Use horizontal to use post machining center optimizes long workpiece to machine

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Make in the machine, the car is made, agricultural machinery and energy industry domain use a kind of special horizontal to use post machining center, can come true to undertake to growing capable person accurate and economic ground treatment. This equipment is OK at the same time from bilateral right most be as long as the pipe fitting of 12m undertakes 5 axes cutting is machined. The HFZ-04 of SSB mechanical company horizontal uses post machining center is special agree with to have fast expensive precision work to large work. On this standard platform, the company is the treatment of circle and quadrate pipe fitting to develop device of a 2HFZ 04 machine tool technically. An advantage of program of HFZ equipment technology is it OK and harmonious ground and all sorts of special treatment task phases suit. Below special situation, the user of automobile industry searchs a kind to be able to machine much root to be as long as at the same time the 12m, biggest sectional the technical program of the agriculture machinery pipe fitting that is 300mm × 300mm (graph 1) . Graph 1 use the horizontal that machines technically in the light of senior capable person to use post machining center, the base that the pipe fitting that can grow to 12m has machining this machining center is contained stably for a kind already the steel compose base of disappear stress and the firm outer garment that contain pensile scaleboard. This can be reduced when safeguarding disassemble workload. In addition, this kind of structure also can reduce the difficulty that enters facility, come true to be added quickly better outfit, lade and uninstall. Distinctive outfit card and cut plan are made below as close as the user cooperation normally. Pipe fitting is by outfit card already on workbench, also be secured to be on flank, in keeping right with the treatment axis of equipment. Accordingly, even if slight metabolic pipe fitting, also can accept bore hole well and truly, and won't produce deflection. In use process, corresponding treatment unit can take the unit that hold card to walk together (graph 2) . Can come true through 5 axes bilateral machine at the same time. In addition, equipment still can be used at boring hole, milling and attack whorl. To SSB company, even if large part, also should ensure the biggest economic benefits and highest precision. In afore-mentioned circumstances, treatment public errand is in 0.

Inside 1mm limits. Graph in 2 pipe fitting are by outfit card on workbench and keeping right with equipment treatment axis. In use process, corresponding treatment unit can take the unit that hold card to walk together inside of buy prevent cutting tool to wear away system and change knife device automatically to be able to ensure 24h activity in series and very tall production efficiency. Cutting tool can get be usinged admirably, come true to change a knife quickly below the circumstance that need not suspend production. From this, mill business can make full use of machine run time, utmost reduces equipment machine down time. CNC Milling CNC Machining