PLC applies mediumly in equipment of numerical control crop

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1, we know preface, use the has work crop operation of device of conventional average crew cut, those who make the same score woman's head-ornaments is smooth spend peaceful face, can get the exact extent of cutting tool and the effect that manipulate a lot of element such as the competence of personnel. In view of existence this is planted problem, we developed aircraft of numerical control crop, it can work continuously according to the feed curve of the input, maintain from beginning to end high accuracy and efficient, assure crop quality adequately thereby. 2, control of engine of crop of control demand numerical control asks to be: (1) control a system to answer can adjust knife head machine program; (2) the treatment career that different treatment level can choose to differ and treatment deepness. The feed curve when is like light locomotive trip the graph is shown 1 times, the feed curve when treatment is shown 2 times like the graph; (3) main shaft rotate speed should adjustable, and limits should broad; (4) treatment definition is high, those who machine material plane is smooth spend a requirement to be Ra ≤ 1.

6 μ M; (5) scale dimension precision: ± 0.

The hardware design of 5mm3, system asks to configure hardware to be as follows according to systematic control: · can make up Cheng controller: The S7-200 series CPU222PLC of company of a Xi Menzi; · man-machine interface: A DP210; · peripheral: 2 paces enter sensor of 4 switch of 8 an an electromotor of 2 electric machinery driver, three-phase, transducer, EM222, electromagnetism, photoelectricity and sensor of a Huo Er into 2 electromotor, paces. Hardware structure of the system is shown 3 times like the graph. 3.

The I/O of 1 system dot allocation pursues knowable by hardware structure, the system needs 5 inputs dot and 14 output place.

CPU222PLC has 8 inputs dot and 6 output place, because this needs to increase a patulous module, choose the number that exported at 8 o'clock to measure patulous module EM222.

Inputting a dot is I0.


7; output dot is Q0.


5 with Q1.


7, allocate a circumstance to see next tables 1 with watch 2:3.

The crucial equipment part of 2 controller system is PLC. PLC is with sheet piece machine use technically at parts of an apparatus of computer of pilot of industrial procedure automation for core, have extremely high reliability and stability. This system chooses the S7-200 series CPU222PLC of Xi Menzi company to regard pilot as core, the output of high speed pulse of 2 independent 20KHz that use CPU222 will control a pace to take the campaign of electromotor. Signal of pulse of this high speed cannot direct drive pace enters electromotor, the ability after needing to enter electric machinery driver to magnify power through the pace is effective. Word of 5 a movement in martial arts measures an input to part to join with 5 sensor, the position with head of the position that will judge a pace to enter electric machinery, position of workpiece, knife. In output of capacity of word of 14 a movement in martial arts, have 6 service will control a pace to take electric machinery drive, 8 service will control switch of electromagnetism a powerful person. This PLC machine has opening of a communication, for RS-485 excuse of the standard, in PLC and go up a machine the RS-232 interface that when having news report, needs to change RS-485 interface into the standard, can use 4 child cable of offerred segregation PLC/PPI has transition. This cable has the switch that dial a code to be able to undertake installing. Going up after control software has written an a few admiral, download a program through this line and the moving circumstance of surveillant program. To reduce cost, a machine need not be used surely after been debug in the program undertake operate and be controllinged, use simple operation face plate however can. This systematic choice is DP210 operation face plate. 3.

The peripheral of 3 systems machines the high demand of precision to cutting tool according to the system, choose a pace to dominate machine program into electric machinery. The pace can arrive accurately into electric machinery a pulse, the precision in a pulse in this system is 0.

005mm. The pace is used at drive pace to enter electric machinery into electric machinery driver, dominate the action of knife head thereby, the crop that finish. The pace receives the signal of PLC into electric machinery driver, include CP pace to receive pulse signal, DIR direction signal, signal of FREE off line, the output after the result discharge grade that passes its interior and processing circuit arrives from the back connective two-phase pace enters electric machinery. The step produces corresponding action into electric machinery according to the number of signal. Electromagnetism a powerful person accepts the control signal that comes from PLC to produce an action directly. Additional, PLC accepts the signal of sensor directly, the operation that adopts in-house program and logistic judgement will decide to output. Transducer uses the rotate speed that controls electric machinery of main shaft three-phase. The transducer in this system uses basic parameter operation pattern, come by potentiometer set running frequency, of transducer start and stop to be controlled by outside terminal.

According to the characteristic of different workpiece, through rotating potentiometer changes the rotate speed of main shaft electric machinery, the signal of outside terminal exports control by the quantity of word of the 12nd a movement in martial arts of PLC. 4, systematic software designs systematic software to include program of interactive interface DP210 and system advocate control a process. DP210 program finishs operation personnel to be the same as the dialog between PLC, advocate the control that if handle an appearance individually,the mutual changeover between operates the each key-press movement place are corresponding PLC program among the picture with every. Order picture wants to suit with the working flow photograph that produces the spot, the more the picture in front with respect to the picture with the more high utilization rate. After PLC program receives the operation signal of DP210, according to the job the requirement has the control of job of whole knife head. The flow chart of the main program is shown 4 times like the graph. PLC advocate the core control in controlling a process is the control that takes electric machinery to the pace, pace of the 1# that start is like a graph into the program of electric machinery 5, if the process that controls electric machinery direction pursues 6. 5, the systematic operation that article place designs the last word is simple, treatment product range is wide, treatment precision is tall, in applying already successfully at producing practice. This crop machine has had the closely cropped hair of regular geometry body in some material manufacturer at present. Since since beginning production, this system moves stability, product quality rises significantly, percent defective drops apparently. In the meantime, huge reduced the labor intensity that operates personnel, improved manufacturing efficiency, return the crop that can be used at other parts of an apparatus. In addition, we design the knife head dimension inside certain limits to differ in order to suit the crop movement of work measure, and have can change function. CNC Milling CNC Machining