Advanced full automatic scorch is three-dimensional the surface measures a technology

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As science and technology and the rapid progress that industry produces, exterior science and surface detect be paid close attention to increasingly by people and take seriously. Three-dimensional surface measuring instrument uses the automatic scorch that Austrian Alicona company produces new-style automatic scorch technology, it is measuring instrument of surface of optics of contact of a blame, have precision tall, measure an area big, rate is rapid, do not damage the characteristic such as sample surface, suit to measure a structure especially the sample with exterior complex or taller surface roughness. In abroad wide already application is made at cutting tool mould, the car is made, science of spaceflight aviation, papermaking, material, attrition, electron is made, the domain such as detect of medicine, punishment. The technical characteristic of this instrument: (1) can measure form appearance and surface roughness at the same time: Three-dimensional surface measuring instrument can be in Alicona automatic scorch the measurement of make choice of area hand is moved measure the parameter such as height of radius, angle, step, distance. Can measure so that exterior essence coarse spends parameter at the same time (Ra, rq, rz) . (2) the abrupt cant that can measure more than 80 ° accurately: Because measure the limitation of the principle,convention measures a technology, more difficult to the measurement of abrupt cant, and of abrupt cant accurate measure just is a lot of domains (like manufacturing industry of cutting tool mould) what need. Application is full automatic the workpiece that scorch measures a technology to exceed 80 ° to oblique plane still undertakes well and truly metrical. (3) the exterior grain of large area measures: Traditional contact is measured can the surface roughness of slotted line outline, compare with this photograph, three-dimensional surface measuring instrument can measure Alicona automatic scorch the parameter of face surface roughness of whole face (Sa, sq, sz, ssk) , measure accord with newest EN ISO25178 standard. (4) measure accurately of tool and cutting tool point: Alicona is full automatic cutting tool measuring instrument can fast, reliable ground undertakes to cutting tool nicety is measured (wait like radius of cutting angle, cutting) . The form that can offer 360 ° to the geometrical body of all sorts of appearance and surface roughness are measured, acquire whole three-dimensional data set, it is the optimal assistant that converse project designs. (5) deviation measures and outline measures: Deviation is measured but the measurement of workpiece form appearance and CAD blueprint undertake comparing is opposite, undertake drift analysis, complete converse project faultlessly. Outline is measured can measure the position to measure angle, distance, circumferential, inscribed circle, circumscribed circle, pitch to wait from any. Outline is measured can finish inside a few seconds. (6) bulk measures and appearance measures: Alicona automatic scorch is three-dimensional exterior measuring instrument is calculated through black film model the bulk of concave and convex part, can measure groovy geometry body and curve the surface (wait like sphere, conic, cylinder) , can undertake to cutting tool and other component visible measure with appearance. Full automatic what scorch surveys company of technical instrument Alicona is full automatic scorch measures technical instrument to basically have IFM full automatic scorch is three-dimensional exterior measuring instrument and EdgeMaster are full automatic cutting tool measuring instrument. Full automatic scorch is three-dimensional exterior measuring instrument is the three-dimensional surface measuring instrument with the most comprehensive function; Full automatic cutting tool measuring instrument is in the light of tool industry special research and development is made. To satisfy the requirement of different user, alicona company had rolled out the instrument of more model, if suit,measure those who exceed large size sample is full automatic scorch is three-dimensional exterior measuring instrument, agree with online those who monitor is full automatic scorch is three-dimensional exterior measuring instrument. Look into material surface it is right that three-dimensional form appearance is measured material surface function detects and quality pilot is important method, full automatic scorch measures a technology to be material surface three-dimensional form appearance is measured offer advanced solution. Austrian Alicona company has been the whole world numerous and accurate production unit offers advanced measurement technology, limited company of instrument of humble of Beijing Oriental heart devotes oneself to the promotion of product of Austrian Alicona company in home market, in order to satisfy the requirement that domestic user measures to material surface, offer advanced measurement for the user technology and solution. CNC Milling CNC Machining