Inject of 3 kinds of magnesium alloy shapes technical brief introduction

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Magnesium alloy inject shapes because the technology has a lot of advantages, become the research heat inside course of study. Inject of the closest occurrence ground shapes the technology has kind of hot flow path, cast forging law and powdery body leave model agent 3 kinds. The fundamental that inject shapes is alloy of fusible low melting point, fill up shape in metal pattern with high speed, high pressure next. From the raw material that sends makings mouth to throw size of grain of rice, make its are entered next already heated its front is carried inside the cylinder of set temperature. Carry through silk at this moment rotate increase shearing force, make the alloy melt juice of half melt condition, arrive with high speed inject next inside metal pattern. The temperature of alloy melt fluid maintains in 560 ~ 630 ℃ , control solid photograph rate. The technology that Japan makes what steel place introduces is company of t of a of m of o of x of i of American T h is patent, of hand-in-hand travel forming machine make and sell. Magnesium alloy inject shapes method and photograph of Die Casting law are compared, because have very tall cast pressure, so the knot grain near the surface is changed imperceptibly, can obtain consequently be able to bear or endure high corrode sex and mechanical intensity. The repeatability it may not be a bad idea of metal pattern. The temperature as a result of alloy frit fluid is lower than Die Casting law 70 ℃ of 50 ~ , because this can be controlled,shape products varies as the dimension of hot systole, improve the service life of metallic film thereby. Do not use fusible furnace and SF6 to prevent additionally burn gas, won't produce explosion and dust, accord with safety and environmental protection requirement. Newest inject shapes technology: 1 . Heat up flow path means: Often heat the flow path inside metal pattern, raise the n of material with the pattern that maintains metallic frit fluid, have shorten cycle time, can handle many mould, the advantage such as forming machine miniaturization. 2. Cast forging law: Casting is caused model the semi-manufactured goods that goods is bordering on finished product appearance to receive, only essence of life forgings a working procedure. Although high speed forgings to also do not produce the advantage of crackle,have. 3. Powdery body leaves model agent: It is spray water-solubility leaves commonly model agent, existing to leave model the agent flies the phenomenon that come loose. Japan makes steel company develop body of true inside the metal pattern that close empty adsorptive pink to leave model the method of the agent. In having the environment in cleanness, shorten cycle time, improve the result of metal pattern life. CNC Milling CNC Machining