Series of An Da VCD1000 does not have the application of feeling vector transducer on drawbench

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1 foreword enters type drawbench continuously is one of facilities of common metallic wire treatment, can be opposite tall, medium, mild steel silk, stainless steel silk, alloy copper silk undertake the line is machined extending, wide application is made at machinery, the industrial domain such as cable of hardware treatment, petro-chemical, wire. As engineering technology level promote increasingly, transducer control received a large number of application in the straight drawbench that take form, use frequency control system to make drawbench equipment moves stabler, energy-saving effect is more distinct. The series of An Da VCD1000 that limited company of electric equipment of Shanghai wheat inspire confidence in sb rolls out does not have feeling vector transducer is the special product in drawbench application, its superior performance and perfect function got the accord inside course of study reputably. 2 equipment brief introduction enters type drawbench continuously the speed of each drawing head transducer is by advocate speed and overlay of photograph of quantity of PID fine tuning, each drawing heads have displacement sensor in the installation on tensional balancing pole, with the pulling force that measures wire of the metal between each drawing heads at trends, displacement sensor is outputted (4mA ~ 20mA or 0V ~ 10V) standard signal, feedback as pilot of PID of transducer tension closed circuit, through adjusting rotate speed of various electric machinery, the system makes sure the tension of each tensional test point is constant. The pulling force that maintains each to nod in whole drawing process only is constant, ability assures multistage to successive drawing goes on wheels and play the character of metallic wire. Low speed dot is moved wear a model, traversal speed is stable. Electric machinery is fully loaded with start, starting torsion achieves 150% rated torsion, 20m/s of highest linear velocity. The graph produces spot picture for drawbench. Site of production of drawbench of factory of graph Tianjin static Hai Mou pursues 3 systems configure (1) drawbench lead plane: Choose VCD1000 series drawbench special transducer one, electric Liushi measures control, the process that start is flowing, high speed runs stability. (2) N class pulls silk from machine: Choose VCD1000 series tension to control station of special transducer N, tensional closed-loop control, chase class to dog move, electric Liushi measures control, low frequency tall torsion is outputted. (3) accept a plane: Choose VCD1000 series tension to control special transducer, tensional closed-loop control, dog drawbench output linear velocity moves. Electric Liushi measures control, inside unit of buy apply the brake and function of the protection that break a string, add resistance of outfit apply the brake according to electric machinery power. 4 systems characteristic (1) complex tensional control is finished by transducer entirely, PLC makes logic only control and advocate speed control, reduce the development difficulty of PLC program and systematic hardware. (2) construction of system is compact, mutual correlation is spent low, operation, safeguard convenient. In the meantime, control effect is much better, equipment moves stabler. (3) reduced module of A/D, D/A, low to the function index requirement of PLC, it is optimized low cost program. (4) all use voltaic vector to control transducer, low frequency torsion is big, without rotate speed dead band, low speed 0.

5Hz rated torsion is outputted smoothly, wear a model, try machine without material loss. (5) tensional balancing pole is issueing spacing, among or upper limit, can open accident to go. Dog automatically the speed that pull silk, tensional balancing pole is maintained basically in midpoint position, swing scope is little. CNC Milling CNC Machining