Uncovering the Art of Chrome Stripping in CNC Machining(what are rivets used for Hugo)

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CNC machining is a revolutionary process that allows for precise and accurate manufacturing across various industries. One essential aspect of this technique is chrome stripping, which involves removing or thinning out layers of chrome coating from a workpiece to achieve specific surface finishes or improve overall performance. In this article, we will delve into the details of chrome stripping and its significance in CNC machining.

Understanding Chrome Stripping:

Chrome stripping refers to the process of selectively removing chrome plating from a component using specialized techniques. The purpose behind this procedure can vary widely, ranging from decorative purposes to functional enhancements. By stripping away the chrome layer, manufacturers can either reveal the underlying material or modify it through alternative surface treatments like polishing, painting, or applying different coatings.

Uses and Benefits of Chrome Stripping:

1. Restoring Antique Items:
One prominent application of chrome stripping is restoring vintage or antique items with chrome-plated surfaces. Over time, these surfaces may become damaged, scratched, or worn-out. By carefully stripping the existing chromium layer, technicians can inspect the base metal for any necessary repairs before replating it with fresh chrome. This process not only rejuvenates the item's appearance but also ensures its longevity.

2. Enhanced Adhesion:
In certain cases, chrome stripping becomes essential when manufacturers aim to apply new coatings on components. Removing the existing chrome layer helps enhance adhesion, providing better stability and durability. Whether it's for aesthetic purposes, corrosion resistance, or improved functionality, stripping chrome enables a solid foundation for subsequent coating applications.

3. Customization Options:
Chrome stripping acts as a gateway to limitless customization options. Once the initial chrome plating is removed, manufacturers gain numerous possibilities to implement their desired aesthetic or functional modifications. From experimenting with different textures and patterns to introducing unique colors or finishes, the process of chrome stripping sets the stage for unparalleled personalization.

The Chrome Stripping Process in CNC Machining:

While there are manual methods for chrome stripping, utilizing CNC machining elevates the precision and efficiency of this process. Here's a step-by-step breakdown of how chrome stripping occurs within the realm of CNC machining:

1. Preparation:
Firstly, the workpiece undergoes thorough cleaning to remove any contaminants or debris that could compromise the quality of subsequent surface treatments.

2. Masking:
Areas where the chrome plating is intended to remain intact are meticulously masked using specialized tapes or coatings. This step ensures precise stripping and prevents undesired contact with other parts of the component.

3. Stripping Solution Application:
A chemical stripping solution compatible with the specific type of chrome coating is applied on the exposed areas. The composition and duration of exposure vary depending on the desired outcome and the properties of the chrome layer.

4. Rinse & Cleaning:
Once the stipulated period has passed, the stripped area is thoroughly rinsed to neutralize any remaining chemicals and residues from the stripping solution. This careful cleansing ensures optimal adhesion for subsequent processes.

5. Post-Stripping Surface Treatments:
The stripped surface may require additional processes such as polishing, etching, or microblasting to achieve the desired finish or prepare it for alternative coatings. These steps are often carried out using advanced CNC machining techniques, ensuring uniformity and precision.


Chrome stripping plays a vital role in CNC machining by enabling customization, repair, and improved performance across various industries. From restoring antique items to enhancing adhesion and unlocking infinite design possibilities, the process of chrome stripping underpins many innovative applications in the world of manufacturing. By leveraging CNC machining capabilities, manufacturers can execute this intricate procedure with unparalleled accuracy and efficiency, resulting in impeccable finished products. CNC Milling CNC Machining