Of contemporary displacement sensor name reach its Chinese and English translated term

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The geometry of national level GB/T17164-2008 that carried out on May 1, 2009 measures the English translated term of term of implemental term product to involve displacement sensor have 25. Regretful is a lot of English lustre law not only the foreigner does not understand, connect ourselves unidentified also from. Doubt GB GB/T17164-2008 one, do you know preface " Magnet-grid " and " Ball-grid " do two English combine a word? This is the English translated term that the geometry of national level GB/T17164-2008 that carried out on May 1, 2009 measures term of implemental term product, the head is " magnetism bar " English lustre name, the 2nd is " ball bar " English translated term, displacement of bar of sensor of corresponding magnetism bar displacement, magnetism measures displacement of bar of system and sensor of ball bar displacement, ball to measure filar system to wait relevant technology noun a moment to answer interpret is become " Magnet-grid... " (like Magnet-grid Linear Displacement Transducer, Magnet-grid Linear Displacement Measuring System) and "Ball-grid... " (wait a moment like Ball-grid Linear Displacement Transducer) , lustre name involves the English of product term of displacement sensor have 25. Regretful is a lot of English lustre law not only the foreigner does not understand, connect ourselves unidentified also from. Our country now grating displacement sensor (grating feet) year sale has 400 thousand, take the in part of the world, grating rotates year of sale of coder in have 900 thousand, only second with Germany and Japan, and the export of these two kinds of products makes work the quantity is achieved 30% , such naming the production that can affect sensor of our country displacement and sale. Article appearance raises doubt to the translated term of among them concerned displacement sensor. 2, displacement sensor is how name press early or late order is mixed in the machine tool the sensor of digital type displacement that uses on the instrument that measure silk is to go up century the inductive synchronized at the beginning of 50 time, the grating sensor at the beginning of 60 time, magnetism bar sensor of 60 time end, 70 time medium-term allows bar sensor and ball bar sensor. These 5 kinds measured a system to reflect digital type displacement to measure the diversity in cultivate domain, have respective advantage and inadequacy individually, in use complements each other sensor of these 5 kinds of displacement is by the company that rolls out a product the principle according to this sensor is named. Introduce as follows respectively now: 1.

Inductive synchronized (Inductosyn) induction synchronized is to go up the century is rolled out by American FARRAND company at the beginning of 50 time. Inductosyn is this company the registered trade mark at that time, it is by Inductive and Synchronizer two words are comprised, for the meaning clearer, also write into Inductosyn Transducer, to sensor of this kind of displacement, metaphrase becomes inductive synchronized at that time, and continue to use comes today. The sensor Linear Inductosyn of the slotted line displacement of FARRAND calls synchronized of straight formula induction, the sensor Rotary Inductosyn of the corner that measure a wall is called rotate type induction synchronized. Because inductive synchronized must count word indication appearance to be linked together with 2,comprise ability of the system that measure silk to indicate the numerical value of displacement, this department a general designation surveys a system for synchronized of induction of Inductosyn Measuring System() " inductive synchronized " the English translated term of product term is translated for Synchro-inductosyn. 2.

Grating sensor (Gratingtransducer) grating (Grating) is to go up the nicety that 60 time just use principle of smooth electrical scanning at plan silk grating to undertake displacement measures the century. The round grating that German HEIDENHAIN company begins to make from 1961 (Gratillg Disc) , product of this kind of sensor is called rotate coder (Rotary Encoder) , score makes grow grating in the grating on vitreous feet (Grating Scale) , its sensor calls grating of displacement of the lines sensor (Linear Transducer or Linear Encoder) , mix grating displacement sensor orchid frequency word shows appearance (Digital Readout, or Digital 〔 Display Unit) , compositive measurement fastens a general designation to survey filar system for grating displacement of the lines (Grating Linear Displacement Measuring System) . Because grating sensor gains ground very much, world each country also is used to displacement sensor (Displacement Transduce) calls Encoder(coder) , long grating sensor calls) of feet of Linear Encoder(grating, round grating sensor calls Rotary Encoder(to rotate coder) , the number shows appearance (Digital Readowt) also abbreviation number shows a list (DRO) . 3.

Magnetism bar sensor (Magnetoscale Transducer) is on magnetic carrier transcribe the carrier of a series of magnetism signal that wait for span calls magnetism bar, the opposite displacement between the magnetic head on magnetism bar sensor and magnetism bar, the magnetism signal that gets on magnetism bar numerates come, undertake displacement is measured. Japanese Sony Magnesctale Inc.

The company was built 1969, roll out magnetism bar rule (Magnesctale) , also be sensor of magnetism bar displacement of the lines (the common name of Magnesctale Transducer) . The magnetism bar rule of SONY high accuracy calls position of Position Feedback Scale(feedback feet) , measure corner still call Rotary Encoder(to rotate coder) , the number of magnetism bar shows appearance also calls Digital Readout (DRO) . "Magnetism bar " the English translated term of product term breaks up lustre for " Magnet-grid " . 4.

Look bar surveys a system (Capacitance Measuring System)1972 year by H.


The look bar that Meyer is invented and obtains patent measures filar system to name survey filar system for SYLVAC, it is by French " Systeme Lineaire A Variation De Capacite " (capacitance commutation surveys senior system) composition of abbreviate of the first abecedarian. Built the Sylvac company that names with allowing bar to survey a system in Switzerland again 1980, make look bar technically measure systematic product, exactly the amount shows callipers, number shows micrometer to wait a moment. Holding bar is to be in what series of on the matrix of insulation quarter equalize all distributings to wait for pitch bar shape extremely piece form, have bar length a look and round look bar two kinds. Introducing the product that holds bar is with the look bar surveys a system (Capaciitallce Measuring System) appears. Show callipers to resolve the number that hold bar cannot waterproof problem, 3 abundant of Japanese MITUTOYO() the company rolled out electromagnetism induction type in October 2000 absolutely coder (what Electromagnetic Induction Type Absolute Encoder) uses is electromagnetism induction principle, its structure remains the structure of the callipers that hold bar, defend grade achieves IP65, rolled out series of CD67-PS of IP67 waterproof callipers again in January 2004, this kind of callipers already was not called " the callipers that hold bar " . 5.

Ball bar sensor (Spherosyn)1973 year British NEWALL company is rolled out in do not guide half-inch steel ball is put to regard as in the steel tube of magnetism fiducial come slotted line displacement, the patent brand that the displacement sensor that this steel tube that holds a ball makes calls Spherosyn is NEWALL, it is by Sphere and Synchronizer two words are comprised, metaphrase Chinese is ball synchronized. Waiting for displacement sensor in view of bar of Spherosyn and grating, magnetism, look bar is the principle that uses bar type structure and the design that repeat cycle, accordingly our number shows an industry to also be the interpreter of Synchronizer sensor " ball bar " . NEWALL shows sensor of ball bar displacement of the lines and ball bar number the watch to be linked together to also call number of Digital Readout System(to show systematic) . Ball bar measures filar system to also can be translated into Spherosyn Measuring System. But " ball bar " the English translated term of product term is translated for " Ball-grid " . Outside dividing grating, magnetism bar, look bar and ball bar the Chinese name that these 2 kinds of sensor are our industry custom, abroad does not have corresponding vocabulary, when bar of need general magnetism, look bar and ball bar translate Cheng Yingwen cannot go to every Chinese character absolutely straight lustre, but name of foreign corresponding product is in break up lustre the industry that the meeting when becoming Chinese considers China is corresponding is used to appellation. 3, the number of sensor shows appearance is in when these 5 kinds of sensor produce bar of inductive synchronized, grating, magnetism, look bar and ball bar, the imitate signal that outputs as a result of every kinds of sensor is different, sensor imitate signal changeover is digital signal different also, the number that every kinds of sensor needs to have his shows appearance undertakes interpolation and digitlization are handled, what just can show displacement next is numeric. Accordingly, should undertake displacement is measured must want to show displacement sensor and number to appearance is linked together compositive displacement surveys a system. Manufacturer home of abroad and user show the number to appearance calls Digital Readout, or Digital Display Unit, our occupation standard also calls a number to show appearance, abbreviation amount to shows a list (DRO) . Regretful is geometry of national level GB/T17164-2008 the quantity measures term of implemental term product to show word of know exactly about sth appearance (number shows a list) local all interpret becomes Meter, the number that is in what abroad uses at sensor of these 5 kinds of displacement shows appearance (number shows a list) we had not seen in the product. Additional, the progress as a result of the technology now bar of grating, magnetism, with ball bar the output signal of these 2 kinds of sensor is united gradually mix for signal of sine 1Vpp voltage signal of TTL square wave, because these 3 kinds of sensor can use same number show appearance, sensor and number show appearance is alone component, do not need form a complete set to become measure systematic sale, rotate especially coder and feedback displacement sensor are direct be linked together with driver or numerical control system use. 4, about angular displacement sensor from on 50 time have the century inductive synchronized begins, the displacement sensor that always measures corner calls Rotary Encoder(to rotate coder) , germany, United States, Japan waits all manufacturing companies and user a moment such appellation. In 80 time because second half period rotates the precision of coder and utility are different, the whirl of high accuracy coder distinguishs for angle coder (the whirl of Angle Encoder) low precision coder is to regard the measurement of whirligig, angular velocity as sensor, rotate it is usable that coder and guide screw couplet are used make displacement of the lines measure, can use the place that makes servo drive and speed control. The world's greatest now displacement sensor produces the definition that enterprise Germany HEIDENHAIN gives out to be angle coder is to point to precision excel ± normally 5 horn second and the coder that the line counts prep above 10000/ to turn, and rotate coder is to show precision is ± normally the coder that above of 10 horn second and line number turn under 10000/ . This differentiates each current world companies are agreed with with the user. Because this proposal measures the sensor of corner,also should divide to rotate coder (Rotary Encoder) and angle coder (Angle Encoder) . Unfavorable the angular displacement sensor that does not have consensus with abroad is used to reach its to survey a system in national level. CNC Milling CNC Machining