The method that collateral design information shares studies

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Foreword is collateral the research upsurge of the project already very long, but the core to collateral project -- the research of the method that information shares, did not compare comprehensive summary all the time. So-called information is shared, be pair of product information share. Accordingly, research news is shared should reach relevant information to share a method to undertake study to product model. 1 product model and data exchange the development of product model, develop diagnostic radical model from the orthodox product model that faces geometry, compositive now product model STEP becomes each country to study a stress. The method that product data exchanges, with product model it is to suit. The information of correspondence of each product model shares a method to see a table 1. Express 1 product model and information to share geometrical model feature of direct trade, indirect trade, communal database base model feature identifies, the feature alternates interface of process designing of exchange of file of compositive product model, application, database realizes the article main goal is means is shared in current information in, discuss the way that suit and devises information to share all right. Above each method, the article thinks but reduce 3 kinds, direct trade, indirect trade and communal database means. 1.

1 indirect trade defines the database that 1 indirect trade applies a system every to have respective independence / file system, the information between application passes the commutative kind of data standard to call indirect trade. Configure as a result of place of each CAD/CAM system before, aftertreatment implement basically implement data standard standard only (the one stature collect that is like IGES) and it is the subclass with not identical each other, accordingly, the data switch that adopts data standard is exchanging the phenomenon with occurrence mistake of regular meeting of the classics in the process or missing information. The file exchange that is based on STEP also belongs to applied data to exchange indirect trade of the standard. It and the distinction that are based on the indirect trade of product model of geometry are: Make in STEP have applied agreement level, compositive product model undertakes by applied agreement standard product information map produces STEP file, have collective expression method, make the applied model photograph inside different application domain unified thereby, have consistence. Although STEP file won't cause the information that is similar to IGES data changeover to lose,wait for a circumstance, but of mature compositive product model announce with application, still need quite long time. Overall and character, the means of indirect trade satisfies collateral design to share the flowing, requirement that waits in real time to information hard. 1.

Means of 2 communal databases defines the 2 information that are based on communal database to share the means that shares through information of unified product model and communal database implementation to call the information that is based on communal database to share. According to above definition, the information that is based on communal database enjoys two kinds in all: One kind is the current product model that is based on geometry is muti_function compositive system, the system is muti_function the product model that next sharing support to unite in communal database between module. The many mechanical computers that appear at present assist a project (MCAE) system if the UGII of company of the I-DEAS of SDRC company, EDS is such a kind muti_function compositive system [5] . It is core in order to be based on the database of unified product model, the design that the system requires product development, analysis, test and treatment compositive at an organic whole. Information is in muti_function between module fast, two-way, continuous flow, the information with sufficient implementation shares the collateral design with supporting a product [2] . The information of another kind of communal database that is based on STEP of compositive product model namely is shared. The advantage of the communal database means that is based on unified product model is information between each function but information of ground of flowing, real time is shared. 1.

3 direct trade define 3 direct trade to be between two systems of exchange (or between functional module) adopt firm posture the data structure between each other and build man-to-man information to change a mechanism, undertake data switch calls direct trade directly. The data switch specific aim that passes special interface is strong, interface Yi Shi shows, moving efficiency is tall, but but expanding insufficient. Use what exchange means directly to differ besides the model that is based on geometry outside the special interface between the system, the article thinks the feature identifies (the feature is changed) also be direct trade. Diagnostic identifying (changeover) the technology will design model identifying directly or changeover becomes applied model, because this returns,be direct trade. There still are a lot of difficulties in application in view of diagnostic technology, later development is not made discuss. Be opposite only below significant to collateral design portion spreads out in direct trade discuss. Direct trade and the distinction that exchange secondhand are clear, share photograph comparing with the information of communal database means, common feature is communal database means the information exchange between each function module also is direct, distinction is direct trade those who be aimed at is different functional system, the product model that each function system has oneself each and database (data set knits means) , two systems nature does not have communal database. Direct trade needs to develop two-way interface between two only system. The direct trade of each direction can have form of two kinds of implementation again. Discuss to arrive from CAD below two kinds of forms of CAE direction, they share the effect to collateral design information different. With be based on the model noting model of UG and MOLDFLOW collateral design is exemple, there is the special interface with MOLDFLOW inside UG system, hypothesis MOLDFLOW also has the special interface that accepts UG hypostatic model directly. If two kinds of forms pursue 1. Graph in the ① of direct trade form of two kinds of 1 forms, the three-dimensional model of UG passes the special module inside UG to turn hypostatic model the model that it is a face, delimit hairnet case coexists the model file of MOLDFLOW, read in MOLDFLOW to be used at the analysis directly. In formal ② , read in the three-dimensional model of UG directly by the special interface of MOLDFLOW, through MOLDFLOW interior module turns three-dimensional model into 2 dimension to analyse a model, use at the analysis. Two kinds of forms are direct trade. Because this has news,transmit flowing advantage (hypothesis process designs a function very beautiful) . Main distinction is, model of the analysis in formal ① carries geometrical deduction from design model directly (in look unfamiliar is become) generation, analytic model and design model have dependency, the alteration that designs namely can cause the change that analyses a model. And in formal ② , after design model turns into MOLDFLOW, design model and analytic model belong to different only system respectively, the alteration that designs a model won't cause analytic model change automatically, design model and analytic model not to have dependency namely. Dependency is the main distinction of two kinds of forms, and a mark of this kind of distinction is to analyse model and design model to be in same a database is medium, perhaps say to analyse model and design model to have communal database. 2 collateral designs and dependency are collateral the design that the design is product and relevant process. In the collateral design process that the product develops, each application viewpoint (process viewpoint) in the light of unified design the model undertakes the process is designed, also be the test and verify to the design and evaluation at the same time. Designing model and process model to maintain dependency is necessary. If pass an analysis, some process viewpoint thinks the design is unreasonable, so it is referred first change opinion and alter a basis (analytic result) , after product of this opinion classics develops group of consistent self-identity, just undertake changing to the design, subsequently each process model also follows a change. The member that make sure to the dependency that analyses a model from design model the product develops composition accordingly works to go up in newest version jointly; Of process model changing is through designing the alteration of the model change. And the precondition that designs model change (the accord that develops all group of members agrees) make analyse a model to arrive design dependency is dispensable. Actually, analytic model has no right change of do sth without authorization analyses a model, because if do sth without authorization is changed,analyse a model, analytic model can cause the change that designs a model to the dependency that designs a model, but the unanimous opinion that designs a model to do not have all development member is to cannot have a change. The dependency that because this arrives from analytic model,designs a model is actual in collateral design it is not effective, perhaps say, although have this,directional dependency also cannot produce effect. Accordingly, the requirement that shares to information from collateral design, build design model to arrive the dependency that analyses a model is important. Because ① of afore-mentioned direct trade form are convenient build design model to the dependency that analyses a model excel form ② . Place of above paragraphs of no less than is narrated, a mark of this kind of distinction is to analyse model and design model to have communal database. The strategy that information of 3 collateral designs shares is current, the research of collateral design needs to be in commonly " Gu island " information of the implementation on foundation of type CAX system is shared in real time. And the file that each system has him / database system, means of organization of the product information that contains severally, data is different, this kind of current situation decided that he cannot use communal database means, and the requirement that indirect trade cannot satisfy collateral design, want to satisfy collateral design information to enjoy difficulty in all. The target that the article studies is namely below this kind of current situation, the information that seeks demand of better contented and can collateral design shares means. Share means and the analysis to two kinds of forms of direct trade to current information, the article thinks, suit current " Gu island " the better way that information of the implementation between type CAX system shares, it is to be on the foundation of direct trade, union unites the strategy that the information of the communal database of product model shares, make design model and process model to be in as far as possible same a means of the database. Collateral design is around move the design that the design has relevant process, and CAD system is to apply the place with most storage of data of more mature, product at present, because this regards the place that is similar to communal database as the database of CAD system, the model that uses a viewpoint (process model) fall in the support of the database by design model map (geometrical inference) generation. Use the information that viewpoint model place wants, can not get from inside these map out and out, this is restricted by the CAD system place that is based on geometrical information at present. Apply the need of the viewpoint according to each, undertake developing to CAD system, undertake product of a few expression uses the extension of information, or take other feasible method is complemental not complete information. The article calls this " means of accurate communal database " . Define means of 4 accurate communal databases to be opposite be based on many " Gu island " only system implements form collateral design, the information of means of accurate communal database is shared even if regard the place that is similar to communal database as the database of CAD system, process model falls in the support of the database by design model map (geometrical inference) generation. "Accurate communal database " " communal " in CAD system database it is the public place that generation uses a model each; "Accurate " it is to be aimed at be in " Gu island " type in the collateral design of only system, nonexistent communal database; Return body to have the news that is based on geometrical CAD system now on not complete sex, still cannot satisfy completely generate applied model place to need. Carry this kind of compositive kind, from the design the model produces process model through geometrical inference, build the dependency of this direction at the same time. Of dependency build make run paralell design each process model to be aimed at unified development object, collective job is on newest version, collateral design information is shared more real time. The model that note model is based on simulative collateral design should realize CAD information and CAE to share. Allowing the information of public data means to share what strategy is here to reflect is: Regard CAD and CAE as compositive accurate communal database with UG; The analytic model of CAE gets through geometrical inference in UG; The information that analytic model needs and UG place does not possess uses other means to solve; The document that parses a model to generate MOLDFLOW through the special interface of UG turns into MOLDFLOW to undertake an analysis directly. Model of the CAE in this method and CAD model maintain consistency (dependency) , information is delivered flowing, efficiency is tall. 4 conclusion the article shares information means reduce is direct trade, indirect exchange and communal database. Analysed the characteristic that each means information shares, put forward to suit the better news of collateral design between system of automation of type of current Gu island to share finally -- " means of accurate communal database " . This kind of means is helpful for using already already had resource, maintain CAX system to apply continuity, also facilitate manage newest research gain, share development to the information of the communal database direction that is a feature with STEP. CNC Milling CNC Machining