The characteristic of scroll bearing

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Roll bearing and sliding bearing photograph are compared, have following advantage: 1. The coefficient of friction of scroll bearing is smaller than sliding bearing, transmission efficiency is tall. The coefficient of friction of general sliding bearing is 0.


12, and the coefficient of friction of scroll bearing is only 0.


005;2. Scroll bearing already realized standardization, seriation, generalization, comfortable be produced at large quantities of quantities and supply, use and maintenance is very convenient; 3. Roll bearing is made with bearing steel, pass heat treatment, accordingly, scroll bearing has higher mechanical performance and longer service life not only, and the nonferrous metal;4 with the relatively high price that place of OK and economic production sliding bearing uses. Space of scroll bearing interior is very little, the treatment precision of each spare parts is taller, accordingly, locomotive precision is taller. In the meantime, can make through adding the method of bear beforehand the tigidity of bearing increases. This is mechanical to nicety it is very important;5. Certain scroll bearing can bear at the same time radial load and axial bear, accordingly, can simplify the structural;6 of bearing pedestal. Because efficiency of scroll bearing drive is tall, calorific quantity is little, accordingly, can reduce lube use up, lubricant safeguard relatively save trouble;7. Scroll bearing can apply at the space conveniently on the uranium of any azimuth. But, all things are one divides into two, scroll bearing also has certain drawback, basically be: 1. Scroll bearing bears the capacity of bear is smaller than the sliding bearing of similar volume much, accordingly, the radial size of scroll bearing is large. So, in bear the circumstance of big negative charge and requirement radial dimension the circumstance with compact demand of small, construction < like) of bearing of internal-combustion engine crankshaft, use sliding bearing more; 2. Scroll bearing vibration and noise are bigger, using later period especially particularly remarkable, accordingly, the very tall to precision requirement, situation that must not have vibration again, scroll bearing is hard to be competent, the effect that chooses sliding bearing commonly is much better 3. Scroll bearing is particularly sensitive to the eyewinker such as metallic bits, inside bearing once enter a foreign body, can arise intermittent the ground is bigger vibration and noise, also can cause inchoate damage. In addition, scroll bearing places the foreign matter possibility that produces inchoate damage easily also because of the metal. Although do not produce inchoate damage, the life of scroll bearing also has certain limit. Anyhow, the life of scroll bearing relatively sliding bearing is some shorter. But, roll bearing and sliding bearing photograph are compared, each have actor drawback, each have particular applicable situation, accordingly, both cannot replace completely each other, and develop to certain way severally, enlarge oneself domain. But, as a result of the outstanding advantage of scroll bearing, quite the successor resides the trend that go up. Current, scroll bearing already developed the main bearing type that makes machine, application is wider and wider. CNC Milling CNC Machining