still have good machining performance at the same time; Another reason is the development that machinist job itself and other industry are like chemical industry, appearance to wait, to cast course of study to create advantageous corporeal condition. If detect the development of the method, assured cast quality rise and stabilize, offerred a condition to the development that casts theory; Electron microscope the invention that wait, help people development arrive metallic microcosmos, probe the mystery with crystal metal, study the theory with caky metal, guidance casts production. Inside this one period development gives a large number of performance advantageous, what breed abounds is new cast metallic stuff, be like nodular cast iron, the malleable iron that can solder, exceed low carbon stainless steel, aluminous copper, aluminous silicon, aluminum-magnesium alloy, alloy of titanium radical, nickel radical, intercurrent palpability has the new technology of processing of be pregnant with to casting pig, make the adaptability of cast more extensive. After 50 time, appeared modelling of wet arenaceous high pressure, chemical and sclerotic arenaceous modelling and make core, negative pressure modelling and other special type are cast, cast bolus to clear wait for new technology, make cast has precision of very tall figure, dimension and nice face bright and clean degree, the work requirement of foundry and environmental sanitation also are improved greatly. In the significant progress that industry casts since 20 centuries, the be pregnant with of casting pig is handled and these two new technology are having chemical and sclerotic arenaceous model special significance. These two are invented, broke through the traditional method that continues thousands of years, give foundry technology start new field, produced major effect to increasing the competitive capacity of cast. Cast be classified commonly by modelling method, customarily cent is cast for common sand mold and special type is cast. Common sand mold is cast include wet sand mold, dry sand mold, chemical sclerotic sand mold 3 kinds. Special type is cast those who press modelling material is different, can divide again it is two kinds big: With crude mineral products arenaceous stone regards main modelling as one kind material, if fusible pattern is cast, housing cast, negative Die Casting is built, mud cast, full mold process, pottery and porcelain cast etc; One kind regards main casting mould as material with the metal, if metal mold is cast, centrifugal casting, successive cast, die-casting, low Die Casting is built etc. Foundry technology can be divided divide for 3 basic ministries, cast metallic preparation, casting mould preparation and cast processing namely. Casting a metal is to point to to in casting production, be used at pouring the metallic stuff of cast, it is it is bases with a kind of tantalum, add other metal or metalloid element and compositive alloy, customarily calls casting alloy, basically have cast-iron, cast steel and cast coloured alloy. Nextpage metal fusion is not just fuse purely, still include smelt course, make cast the metal that receives casting mould, mix in temperature, chemical composition pure spend a respect to be accorded with expect a demand. For this, want to undertake all sorts of examinations of the purpose check be been in order to control quality in fusion process, liquid state metal is in achieve each to stipulate index is rear can allow pouring. Sometimes, to achieve higher demand, metallic fluid is in after giving heat handle outside classics furnace even, if desulphurization, vacuum takes off the fine outside gas, furnace, be pregnant with or degenerative processing,wait. The equipment with fusion commonly used metal has furnace of cupola, electric arc, induction furnace, resistor furnace, reverberator to wait. Cast a method differently to different casting mould prepares content. It is with applying the most extensive sand mold to cast exemple, casting mould prepares to include modelling material preparation and modelling to make core two big jobs. Sand mold is cast in all sorts of raw material that use modelling to make core, if cast arenaceous, molding sand,binder is mixed other complementary makings, and the property that the job that by the molding sand that they make up, core all such as arenaceous, coating calls material of modelling material modelling to prepare is the requirement according to cast, metal, the choice is right former arenaceous, binder and complementary makings, the molding sand that mixes them to have certain property by certain proportion next and core are arenaceous. Mix arenaceous equipment commonly usedly to muller type mixes arenaceous machine, refluent type to mix arenaceous machine and blade groove type to mix arenaceous machine. Latter is to be mixture chemistry only from good arenaceous design, mix continuously, rate is rapid. Modelling makes core is a basis foundry technology requirement, in method of affirmatory good model, undertake on the foundation that prepares modelling data. The precision of cast and the economic result that produce a course entirely, basically depend on this working procedure. In the foundry of a lot of modernization, modelling built core to implement mechanization or automation. Commonly used sand mold modelling builds core equipment to have machine of tall, medium, low-pressure modelling, sand slinger, shoot without box press modelling machine, machine ejaculation core, cold wait with machine of hot core box. After cast is taken out in pouring and cooling casting mould oneself, runner, rising head and metallic burr wrap around seam, the cast that sand mold casts still sticks adherent sand, because this must be passed,clear working procedure. The facility that has this kind of job has machine of the machine that throw ball, cut of runner rising head to wait. Sand mold cast falls arenaceous clearing is a working procedure with labor poorer condition, when choosing modelling method so, should consider as far as possible to fall arenaceous clear create convenient condition. Because some cast are special requirement, even classics cast aftertreatment, wait like heat treatment, plastics, antirust processing, rough machining. Casting is the method of semifinished product figuration that contrasts economy, complex to appearance part can show its economy more. If the cylinder body of car engine and crock are built, shipping airscrew and delicate artwork. Some hard the spare parts of cutting, like what light turbine spare parts of nickel radical alloy need not cast a method cannot figuration. Additional, the accommodation of cast spare parts dimension and weight is very wide, metallic sort accepts restriction scarcely; The spare parts is in have general and mechanical property while, still have wear-resisting, anti-corrosive, suck the integral performance such as shake, be like,be method of other metal figuration forge, make friends, solder, strong impracticable waiting for place. Because this uses the semifinished product part that casts methodological production in the machine building, go up in amount and tonnage heretofore still is most. The material that casts production to often want to use has material of all sorts of metals, coke, lumber, plastic, gas and liquid fuel, modelling to wait. All sorts of furnace that need to set stock smelt metal to use, have mix arenaceous use all sorts of mixing arenaceous machine, all sorts of modelling opportunity that modelling builds core to use, machine that make core, have clear cast uses fall the arenaceous machine, machine that throw ball. Still have cast for special type used machine and equipment and a lot of carriage and the equipment that stock handles. Cast production to have the characteristic that differs with other technology, basically be adaptability wide, need to use material and device environment of much, pollution. Cast production to be able to produce the pollution of dust, harmful gas and noise to the environment, compared with other machine workmanship comes more serious, need adopts measure to undertake controlling. The trend that casts product development is to ask cast has better integral performance, taller precision, fewer surplus and more bright and clean surface. In addition, energy-saving requirement and society are taller and taller also to resuming the voice of environment. To get used to these requirements, new casting alloy will get developing, smelt new technology and new facility will appear accordingly. While the mechanization automation rate that casts production is rising ceaselessly, producer of more Xiang Rou sex the face expands, in order to enlarge pair of different batch and the adaptability that much breed produces. The new technology of managing the sources of energy and raw material will get preferential development, little generation or the new technology new facility that do not produce pollution will be taken seriously above all. Quality control technology in each of working procedure detect and nondestructive flaw detection, stress determines respect, will have new development. Cast worker to be below electronic technology and the requirement that test a method to progress ceaselessly, will caky to metallic crystallization with molding sand the theory such as close fact undertakes more thorough exploration, raise the efficient way of cast function and in-house quality in order to consider. Robot and computer are casting the application in production and administrative field, also increasingly will extensive. CNC Milling CNC Machining